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200 Gifts for Coworkers or Employees That Are Sure to Brighten Up Any Desk

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Have you ever found yourself in charge of planning a corporate event, where every detail mattered, and yet, no matter how much you planned, something always seemed amiss? That's exactly how it feels when you're on the hunt for the perfect gifts for employees and coworkers. It's like organizing a grand ball, but instead of canapés and cocktails, you're juggling preferences, personalities, and the ever-daunting task of staying within budget. Oh, and did I mention the pressure to be both thoughtful and original?


Let me take you back to last December. There I was, tasked with finding gifts for a diverse team of fifty – yes, fifty – employees. You'd think after years of navigating these corporate gifting waters, I'd be a pro, right? Wrong! Each year brings its own set of challenges. There's Sarah, who's into eco-friendly products, Tom, who's all about tech gadgets, and let's not forget about our interns, who are just happy to be included. Trying to find gifts for coworkers that aren’t just another mug or generic gift card? That’s a story in itself.I remember pacing the aisles of stores, scrolling endlessly online, and at one point, even considering hand-making gifts – a thought quickly abandoned after recalling my disastrous attempt at knitting. And then it hit me. Why not approach this like planning an event? Consider each gift a part of the overall experience, an element that adds to the corporate culture and employee satisfaction. It was time to get creative, inclusive, and yes, a bit adventurous with the gift choices.


Humor aside, finding gifts for employees and coworkers isn't just about checking a box. It’s about making them feel valued, seen, and part of something bigger. Whether it’s through a personalized notebook that says, "I appreciate your ideas," or a subscription to a meditation app that says, "I care about your wellbeing," these gestures matter. They build a culture, a sense of belonging, and let’s be honest, they make those Monday mornings a little less daunting. And now, you're probably wondering, "What did you end up choosing?" Well, after much deliberation, a mix of personalization, practicality, and a touch of fun did the trick. But, that's a story for another day. What's important is understanding the unique blend of personalities and preferences in your workplace and finding those gifts for coworkers and employees that resonate with each..

200 Gift Ideas for Employees & Coworkers

As you're well aware in the corporate setting, where formality and professionalism reign, gifts should mirror these values. Think along the lines of items that enhance a professional's desk or daily routine, reflecting the structured and efficient environment of your corporate culture.

Corporate Work Culture

Gifts for Employees

  1. Quality leather planner
  2. Professional development workshop
  3. Personalized desk clock
  4. Corporate history book
  5. Gourmet coffee club subscription
  6. Elegant cufflinks or jewelry
  7. Office art piece
  8. Team-building seminar
  9. High-end pen set
  10. Digital mindfulness app subscription

Gifts for Coworkers

  1. Business book club membership
  2. Sophisticated desk organizer
  3. Inspirational quote calendar
  4. Office lunch or coffee outing
  5. Personalized stationary
  6. Desk plant
  7. Online course voucher
  8. Stylish paperweight
  9. Specialty tea collection
  10. Relaxation playlist subscription

In your dynamic and flexible startup environment, gifts that echo this energy are key. Choose items that are as innovative and creative as your workplace. Tech gadgets, collaborative tools, or anything that supports the often casual and community-focused atmosphere would be ideal.

Startup Work Culture

Gifts for Employees

  1. Innovative tech gadget
  2. Creative brainstorming session
  3. Personalized office hoodie
  4. Subscription to a startup magazine
  5. Casual Friday pass
  6. Quality coffee machine
  7. Office game console
  8. Online coding or design course
  9. Health and wellness app membership
  10. Team retreat to a startup hub

Gifts for Coworkers

  1. Customized laptop stickers
  2. Inspirational tech talks webinar
  3. Quirky desk accessory
  4. Group virtual reality game session
  5. Trendy water bottle
  6. Office snack exchange
  7. Book on entrepreneurship
  8. Spotify playlist for productivity
  9. Team photo collage
  10. Online fitness class passes

In your realm, where innovation and personal drive are paramount, gifts should fuel these ambitions. Consider items that foster individual creativity and personal growth, or that can be tailored to each unique entrepreneurial spirit in your team.

