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10 Ways Your Amazon Prime Benefits Got A Little Sweeter This Year

amazon prime benefits

Check out these latest Amazon Prime Benefits, if you weren’t already in the loop!

Not too long ago when Amazon announced that they would be raising their annual prime membership fee and not a soul complained or waxed on about canceling their membership. It was a stark contrast to when Netflix raised their monthly fee and members threatened to leave. The difference is, that while Netflix originals are really cool, there are arguably many other streaming services that offer equally compelling original content.

For Amazon, there is no other player in the game that is an easy one-stop-shop for 95% of my needs. So, when the announcement was made, I didn’t bat an eye. I felt I was receiving every morsel of value from my membership. Just take my money Amazon!

Nevertheless, Amazon came through like a real MVP and announced that our prime memberships would include even more benefits going forward which left me stoked. Keep reading for your added, and updated Amazon Prime benefits and let us know if you think they offset the price hike.

Prime At Whole Foods Market

Amazon already reduced the prices of Whole Foods items significantly after purchasing the grocery chain. But now, prime members are said to be getting even more savings going forward plus 5% back if they use their Amazon Prime Visa card and free 2-hr delivery in bustling cities. Cashback is old news, but I’m excited to see what cost savings are in store from my Whole Foods snacks. I’m a fan.

Prime Wardrobe

I’m not huge into clothes shopping so this one slipped right by me until the refresher announcement. Amazon is setting itself up to become a major player in the fashion game by really leading with convenience. It almost sounds like they’re going after clothing subscription boxes like Stitch Fix and Le Tote through their Prime Wardrobe offering. According to Amazon, you can now “try before you by” on eligible clothing items.

With your membership, you get 7 days to try on the items and only pay if you keep them. One has to think what this means for the clothing subscription box business which is a huge industry. Whenever Amazon enters a competitive space, they tend to take over. Brand and retailer trust is incredibly important in this digital age of buying online and on mobile. I can’t think of a more trusted retailer than Amazon.

*Updated, Not New.*

More Cashback With Your Prime Rewards Visa

Amazon is now looping Whole Foods stores into the 5% Cash Back rate when you use your Amazon Prime Card. That, plus the additional cost savings that they’re bringing, is going to make shopping at Whole Foods increasingly affordable.

Alexa Voice Shopping Updates

You can shop using your best friend Alexa as she keeps a record of all your old orders and can reorder the things you loved. If you’re a Prime Member, you also get free returns on Alexa orders.

Amazon Fresh Updates

This one update I am pretty excited about because if Amazon Fresh were available in my area I’d be all over it. Still, their limited selection is a bummer. Amazon is adding more meal kits for the lazy chef, and if you live in select cities you can have more Whole Foods products delivered, as well as 1-click reorder.

Delivery Updates

Amazon’s new delivery benefits are a hard pass for me. But if you daring folks are into the delivery drivers entering your homes, then this may or may not excite you. Who knows, but if you’re a prime member, you can get your packages delivered inside of your home, your car while parked at home, and other locations in your Amazon address book.

Same day delivery, one-day delivery and Prime Now has expanded to even more cities. It’s no wonder that I have such little patience anymore. I can be found most morning scowling at my coffee maker for taking its sweet time.

Amazon Digital Offerings

There are a bunch of new updates to Amazon’s digital offerings now too with movies and TV shows like Jack Ryan, The Big Sick, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Sneaky Pete either added or coming back to the lineup. You can start using Alexa in your Amazon music app, and prime members get free-unlimited photo storage with voice activation on Fire TV and Echo Show.

So, that sums up all the changes. The price may have increased, but they seem to be coming to the table with more ways to see the benefits, whether its cost savings or convenience.

What are your thoughts? Are the new changes worth the premium? Let’s chat below.

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