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7 Breast Lift Tape Hacks Inspired By Kim Kardashian



I love my boobs, but I don’t have those super-perky, resting on air boobs. And, I have never been known to wear anything that doesn't give my ladies full support. Typically, certain bathing suits, tops, and of course, plunging necklines are a “no-no” for me.

I was planning to attend a ball and while shopping for the perfect gown I encountered a major style dilemma. I spotted a black satin maxi dress with a plunging neckline. And, I had to have it, but the cut looked too low for me to pull off. I started thinking of past woes and being uncomfortable with similar cut pieces. I refused to let that stop me this time around. There had to be a way for me to wear my fabulous find. So, I descended into a Google search rabbit hole of “low v support”, “boob lift tape”, and “cute cleavage” queries.

I discovered many cool hacks but the most intriguing was the breast lift tape hack made popular by Kim Kardashian. My first reaction was “Kim Kardashian does what?!” Kim Kardashian is a legend when it comes to beauty and style hacks but I was still surprised she lifted her boobs with breast lift tape.

When you use boob lift tape, you create undetectable under boob support and perkier breasts while wearing plunging necklines. For less, than $3 you can mimic a top-notch boob job. I was game to give it a try!

I channeled my inner Kim K, took a leap of faith, bought the dress, and gave the breast lift tape hack a try. Here are some IRL tips to keep in mind when trying boob lift tape for the first time.

How to Use Breast Lift Tape

1. Breast Lift Tape Hack Essentials

I needed scissors, baby oil, and double-sided tape. As she said in the video, athlete’s tape or medical tape may be better on the skin, so I recommend trying that if you know you have sensitive skin.

2. Breast Lift Tape Placement

I used a clear breast lift tape and put three strips under each boob. Then, I made sure to make the strips long enough to reach my armpit for maximum support. I was pleasantly surprised by how supported my boobs felt. The tape was undetectable and felt comfortable.

3. Breast Lift Tape Removal

The only thing I had an issue with was taking it off. Pain is beauty, right? Oh, so much pain. A friend suggested grabbing baby oil or similar oil to assist in the removal process.

4. Do a Practice Run

Once my dress arrived, I tried it on initially without the tape just to get an idea of how my boobs would sit normally. Not horrible, but still not the look I was trying to pull off. Once I added the tape and put the dress back on I had the perfect amount of lift. But, in final fittings, the dress revealed some shoulder and I could see a bit of tape on the side. Also, if I relaxed my shoulders the front of the dress would slightly lean to the side andgive a little nip slip. So, I needed a fix for those issues.

5. Patience is Key

The night of the ball was like a full-blown project. Scissors were used to cut the tape slightly where it laid on my shoulders so it could be fully hidden under the straps. Then, I boughtdouble-sided tapeto lay closer to my nipple so I could secure the front.

I looked amazing for the first half of the night. No one could tell that my boobs were wrapped tighter than a Christmas gift. And, I didn't feel restricted at all. I felt fully secure moving my arms around. But, I ran into an issue later when I was ready to hit the dance floor.


After my attempt at a dance challenge, my favorite song came on, I danced a lot, and I could feel the tape loosening. Before the end of the night, the tape was so insecure that I went to the bathroom and just ripped it off. Pretty disappointing, but I couldn't help but laugh.

6. Avoid Sweating at All Costs

Finally, if you think you're gonna be dancing all night like I did I would figure out how to get an extra layer of security or just opt for a bra designed for this type of dress. I could have done that too, but I like challenges.

7. Best Breast Lift Tape



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If you wear a lot of low-cut style pieces, then a quality pair of silicone cups is a sound investment.

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Hollywood Fashion Tape

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