Entrepreneurial Work Culture

Gifts for Employees

  1. Personalized business card holder
  2. One-on-one mentoring session
  3. High-quality idea journal
  4. Workshop on innovation
  5. Custom office artwork
  6. Portable smartphone charger
  7. Networking event pass
  8. Inspirational autobiography of an entrepreneur
  9. Business strategy game
  10. Subscription to a business news service

Gifts for Coworkers

  1. Motivational desk quote
  2. Brainstorming app subscription
  3. Personal development book
  4. Coffee shop gift card
  5. Puzzle or brain teaser
  6. Office plant kit
  7. Custom mug with a motivational message
  8. Goal-setting software
  9. Gourmet snack basket
  10. Online course in a new skill

In your close-knit, familial business setting, gifts that emphasize this sense of community are most fitting. Items that are personalized or that encourage shared experiences resonate well with the warm and inclusive nature of your family-style culture.

Family-Style Work Culture

Gifts for Employees

  1. Family photo day for the team
  2. Customized company merchandise
  3. Group cooking or crafting class
  4. Handwritten appreciation letters
  5. Office picnic or BBQ
  6. Commemorative team award
  7. Personalized thank you video
  8. Group volunteer day at a local charity
  9. Office memory book
  10. Team-building escape room outing

Gifts for Coworkers

  1. Handmade gifts or crafts
  2. Recipe book with favorite family recipes
  3. Group board game for the office
  4. Personalized office décor
  5. DIY office party kit
  6. Shared hobby or skill class
  7. Office plant exchange
  8. Personal story sharing session
  9. Matching office supplies
  10. Secret Santa or gift exchange

In an environment where customer service is the backbone, your gifts should reflect and celebrate this focus. Opt for items that enhance team collaboration, communication skills, or empathy – the core values of your customer-centric workplace.

Customer-Focused Work Culture

Gifts for Employees

  1. Customer service excellence award
  2. Team communication workshop
  3. Books on customer psychology
  4. Office relaxation corner setup
  5. Public speaking course
  6. Group team-building activity
  7. Professional customer service software
  8. Customer feedback celebration lunch
  9. Personalized office supplies
  10. Subscription to a customer experience magazine

Gifts for Coworkers

  1. Empathy-building game
  2. Customer success story sharing session
  3. Stress-relief desk toy
  4. Group lunch to a favorite restaurant
  5. Personalized encouragement notes
  6. Team support tool subscription
  7. Office decoration with a customer-focus theme
  8. Team communication challenge
  9. Customer service role-play game
  10. Shared customer service success journal

Your high-energy, target-oriented setting calls for gifts that acknowledge and motivate these ambitions. Rewards that recognize achievements, like personalized accolades or incentives, align perfectly with the driven nature of your sales culture.

Sales-Driven Work Culture

Gifts for Employees

  1. Sales achievement personalized trophy
  2. Exclusive sales training seminar
  3. High-end professional attire gift card
  4. Office leaderboard installation
  5. VIP client networking event tickets
  6. High-performance tech gadget
  7. Sales strategy e-books
  8. Team sales celebration dinner
  9. Customized sales tool software
  10. Motivational speaker session for the team

Gifts for Coworkers

  1. Sales goal tracker whiteboard
  2. Coffee or energy drink subscription
  3. Inspirational sales book exchange
  4. Office competition with prizes
  5. Personalized motivational posters
  6. Shared success celebration event
  7. Sales podcast recommendations
  8. Healthy snack box for the office
  9. Fitness or wellness app subscription
  10. Group outdoor team-building activity

In your creative domain, where innovation and artistic expression are key, gifts should be as unique and imaginative as your everyday work. Artistic supplies, inspirational literature, or anything that sparks creativity would be highly appreciated in your creative culture.

Creative Work Culture

Gifts for Employees

  1. Art supply gift card
  2. Creative software subscription
  3. Tickets to art exhibits
  4. Inspirational creative books
  5. Music streaming service subscription
  6. Workshop in a creative field
  7. Customized creative space items
  8. Online art class subscription
  9. Studio or workspace tool
  10. Design challenge event

Gifts for Coworkers

  1. Handmade art or crafts
  2. Creative hobby kits
  3. Artistic office supplies
  4. DIY decoration for workspace
  5. Inspirational posters or quotes
  6. Book on art or design history
  7. Shared online design course
  8. Personalized sketch pads
  9. Creative brainstorming sessions
  10. Playlist sharing for creative inspiration

Given the digital and flexible nature of your workplace, gifts that enhance the remote working experience are most thoughtful. Consider items that improve home office ergonomics or offer virtual team-building opportunities, aligning with the needs of your digitally connected team.

