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12 Stores Like Hollister That Are Very Much “On-Trend” Right Now



Hollister is probably best known as the early-2000s preppy, West coast influenced mall retailer. These days, they aren’t around in malls as much, but they have a website full of cute, reasonably priced clothing that’s good quality and still very much on-trend.

You probably shopped at Hollister as a teenager, and they’ve definitely introduced more mature style options, but if you’re looking for stores like Hollister that feel more polished, we’ve gathered some great options here for you to take a look at.

1. Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand is a great choice for preppy, laid-back clothing and accessories. As far as brands go, it’s a higher-end, higher-quality brand with some beautiful, timeless pieces that you can wear year round. They are known for their jeans and denim, but they also have a really nice selection of dresses, tops, shoes, and accessories to take a look at.

Get the Lucy Blouse for $35 and the Salt + Umber Basque Bootie for $120.

2. J Brand

J Brand is very similar to Lucky Brand in that they’re known for their amazing denim, but they have the same laid-back preppy style that you’d expect from stores like Hollister. They’re a higher-end brand with a great selection of sustainable denim, as well as a small selection of tops, dresses, and similar items. Their pieces are great quality and are perfect as staple items in any wardrobe.

Get the Brigid V-Neck Sweater for $278 and the Ruby High-Rise Cropped Cigarette Pants for $1,098.

3. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is sort of like the Hollister of the 2010s. It has the same West-coast kind of vibes as other stores like Hollister, but with a grungier, vintage twist. They have a really big selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories to choose from, and some name brand items as well, like Dr. Martens. They’re a great store to check out for basics as well as statement pieces.

Get the UO Checkered Tailored Blazer for $129 and the UO Betty Double Notched Mini Skirt for $49.

4. American Apparel

American Apparel has funky, high-quality clothing with a vintage twist. As with other stores like Hollister, their pieces are a little preppy and have West coast influence. All of their clothes are ethically made and sweatshop free, so you can feel good about what you’re buying. They’re a great place to shop for going-out or party outfits.

Get the Disco Pant for $68 and the Corduroy Skirt Overall for $27.


ASOS may be the catch-all behemoth alternative to Hollister. Every style aesthetic and every accessory can be shopped at ASOS with ease. Whether Hollister is your style jam because of its cute denim pieces of distressed tees, ASOS has you covered.

Get the Moomins Sweatshirt for $127 and the Chunky Lace Up Ankle Boots for $48.

6. Nasty Gal

Get the Girl Talk Distressed Mom Jeans for $23 and the Not Your Fucking Angel Graphic Tee for $20.

7. Wildfox

Wildfox is the go-to destination for premium basics and loungewear like sweaters and sweatpants. Wildfox’s overall brand aesthetic has this vintage-inspired vibe that makes every piece feel California-cool.

Get the Sweetheart Stripes Giselda Sweater for $198 and the Chloe Overalls for $248.

8. Forever 21

Forever 21 is trendy, fast fashion perfect for fans of stores like Hollister who are on a budget. They have a huge selection of clothing, as well as shoes and accessories. They have something for just about any style or size, too. If you’re not sure where to start looking for clothes, Forever 21 is an awesome place to get started.

Get the Metallic Tweed Mini Dress for $30 and the Faux Suede Open-Toe Stiletto Heels for $28.

9. American Eagle

American Eagle is a fabulous place to shop for high-quality, on-trend clothing. They have a very similar aesthetic to Hollister, but their pieces are definitely a little bit more mature. Whether you want jeans, a blouse, or just some super comfortable loungewear, American Eagle has what you’re looking for.

Get the AE Shiny Puffer Jacket for $45 and the AE Corduroy Belted Mini Dress for $22.

10. PacSun

PacSun makes “California lifestyle clothing, shoes, and accessories”, so it’s perfect if you like stores like Hollister. They’re a great place to check out for some reasonably priced statement pieces, and some trendy denim options. If you want to incorporate some West-coast vibes into your look, PacSun is a fabulous place to get started.

Get the Lottie Moss Shirred Double Slit Mini Dress for $16 and the LA Hearts Stargazer Necklace for $9.

11. Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge makes gorgeous, on-trend clothing that’s mature enough to wear in a professional setting, but still bold and fun. Their clothing is a little bit funkier than what you would expect at most stores like Hollister, but we know that if you’re a Hollister fan, you will love Miss Selfridge.They’re well known for their dresses, but be sure to take a look at their shoes and accessory options, too.

Get the Dalmatian Print Sweetheart Tea Dress for $40 and the Monochrome Boucle Short Blazer for $76.

12. Everlane

Everlane is an amazing store that makes ethical, eco-friendly clothing and denim. Their pieces are simple, but beautifully made, and they come in a range of sizes and fits for everybody. If you’re looking for new places to shop, you can’t skip out on Everlane- you’re bound to find your new favorite piece. You should also make sure to take a look at their lovely shoe collection.

Get the Drape Jumpsuit for $148 and the Cheeky Straight Jean for $78.