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What “Sex And The City” Taught Me About Fitness



Over the years Sex and the City taught us much about relationships whether toxic or healthy. Like, how do you know when enough is enough? Maybe never. Or, what if the perfect person for you to spend your life with is the exact opposite of what you pictured. There were so many deep gems embedded within the theme of the show, and I was arguably too young to really appreciate them at the time.

Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha didn’t just show us the turmoils of love. Throughout the show there were extremely valuable easter eggs that really showed us how to live healthier lives. Sure, some of these habits could resort in sprained ankles and bad knees but if they could help Carrie retain that lean and mean figure surely it could do the same for us. Right?

Here are a few nuggets of awful diet & fitness habits I’ve carried (pun-intended) with me throughout the years. These are the worst habits imaginable, they suck really bad, and they don’t really work. I know, because I’ve tried them but they’re adorable.

Gossip is Basically a Fat Burner

Gossip definitely increases your heart rate. Is it an effective method, though? Doubtful, as any negative gossip could bring about stress which stimulates weight gain hormones.

Sex and the City Fit Tip: Adding gossip to your workout can help you burn extra calories.

Throwing Chocolate Cake in the Trash Isn't Enough

When Miranda found herself in the throws of a chocolate addiction, she baked herself a cake. Still, her chocolate cravings overwhelmed her as she devoured her cake sliver by sliver. She decided she needed to regain control, so she threw the cake in the trash. Moments later she returned to the kitchen and ate a sliver of cake right out of the trash can. It was in that moment, she knew things had gone too far. So she drizzled dish detergent on top of that homemade diet wrecker.

Sex and the City Fit Tip: Chocolate cake is a drug. For an addict, merely throwing it in the trash isn't enough. Don't let it derail your progress. You must throw it in the trash, and pour dish detergent on it.

What Sex and the city taught me about fitness

Sprinting in High Heels is Highly Effective

Cheating on Aidan with Mr. Big was too much for Carrie. Big was a different person during the affair, doing things like popping up at her apartment unannounced. That accompanied with his neediness and jealousy were so not "Big."

One afternoon, Big came to her apartment again unannounced while Aidan was there. Carrie offered to take Aidan's dog Pete for a walk, as an excuse to go outside and chastise Mr. Big. At some point during the argument, Pete got off of his leash and ran away. The next thing we see is Carrie chasing Pete, in her 6" Christian Louboutins.

Sex and the City Fit Tip: Stiletto sprints are an effective form of cardio, just make sure to strengthen those ankles ladies.