Remote or Virtual Work Culture

Gifts for Employees

  1. Home office ergonomic chair
  2. High-end webcam or microphone
  3. Virtual team building event
  4. Online professional development course
  5. Subscription to a wellness app
  6. Remote work tech tools
  7. Home office décor items
  8. Care package with home office supplies
  9. Ergonomic office accessories
  10. Online fitness class subscription

Gifts for Coworkers

  1. E-gift cards for online shopping
  2. Virtual game night subscription
  3. Digital book club membership
  4. Online cooking or hobby class
  5. Personalized digital background designs
  6. Remote work productivity apps
  7. Online movie night tickets
  8. Virtual coffee break vouchers
  9. Playlist sharing for work hours
  10. Virtual reality experience voucher

In your mission-driven environment, gifts should resonate with your organization's values and social causes. Consider sustainable products, donations in employees' names, or items that reflect the socially conscious ethos of your workplace.

Social Impact Work Culture

Gifts for Employees

  1. Charity donation in team's name
  2. Eco-friendly office products
  3. Social impact seminar tickets
  4. Workshop on sustainability
  5. Team community service project
  6. Fair trade office snacks
  7. Green office challenge
  8. Books on social entrepreneurship
  9. Ethical clothing brand vouchers
  10. Eco-conscious team outing

Gifts for Coworkers

  1. Sustainable living items
  2. Books on environmental or social issues
  3. Plant-a-tree in their name
  4. Eco-friendly office supplies
  5. Social cause documentary night
  6. Volunteer day coordination
  7. Recycling or composting initiatives
  8. Organic snack exchange
  9. Carpool or green commute challenge
  10. Awareness campaign participation

In your diverse and inclusive setting, it's essential that gifts celebrate these values. Opt for items that promote cultural awareness, equity, and inclusion, like literature on diversity or experiences that enhance understanding and inclusivity within your team.

Inclusive Work Culture

Gifts for Employees

  1. Diversity and inclusion training session
  2. Cultural celebration event
  3. Multilingual software tools
  4. Books on cultural intelligence
  5. International cuisine tasting day
  6. Inclusive leadership training
  7. Team diversity poster or artwork
  8. Language learning app subscription
  9. Movie or documentary screening on diversity
  10. Cultural exchange program

Gifts for Coworkers

  1. World cultures desk calendar
  2. International recipe swap
  3. Cultural artifact exchange
  4. Diversity-themed book club
  5. Multicultural potluck lunch
  6. Cultural awareness quiz or game
  7. Inclusive language learning group
  8. Shared cultural experiences
  9. Diversity-themed office decoration
  10. Team building exercises celebrating diversity

So, you've been through the wringer of corporate gift hunting, haven't you? You know the stakes: find something unique, meaningful, yet professional – a gift that says, "I see you and value you," without necessarily breaking the bank. It’s a tightrope walk of taste, budget, and practicality. But fear not, because armed with a bit of creativity, insight into your team’s personalities, and a willingness to step outside the conventional gift box, you can master this art.


Remember, the best gifts for employees and coworkers aren't always the most expensive or extravagant. Sometimes, it's the simple, thoughtful gestures that resonate the most. A handwritten note, a plant for their desk, or even a day-off voucher can speak volumes. It's about creating that feeling of being appreciated and recognized.


So, as you embark on your next gifting adventure, think about the message you want to convey. Are you fostering a sense of community, acknowledging individual contributions, or perhaps encouraging well-being and balance? Whatever it is, let your gifts reflect that. And hey, if all else fails, who doesn't love a good old-fashioned pizza party? Now, get ready to dive into a list of gift ideas tailored for every work environment. Whether it's the fast-paced world of startups or the structured halls of corporate, there's something for everyone. Happy gifting!