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Board Games Like Sequence, Connect 4 & Settlers of Catan To Play With Friends

best board games

Our carefully curated list of the best board games on the market to add to your collection…

For many of us growing up in the late ‘90s and the early 2000s, we had a blast with arguably some of the best board games to grace the world. Quality time with family and friends often meant a good game of Scrabble or Monopoly on weekend evenings. Fast forward 2 decades, most of our group interactions take place in group messages and mobile games on our cellphones.

While amusing to a degree, these don’t have what it takes to make good and fun memories with friends and family. If you’re up for a trip down memory lane while having a fun time with those closest to you without burning a hole in your bank account, here is a list of a few of the best modern board games on the market.

Although there are a lot of board games for adults and kids out there, we think the best ones are the ones that can be enjoyed by everyone. Here, we’ve compiled a list of accessible board games which can be played within a few minutes’ notice, whether you’re on a fun date or a family gathering.

Monopoly | The Penultimate Board Game Classic

$14.82 at the time of publication

Whether or not you’re fond of board games, there’s a high chance that you have sat down for a game of Monopoly at least once in your life. The brainchild of Elizabeth Maggie, Monopoly has been a household name across the globe for over a century.

How Monopoly Is Played

The entire Monopoly set consists of deeds, paper currency, dice and property models. The board has 40 properties and the ultimate goal of the game is to buy all the properties on the board by over-taking your competition.

Our Verdict

Whether it’s a picnic or a stay-over, Monopoly makes for the perfect choice for having fun in a group. The best thing about Monopoly is that it’s a perfect entry level board game, and the rules can be learned while you play! Monopoly is available on Amazon with different versions existing for slightly different international rule sets.

Number of Players
Average Playtime
1-4 hours

Sequence | The Board Game Where Poker Meets Checkers

$11.99 at the time of publication

In the last couple of years, Sequence has been hailed as one of the most popular board games on the market among both teenagers and adults. Easy to learn rules, and a board that can accommodate up to 12 players makes this the ultimate party games for adults.

How Sequence Is Played

The main objective of sequence is to build a row of 5 chips on the board based on the cards played during a turn. Cards are randomly dealt like poker, and the target of the two teams or players is to build the required number of target sequences on the board to win. The best part of this game is while at first glance it may seem winning in this game happens at random, there is a fair amount of strategy and brainwork involved in the whole process.

Our Verdict
Sequence is fun to learn and play at parties and BBQs. The game is fast paced despite being a card-based board game, and it doesn’t drag on like many games. Sequence is available on Amazon with an overall site rating of 184 in the Toys and Games category.

Number of Players
Average Playtime
Varies on player skill and number of players

Hasbro Connect 4 | Proof That Classics Never Die

$9.99 at the time of publication

One of the most beloved classics in the board game industry, the Hasbro Connect 4 has been internationally recognized as one of the best board games of all time since its introduction in the mid-1970s. A perfect choice whether you intend to enjoy some quiet down time with your children or significant other, this game doesn’t involve too many people or loud noises.

How Connect 4 is played

The rules of Connect 4 are akin to the paper and pen tic-tac-toe game played by preschooler’s during recess, but on a bigger scale. In this classic two-player game, after the board is set up players keep dropping discs in between the slots to form a row of four discs. The multiple rows and columns instead of the classic 3 X 3 classic tic-tac-toe layout add depth to the game tactics.

Our Verdict
Connect 4 is exactly the kind of board-game to settle down for after a hard day’s work. The two player format keeps the matches quick and simple without requiring much focus or brainwork. The Hasbro Connect 4 product is available on Amazon and most other major e-commerce stores.

Number of Players

Average Playtime
5-10 minutes

Melissa & Doug’s Suspend | Link Jenga But More Stressful

$13.94 at the time of publication

There is something immensely satisfying about piling things up one on top of the other to create rickety miniature towers and seeing them hold in place with perfect balance. While Jenga cures this itch for a lot of people, it’s also a highly punishing game that takes a lot of time to master. If you’re looking for a game that is similarly fun but not so taxing, Suspend would be the perfect choice for you.

How Suspend is played

The basic premise of Suspend is very simple. Four wooden frame rods are attached to the table top base in different angles and heights. From there on the objective of the game boils down to sticking Rubber tipped wire pieces on the frame without toppling it over.

Our Verdict
Suspend is a blast to play whether you’re alone or with a group of friends. Each match takes about 5-15 minutes which makes it a perfect refresher for short breaks when doing group activities. As of now Suspend is available on Amazon.

Number of Players

Average Playtime
10-15 minutes

The Resistance | Play A Spy In A Dystopian World

$14.84 at the time of publication

For those looking for a suspense-filled fun fantasy-adventure, The Resistance is an obvious choice. The rules and objectives of The Resistance are focused on mind-games, making it a perfect outlet to test your social skills. This game requires quick thinking and nerves of steel, so if you ever wondered how well you would do under pressure, The Resistance is a fun way to find out.

How Resistance is played

The theme of The Resistance is a group of government spies infiltrating a resistance and thwarting their plans. The game proceeds on a voting based system where the ultimate goal of resistance members is to unmask the government spies and carry out their mission while the government spies work to maintain their cover and thwart the resistance missions.

