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48 Zodiac Tattoos That Will Leave You Starstruck

Photo by Tiffany Combs on Unsplash

Photo by Tiffany Combs on Unsplash

If you’re looking for a tattoo with tons of design potential, plenty of deeper meaning, and lasting significance, why not look to your zodiac sign for inspiration? Each zodiac sign not only holds secrets to your personality and relationships but also is represented by several symbols that make for great tattoos.Check out this list of 48 zodiac tattoos for tattoo inspiration personalized to your zodiac sign.

Aries Tattoos

March 21-April 19

“The Ram”

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are characterized by their fiery and passionate personalities. They are straightforward and borderline aggressive about everything, from arguments to opinions to their love for their friends and significant others. Aries’ weakest traits are their temper and overly competitive nature, but those traits can also translate into ambition and intense loyalty.

Taurus Tattoos

April 20-May 20

“The Bull”

Though Taureans are most well-known for their stubbornness, that same headstrong nature makes them one of the most hardworking, loyal, and honest of all the zodiac signs. If you have a friend or loved one who’s a Taurus, consider yourself lucky—Taureans are incredibly dependable, and their relationships last lifetimes, like these tattoos.

Gemini Tattoos

May 21-June 20

“The Twins”

Watch out for Gemini—they can read you like a book! Gemini’s socially adaptable nature makes them fit seamlessly into any crowd by changing their personality like a chameleon. This trait brings them success in professional and social environments but also earned Gemini a reputation of being the two-faced sign. Although they may sometimes come off as passive-aggressive, you can always count on a Gemini to be the life of the party and the “fun” friend!

Cancer Tattoos

June 21-July 22

“The Crab”

Cancers, as one of the most sensitive signs, live off of emotions and creativity. They aren’t one for big crowds or parties but instead thrive in small, intimate environments. Once you get a Cancer hooked on a deep conversation, they’ll become a close friend for life. Their emotional intelligence and intuition help them see through fake friends and backstabbers, and allow them to focus their energy towards the right people.

Leo Tattoos

July 23-August 22

“The Lion”

With the heart and courage of the lion, Leos make excellent leaders. They are bold, passionate, and self-advocating—they’ll get what they deserve, and never rely on someone else to fight for them. Leos can sometimes come off as arrogant, but they’ll only give themselves credit when they earned it. Intimidating yet surprisingly warm, Leos have a personality that you'll never forget, much like these leo tattoos.

Virgo Tattoos

August 23-September 22

“The Virgin”

While Virgos may appear shy and reserved on the outside, they’re far from boring—Virgos have a million things running through their heads at all times. Analytical and precise, Virgos need to have order in their life. They’ll organize their thoughts, workspaces, relationships, schedules, and anything else they can get their hands on. A well-planned day is one of the only things that brings a Virgo inner peace and these virgo tattoos reflect that.

Libra Tattoos

September 23-October 22

“The Scales”

Libras are often represented by a pair of scales, which closely mirrors their personalities. No one hates conflict like a Libra, and they will act as the moderator in every situation possible. They love creating harmony between different people, yet value their personal time, and can always be spotted drifting off or daydreaming. Libras are both intelligent and artistic and are easy to get along with.

Scorpio Tattoos

October 23-November 21

“The Scorpion”

Libras may be all about peace, but not Scorpios—Scorpios aren’t afraid of conflict. They will speak their mind no matter the consequences and will jump at the chance to debate with anyone who disagrees with them. Though they might seem tense and hostile on the outside, Scorpios have a lot of feelings and work hard to conceal them. If you’re lucky enough to break down a Scorpio’s walls, you’ll find a fiercely loyal partner.

Sagittarius Tattoos

November 22-December 21

“The Archer”

A Sagittarius will never be satisfied just staying put. Their adventurous nature pulls them towards the outdoors, giving them a love of travel and new situations. While others shy away from the unknown, a Sagittarius thrives in unfamiliar territory, making them incredible leaders and trailblazers. They have a rare sureness and sense of self that gives them a powerful, unique presence.

Capricorn Tattoos

December 22-January 19

“The Goat”

Capricorns have a strong sense of ambition that leads them to great success in academia and the workplace. They’re big fans of order, rules, and systems, and rarely color outside the lines. Capricorns also strongly value tradition, so their goals often include building a happy family and finding successful careers.

Aquarius Tattoos

January 20-February 18

“The Water Bearer”

Aquarians, born between the dates of January 20 and February 18, are often intellectual and justice-minded. They are extremely passionate and possess an innate determination to bring equality and fairness to the world. Though they may appear quirky and analytical, Aquarians have an inner warmth that makes them great friends and caring partners.

Pisces Tattoos

February 19-March 20

“The Fish”

Pisces are intelligent, creative, and have a powerful sense of intuition that gives them deep insight into the world around them. They live inside their heads, sometimes becoming walled-off, but are always there to offer emotional advice to others. Pisces have such accurate instincts that they might even seem psychic.