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Here's Your Celebrity Style Icon Based On Your Rising Sign

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Okay, let's get into some zodiac stuff! I may be your go-to fashion girl on I AM & CO, but I know a little bit about astrology too. Everyone is probably familiar with their Sun Sign (the zodiac sign that you fall under according to your birthday) but I am sure many don't know their Ascendant. Your Sun Sign is the essence of who you are, but your Ascendant, also known as your Rising sign, is how you portray yourself to the world. And yes, it says a lot about your sense of style.

So, how do you figure out your ascendant? You need your date of birth, location, and exact time if you can find it (Check your Birth Certificate or Ask your Mom). Once you have those come on over to the Rising Sign Calculator on Cafe Astrology then come back to me! Just so we can make this intimate I will let you know I am a Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon, and Libra Rising. Feel free to drag me after you've read up about them.

This list may give you a few “Aha Moments” pertaining to your personal style and style icons. Why you always go for all black and sexy. Or why gravitate to crazy florals and loud prints. Or why you sometimes flow between different styles as your mood changes. Your rising sign has the answer:


Aries rising represents independent, self-reliant, and confident in their approach, a direct and straightforward nature in their communication and walking through life like a warrior. With your ascendant in Aries you must show you inner confidence, so feeling powerful and comfortable regardless of the setting is essential. Sleek, sporty and sexy, or power suited for the office. To let your true-self shine, your physical body has to feel and look strong.

Who Shares Your Aries Ascendant: Rihanna



Taurus Rising represents an easy-going, calm, and steady demeanor, a natural, unaffected beauty, likely to not be very made-up and unwavering in their preferences, with a strong and developed taste. Taurus ascendants appreciate classic looks and sensual fabrics. You care about the quality of what you wear and buy classic brands that outlast trends. You can present beautiful but expensive looks.

Who Shares Your Taurus Ascendant: Serena Williams



Gemini rising gives off the impression of being witty, cunning and verbally astute, a natural socializer, with a love of lively conversations and a youthful, trendy and multifaceted style. Gemini ascendants need to get out into the world and mix it up a bit, so a style that is upbeat and expressive, while letting you move and multi-task, helps you be who you were meant to be. Your personality shines through with a touch of whimsical accessories.

Who Shares Your Gemini Ascendant: Jessie J



Cancer rising tends to have a warm, relatable and compassionate air around them. An outwardly caring spirit, that makes others very drawn to them and a sensitive demeanor that appears attuned to the emotions of others. With a Cancer ascendant, you do well with soft & sensual materials. Whatever you wear, dressing for "security and success" tends to influence your personal presentation. Classic styles that compliment rather than overshadow you are best. You are elegant rather than risque.

Who Shares Your Cancer Ascendant: Victoria Beckham



Leo rising represents an expressive persona that attracts a lot of attention, exhibiting a sunny and playful personality and confidently expressing a style that is colorful and flamboyant. Ascendants in Leo aim for a dramatic flair in presenting yourself to the world. You like to dress for the occasion and you don't mind wearing a brand name to convey how successful you are.

Who Shares Your Leo Ascendant: Zoe Saldana



Virgo rising comes across with a very clear and sunny but precise air about them, Genuine and sincere in their approach and their appearance reflects purity. The natural look. Ascendants in Virgo you can be very hard on themselves when it comes to appearance. While feeling more comfortable in a neat, organized and structured look, you aim for it to be put together naturally without too much fuss. Comfort is a big factor and you are attracted to brands that are fashionable as well as functional.

Who Shares Your Virgo Ascendant: Uzo Aduba



Libra rising (THAT’S ME) comes off as sweet, polite, friendly. Simply approachable, their appearance is elegant, fashionable, with an artistic eye and interacting with a charming and sociable style. Libra ascendants have a deep need for beauty, so to feel comfortable you must feel coordinated. Whatever form that takes, whether jeans and T-shirt or evening glamour, you dress for yourself, but care what others think. The word Fashionista was created for this ascendant.

Who Shares Your Libra Ascendant: Zoe Kravitz



Scorpio rising represents a magnetic and alluring demeanor, giving off an appearance that is both muted, unnoticed and quite bold and an unrelenting gaze, one that penetrates through another's masks. Scorpio ascendants must feel powerful and at least a little sexy to feel fabulous. Subtle yet dramatic, an understated charisma to your presentation draws attention while commanding respect.

Who Shares Your Scorpio Ascendant: Gwen Stefani



Ascendant in Sagittarius represents appearing as a story-teller with many tales to share, interacting with a refreshing candid and honest nature and often coming across as a larger than life personality. Sagittarius loves color and you will take bold chances with your personal presentation. It helps you meet the world with an adventurous attitude. You are the traveler. Your fun and flirtatious personality is also conveyed in your look.

Who Shares Your Sagittarius Ascendant: Kim Kardashian



Capricorn rising represents a diligent and persistent demeanor, their disposition is calm and collected and gives you the appearance of a subtle, tasteful and mild manner. Capricorn looks for quality and can pick up bargain couture at a fraction of the cost. Business orientated, it is important to dress like a professional in your chosen field.

Who Shares Your Capricorn Ascendant: Naomi Campbell



Ascendant in Aquarius represents appearing with a strong individual persona, an eccentric and unusual twist in their approach and many perceive them as having a fresh new perspective. You have an outgoing, active relationship with the world. As an Aquarian, you put a unique spin on your personal presentation. Even if you wear a uniform, somehow you will make it individual and totally chic. Not one to follow the latest trends or adhere to traditional standards, you are your own personal trendsetter.

Who Shares Your Aquarius Ascendant: Jennifer Lawrence



Pisces rising represents interacting with a soft and gentle air that permeates around them, a rose-colored view in their approach to situations and people. Profoundly sensitive, gentle and an intuitive orientation. Pisces ascendants can wear almost anything and feel comfortable. As long as you're expressing an emotionally sensitive attitude that conveys depth and compassion, your fashion choices will work.

Who Shares Your Ascendant: Kourtney Kardashian


So, you can give me the nitty-gritty. Was this totally on point or did we miss you by a long shot? Was there a sign you felt like you related to more than your own? Maybe your Moon sign is the reason! I have actually found birth chart readings to be pretty accurate most of the time so I am really interested to hear what you think?