Our verdict
One of the main reasons we loved The Resistance is because unlike most adventure-based board games where players are eliminated on a turn-by-turn basis, all the players play till the end of the round in resistance which makes for some exciting moves and strategies. With the average game clocking at 30-45 minutes, this game makes for some fun edge-of-your-seat moments. The Resistance is available on Amazon.

Number of Players

Average Playtime
30-45 minutes

Forbidden Island | Find The Treasure Before Your Tropical Paradise Sinks!

$17.47 at the time of publication

One of the most aesthetically pleasing adventure-board games with a gorgeous art-design, Forbidden Island has enjoyed critical international acclaim since it came out in 2010. Embark on a fantastic journey to reclaim the 4 lost ancient treasures from a sinking island before time runs out!

How Forbidden Island Is Played

Players select a role before beginning the game, the cards and tiles are distributed among the players accordingly. With every passing turn, the flood count increases, eliminating excavation areas and treasure hunting opportunities on the island as it increases.

Our Verdict
A solid game that relies more on cooperation than competition, Forbidden Island is the perfect board game for families with young children, as the codependent roles create for excelling bonding moments among players. Forbidden Island is currently available on Amazon.

Number of Players

Average Playtime
30 minutes

Settlers Of Catan | A Board Game Of Negotiation & Hoarding

$44.10 at the time of publication

Catan is the first settlement-strategy based board game that popularized the Eurogames board games and civilization building video game classics like Age of Empires. A strategic game that is both competitive and interactive, Catan encourages long-term decision making and cooperative attitude among players. The joy of building your own empire along with friends and family and the ensuing drama still provides for an unparalleled experience despite the existence of countless board games inspired by it.

How Catan Is Played

Catan is a turn based game where players gather resources, build settlements and expand their borders. Settlements are built on tiles and players can only take actions such as gathering resources or building a structure if their dice roll matches the numbers highlighted on their settlement tile. Points are awarded based on various achievements such as building the largest army or the largest road. The first settlement to reach a score of 10 wins the game.

Our Verdict
Although infamous for its lengthy turns, the strategic layers and depth of Catan makes it a compelling game for children and adults alike. Due to its complex rule set, Catan takes some time getting used to, so an experienced player can be a big help in speeding things up for first time players. Catan is currently available on Amazon.

Number of players

Average Playtime
1-1.5 hours

Scrabble: The Board Game For Showing Off Your Lexicon Skills

$16.99 at the time of publication

Scrabble is not just a board game; it was the ultimate American past time in the 40s and 50s and is still predominantly played in a lot of American households. Spawning an entire generation of Spelling Bee enthusiasts, Scrabble is one of the most fun, competitive learning experiences in mastering the English language effortlessly.

How Scrabble is played

The Scrabble board is comprised of 15 X 15 tilesets to accommodate the 100 letter tiles. The first player starts with a letter and the following players do their best to add letters to make a legible, and sensible word. The first player to string together the letters used by others to make complete words score points. The player with the highest score at the end of the match wins the game.

Our Verdict
Whether you want to stretch your brain cells a bit or spend some quality time with kids while making it an educating experience, Scrabble makes for a good choice in any scenario. Scrabble is available in Amazon as well as most physical and online retail stores around the world.

Number of Players

Average Playtime
50 minutes

The Game of Life: A Game As Random As Life Itself

$21.95 at the time of publication

The Game of Life is a game that’s largely based on chance, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the most popular board games in the world. The high elements of chance in this game make for some interesting and amusing situations, just like in real life!

How The Game of Life is played

The artwork on the board of The Game of Life consists of varied tracks that runs across different sceneries on the board. The player is represented by a car avatar chip which travels from birth to death through the track on the board. The distance travelled by the car is determined by a spinning wheel that has 10 choices. Pegs are attached to the cars as the players marry and acquire additional family members.

Our Verdict
The Game of Life is a classic board game that makes for an enjoyable couple of hours. Anyone can start playing it at a moment’s notice as long as they have a basic idea of how the rules work without delving in too many details. The Game of Life is currently sold on Amazon.

Number of Players

Average Playtime
1 hour

Secret Hitler: The Perfect Board Game For An Expert Bluffer

$35.00 at the time of publication

Secret Hitler is played similarly to the game Werewolf or Mafia. Except that it doesn’t require a moderator, and the rules of the game have a political tone. New players have a bit of a learning curve, but most intriguing games do. Once everyone is up to speed this game is pretty captivating and you’ll be able to play it for hours.

How Secret Hitler Is Played

Like I mentioned above, playing Secret Hitler is a lot like Werewolf or Mafia. Players divide into two groups, liberals and fascists. Fascists know who’s fascist and who isn’t and they use that info to attempt to further their agenda while liberals use context clues to stop Hitler before it’s too late.

Our Verdict

This game is a definite must-have in your board game collection and excellent choice to whip out once you and your friends have loosened up. Secret Hitler is sold on Amazon.

Number of Players


Average Playtime

30-60 minutes