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The 12 Zodiac Signs As Songs, For Your Listening Pleasure


The Stars Have Spoken! Here Are The Songs That Best Align With Your Zodiac Sign And They’re Total Jams.

Zodiac signs, which are based on the four elements (earth, air, fire, water) have been used for centuries to map out horoscopes. Horoscopes are multi-faceted predictions that work like spiritual forecasts in a way and are often sought out in order to guide one’s decisions and affirm his or her goals. Although it is not an exact science, each one of these zodiac signs is attributed to a common set of personality traits which can tell us a lot about a person’s style, confidence, and overall attitude. Because of this, we can also draw conclusions about what they like to watch, learn about, and most importantly, listen to.

Music is a universal language for a reason. It speaks to something in us that cannot always be explained across different barriers. In today’s hyper-digital age, where anyone can make a song in his or her bedroom and publish it for the world’s listening pleasure, it can be hard to settle on exactly what and who to listen to. The Billboard Hot 100 charts are always a safe place to start, but scouring this list can be extremely overwhelming. Fortunately, I did it for you!

I’ve used my knowledge of each signs’ most well-known traits to create the ultimate list of what you should be listening to, according to your sign. While the correlation between zodiac signs and music may not always match up, if you keep reading, I guarantee you will find something to perfect that playlist!

Aries - Fire Sign

If you are a fiery Aries, you tend to be more bold, energetic, and enthusiastic than those around you. You know all too well that life is meant to be lived, and you are not afraid to let your energy take over a room. Because of your dazzling spirit, an upbeat song is needed to match your upbeat energy. If you haven’t already, try turning up to “I Like It” by Cardi B. featuring Bad Bunny and J. Balvin.

Taurus - Earth Sign

As an earthy grounded Taurus, there is a good chance that you like your music to mellow you out, rather than hype you up. Fortunately, there is no shortage of amazing tunes to slow groove to, even on the popular music charts. “Trip” by Ella Mai, in particular, is an amazing laid-back song for those who tend to gear towards poetic lyrics and soothing beats. Tauruses also tend to teeter on the head-strong side, so the message behind Ella’s Rnb hit about a young woman finding her own strength while entering a passionate relationship, is sure to match your attitude.

Gemini - Earth Sign

Geminis are considered one of the most expressive signs for a reason. They tend to be quick-witted, luxurious and always read to shine. If you’re the kind of person that likes to be “on,” crank up Gucci Mane’s “Wake Up in the Sky.” Although Gucci is usually known for his harder, ATL-bred beats, this song takes a bit of a groovier tone and it’s all about living life like you’re the flyest person in the game.

Cancer - Water Sign

Cancers tend to get a bed reputation for being moody, but in reality this is only because they are so in tune with their own emotions. Anyone who spends enough time around a Cancer will learn what genuine and beautiful people they tend to be. If you are a Cancer, there is also very good chance that you are artistic and deeply care about your craft. Try tuning in to “Consequences” by Camila Cabello-another artist who is not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve.

Leo - Fire Sign

There are few things more exciting to see than a Leo on the dance floor! Dramatic, fun, expressive, and always ready to have a good time, “Taki Taki” by DJ Snake is your song! Featuring insanely popular Latina artists Selena Gomez, Oduna, and Cardi B, this insanely catchy song will have you up off your feet in a heartbeat. As a Leo myself, it’s always a go-to whether I am spending a night on the town or having a party of one in my room!

Virgo - Earth Sign

It can be hard to pick a perfect song for a perfect Virgo, but I think I may have found the one-”All I Want For Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey. Hear me out! For all arguments purposes, this really is one of the most perfect songs. Mariah’s rendition of the Christmas classic has withstood the test of time and continues to spike up the charts around the holiday season every year. As a Virgo you can be a bit of a perfectionist, so I am sure you already know all the words and you will do everything you can to try and hit some of Mariah’s infamous high notes.

Libra - Air Sign

Airy Libras tend to fall on the more gentle side. People that fall under this sign tend to be lovers of unity and harmony. If you are a Libra, then you probably are no stranger to self-care rituals, beauty routines, and doing whatever you can to keep both your inner and outer peace. Hopefully, “Better” by Khalid can you help you with that! The romantic lyrics float smoothly over a laid-back beat and are all about how good it feels to be with the right person. Let that feeling last all night long by turning up “Better,” having a chill night of pampering with a face mask, going through your affirmation cards, and even journaling in a diary. I may not be a Libra, but this sounds like a perfect night!

Scorpio - Water Sign

Seduction comes naturally to you as a Scorpio. You can easily transition between sweet and sultry, and definitely love songs that can do the same. “Love Lies” by Khalid and Normani came out earlier this year and is still trending on the top charts for this very reason. The song, and the accompanying music video, is oozing with dark, sexy, and bold energy that is sure to entice any Scorpio. If you are getting ready to head out on a steamy date, light some candles, admire yourself in your favorite outfit, and turn this song all the way up!

Sagittarius - Fire Sign

Creative, energetic, and way off the beaten path, “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott and Drake may just be the perfect song for a Sagittarius. The song is a bit on the longer side (over five minutes), because it is fragmented into three different musical structures, with a hip hop beat maintaining throughout. Sagittarius tend to be more open-minded than the other zodiac signs, so if you fall under the Sag sign, then “Sicko Mode’s” genre-bending style should be right up your alley.

Capricorn - Earth Sign

Every Capricorn I have ever met has been a natural-born leader. This is not shocking seeing as Capricorns have an amazing and notable lineup of powerhouses such as designer Diane von Fürstenberg, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, and FLOTUS extraordinaire Michelle Obama. Grounded, practical, and very much in tune with your own power, Ariana Grande’s “God is a Woman” may just be the perfect song for you. The song’s empowering message is very much in line with your own self-assuredness as a proud Capricorn and Ariana’s soaring vocals just make you want to have a good time!

Aquarius - Air Sign

Everyone wants to fall in love with an Aquarius. They tend to be the best at friendships, partnerships, and any other kind of relationship that requires an exchange of affection. If you are an Aquarius looking for a song to match your mood, look no further than “Best Part” by young RnB superstars, Daniel Caeser and H.E.R. This song is an honest, romantic, and genuine expression of one person’s love for another. It’s amplified by the singers’ pure vocals and gentle acoustic chords and is sure to score major points with your partner.

Pisces - Water Sign

As the ultimate water sign, Pisces are known to go with the flow. They do not tend to push back too much and are extremely accepting of themselves and of others. Empathetic and intuitive, they are willing to see all of your flaws and raise you one more. That being said, a Pisces can still have a bit of a bite, just like the song “I’m a Mess” by Brooklyn-born pop artist Bebe Rexha. The song is all about the journey towards accepting yourself for who you are and not letting anyone make you feel bad when you find out who that person is.