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Which BADASS Ocean's 8 Character Are You?



Are you a fearless leader who has long-term, five-year goals? Or do you like to work from home where you smoke your bong in bed and hack into the nearest In-N-Out Burger to get free fries? Whatever way you like to let your freak flag fly, there is probably a member of the all-female Ocean’s 8 team that you relate to best. The most stylish movie of the year has raked in more than $100 million at the box office so far. If you were about to pull off a major movie heist with your best friends, who would you be? Let’s take a look at each of their backstories, style, and zodiac signs.




A great leader knows how to draw out your greatest strengths. The best coaches lead a team to victory. And Debbie Ocean had five years in jail to find the best people for the job. A big picture kind of person, she mapped out a plan and contacted the best women to make it happen. She visits each gal pal and doesn’t take no for an answer until she has an elite team of thieves, hackers,and underground operatives. “Somewhere out there is an 8-year-old girl dreaming of becoming a criminal. Do it for that girl,” she tells her squad. True to her word, she embellishes the facts to get everyone onboard with her vision. A little fib goes a long way in the thieving business. She’s all about vision boards and the law of attraction.

Dress: The epitome of sophistication

Spirit Animal: Amal Clooney

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Also Known As: The Leader, HBIC, Boss Lady, Girl Boss




There’s nothing like riding off into the sunset along the California coastline on your motorcycle. If you’re Lou, every moment is just a moment before another moment. She’s the right-hand woman to Debbie, but don’t let that loyalty fool you. She doesn’t owe anyone anything and likes to keep it that way. She disappears for so long you might think she’s dead - that is until an opportunity comes along. We’re not sure her backstory - is she in a rock band? Is she part of a Sons of Anarchy-type motorcycle gang? Is she on the FBI’s most wanted list? And what about the rumored sexual chemistry with Debbie? That deserves a sequel all its own.

Dress: 70s androgynous rock star chic

Spirit Animal: If Keith Richards died and came back to possess Kristen Stewart

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Also Known As: The Rockstar, Wing-Woman


Photo: David Lee/Warner Bros. Pictures

Photo: David Lee/Warner Bros. Pictures

Daphne is Kate Middleton if Kate Middleton were a glamorous Hollywood actress playing herself in a biopic movie about how hard it is to be a royal. Her worst fear? Being a basic bitch. If it’s popular and trendy, she needs it and she needs it now. She likes to build everyone up but is secretly jealous underneath - until you learn, she really just wants to be one of the girls. #squadgoals is her go-to hashtag on the secret Instagram page she uses when she’s having major FOMO. Don’t be fooled by her love of material things: she’s so sharp she knew Debbie’s plan before they even got to the finish line.

Dress: Expensive trendy

Spirit Animal: Taylor Swift meets Elizabeth Taylor

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Also Known As: Princess


photo: warner bros. pictures

photo: warner bros. pictures

If Debbie has the big ideas, then Amita knows how to execute the details. She dresses cutesy but she’s all about the bling. A talented jeweler, she can take the dullest gems and make them into extraordinary statement pieces. And the same is true of the people she meets. She gets along great with everyone, a woman who sees the sum of the parts and works to bring the team together. Laser-focused and quick under pressure, all she really wants at the end of the day is to enjoy a glass of wine with her gal pals and watch Friends.

Dress: Florals and print dresses; always ready for a meet-cute

Spirit Animal: Zoey Deschanel and Mindy Kaling have the tea party of our dreams

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Also Known As: Bling Ring


photo: warner bros. pictures

photo: warner bros. pictures

Tammy’s the A student. The valedictorian. She virtuous and perfect. She has the standard American two kids, two car garage home,and her organization skills are HGTV worthy. But underneath the quaint lifestyle, she longs for something more, dare she say, naughty, maybe even illegal? When Debbie tries to recruit her, Tammy puts up a fight but the truth is, she’s had a bag packed in the trunk for years just in case. People trust Tammy. They think she grew up in the midwest and probably on a farm. But most nights she lies awake in her designer home, in her summer nightgown, sleeping beside her perfect spouse while her children rest in cotton candy bedrooms under canopy beds, dreaming of a beach-front bungalow in the heart of Miami’s club district: loud, colorful - and exciting.

Dress: Sweet prairie girl meets housewife. Also: ruffles

Spirit Animal: Anne of Green Gables’ best friend Diana circa 2018

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Also Known As: The Good Girl, Girl Next Door, World’s Best Mom


photo: warner bros. pictures

photo: warner bros. pictures

Constance knows all the tricks in the book: High-class trickery, thievery and how to land a 360 inward heelflip (or so she says, look it up). She grew up on the streets, stealing what she could when she could. She can be a little flippant and she’s always wanted to be one of the guys so girl time is a new thing for her - give her time. It isn’t that she doesn’t want to dress up sometimes or, ok, maybe once (she wears a dress for the Met Gala), but don’t push it! She knows who she is and she likes her paper bag pants or culottes, vans,and life without a bra just fine, thanks. If you give her space maybe she won’t steal your phone, but keep an eye on it anyway.

Dress: Elevated tomboy

Spirit Animal: Janelle Monae and 1995-era Gwen Stefani in baggy pants with chains on the pockets hanging out in a gravel pit

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Also Known As: Sk8TER GURL


photo: barry wetcher/ warner bros. pictures

photo: barry wetcher/ warner bros. pictures

Nine Ball runs underground websites dedicated to the protection and liberation of farm animals across the country. An outspoken vegan and all-around activist, Nine ball also helped spearhead the legalization of marijuana - mostly so she doesn’t have to be bothered by all that arrest paperwork and police drama. Her hacker skills serve as a sort of sixth sense: if she knows your favorite color and your Thai food order before you’ve even said a word, chances are it’s not a hunch from tarot cards on her coffee table. Assume she’s got your entire online existence saved to a hard drive in her apartment. It’s up to you how to deal with that fact.

Dress: Rastafarian urban hippie

Spirit animal: Zoe Kravitz’s mom Lisa Bonet in the mid-90s

Zodiac: Scorpio

Also known as: The hacker, 420, Bob Marley




Rose is a fashion designer, the type of artist who is so out-of-the-box that when she has a commercial opportunity inside the box, it’s never going to work. She lives in the upside down from Stranger Things while everyone else is trying to escape. She hears music when no one else does. She tries to be normal but normal ain’t her jam. She’s happiest around winged creatures of the night over dinner dates and whatever it is she’s doing to help round out the 8 in Ocean’s 8. Being different doesn’t always mean success so when she designs a subtle, extremely normal pink dress for Daphne you know she must’ve been screaming on the inside wondering where she went wrong. She helps everyone else remember what it means to stay true to yourself - and is always there to explain what exactly steampunk is.

Dress: Early 1900s Britain meets 90s goth

Spirit Animal: Kat Von D as Mary Poppins

Zodiac: Taurus

Also Known As: Vampire Diaries, Goth Girl