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20 Wellness Podcasts That’ll Elevate Your Emotional & Spiritual Health

wellness podcasts

As a New Yorker, I’m commuting a lot which means I have a lot of time to kill. Plus it is basically part of the dress code in NYC to wear headphones—particularly while commuting.


Sure, sometimes nothing is playing in them and they’re used as an armor to avoid conversations, but most of the time I’m listening to one of my favorite wellness podcasts. I didn’t get into wellness podcasts until recently, but now I’m obsessed. There are so many smart, inspirational, and wonderful people out there willing to share their voice, and I for one want to hear them out.

I love learning and opening my mind to new perspectives, so I am sharing the voices that have helped me the most. This round-up includes 20 of my all-time favorite wellness podcasts that truly will elevate your life emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Think of this as wellness for your ears.

wellness podcasts

The Elevator

I’ll be honest, this wellness podcast from the ladies of Elevate the Globe is one of my personal favorites. Britt and Tara have such a light and power to them, it makes it easy to melt into an episode even on the craziest of commutes. They use their podcast to discuss ancient and modern spiritual principles, practices, and tools to elevate the vibration of your own energy.

wellness podcasts

The Highest Self

Sahara Rose has been called "a leading voice in the millennial generation into the new paradigm shift" by Deepak Chopra. In her podcast, she shares how you can tune into your unique gifts, find your purpose, live in your Dharma and blossom into your highest self. Tune in ASAP, and I’ll see you on the other side.

wellness podcasts

The Alchemized Life Podcast

Ava Johanna is my yogi crush, and I want to be like her when my yoga practice grows up. On top of that, she has a killer wellness podcast where she aims to make wellness more approachable. If you need a dose of empowerment, this is where you find it.

wellness podcasts

Long Distance Love Bombs

Dr. Jeremy Goldberg (aka @longdistancelovebombs on Instagram) is out to make kindness cool, and I think he’s doing a great job. On his podcast, he talks to people who aim to shift perspectives towards a more conscious and compassionate collective.

wellness podcasts

Spark Intention

I guest-starred on this one! On my episode, we talked about anxiety, self-love, and spirituality. When I asked Jenna about her intentions with her podcast, she said, “My hope for the podcast is that by sharing my experiences and inviting guests to share theirs, we can show that we all have mental health, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, and we are not alone.”

wellness podcasts

Mark Groves

@createthelove and @beingisbeautiful are my favorite Instagram wellness couple to follow. They’re both incredibly inspirational, and it’s no wonder they fell in love. Mark Groves’s podcast is just the cherry on top to their content, and it explores the complex world of relationships and connection.


Almost 30

I had the opportunity to meet these ladies at POPSUGAR Playground after they spoke, and I was definitely fangirling hard. From spirituality to wellness to business—they talk about it all on their podcast in a raw and real fashion. I had the chance to chat with Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik to get a better sense of their backstory and the impact Almost 30 has on their community.

How does your podcast elevate a listener's life?

KW: The power of Almost 30 is really in the community we have built around us. When we started out, we held these small events in our friend's backyard with groups of women and saw the power of connection when we laid the foundation of vulnerability and honesty. We have never claimed to know it all, or be experts, but we have promised to be authentic and vulnerable with our audience and have done so since day one.

After hosting these events, we wanted to make them more accessible for everyone, and brought healers, leaders, speakers out to share powerful learnings and experiences when we went on tour. With the success of that, we wanted to find a place where even the cities we didn't reach when traveling could connect, so our ambassador program was born.

Now with 80 chapters all over the world, women meet everywhere to feel supported, loved, seen. The podcast is our foundation really, it provides the basis for everything, the learning, the growth, the intention, and then from there we have become a movement of sorts.

LS: There is so much power in feeling less alone. There is a community behind the podcast that provides support, reassurance, empathy, guidance, and realness that has helped so many women navigate relationships, the pursuit of their dreams, their health journeys and so much more. We are way more powerful together. Krista and I have seen the butterfly effect when one woman gives words of encouragement to another, that woman will share the love in so many other ways.

What's your one key piece of life advice for a potential or current listener?

KW: My life began when I started to participate in it actively. I remember for so long living in Ohio in a small town, I didn't know how much power I had in controlling my life and my destiny, and when I started to take risks, live in alignment (in small ways), meditate, and take care of myself, it felt like I was finally present to participate and be in conversation with the universe about my destiny. My piece of advice for anyone and for our listeners has been similar, to meditate so you can help to cultivate that conversation with yourself. The quiet and breath allow you to connect in ways that seem almost impossible outside of it.

LS: Patience and presence. I found that I was spending so much time wishing I was farther along in life or wanting to be living or looking another way. As a result, I was missing the incredible people, moments, opportunities, and version of ME in front of me. So while I encourage personal growth, I also want to remind women to be here now. You're doing great. Direct your love, energy, and talents to this very moment, the only one that you can control.

wellnness podcasts

Girlboss Radio

This podcast is all about trailblazing women, and it’s hosted by Sophia Amoruso, CEO and founder of Girlboss, and Neha Gandhi, editor in chief and COO of Girlboss. Together they go deep on what it takes to build a successful career.

wellness podcasts

Let It Out

On this podcast, Katie Dalebout candidly discusses everything including productivity, creativity, self-care, wellness, sex, love, body image, and more. Sometimes things get super deep and spiritual and sometimes they are funny and light because life is both. Ready to let it out?

wellness podcasts

That’s So Retrograde

These two have been called “the Ad Fab of the new age” and in their wellness podcast, they effortlessly merge pop culture and wellness. They seek out their most authentic selves, one mistake—or mindful awakening—at a time. Pro tip: they have over 200 episodes, so catch up on your next travel adventure.

wellness podcasts

On Being

This podcast is absolutely binge-worthy. Every week, Krista Tippet hosts a conversation about spiritual inquiry, science, social healing, and the arts. The podcast has been around since 2013 and has even won a Peabody Award. Get to listening and get to being.

wellness podcasts

The Balanced Blonde

If you don’t already follow @thebalancedblonde on Instagram, go do that now! On her podcast, Jordan discusses everything from the young entrepreneurial blogging life to wellness, friendship, branding a business, writing, how to keep the passion alive, and so much more. Each episode includes an interview with someone who set their soul on fire and is doing awesome things.

wellness podcasts

Spirit Guides Radio

This wellness podcast gives a fresh, modern voice to ancient wisdom and charts new maps for old souls. I’m blessed to have had the chance to chat with the hosts of this podcast, Arizona Bell and Morgan Garza. They both provided more insight into their work, and I invite you to give that a read (and their podcast a listen)!

How does your podcast inspire listeners and differentiate from other podcasts?

AB & MG: Spirit Guides Radio brings a fresh voice to the study and practice of spirituality, with an intent to inform, inspire, and ignite modern mystics. The guests we invite to the show each week are experts in their respective fields and we love sharing their magic with our listeners. In addition to our palpable zest for life and love for each other, we try to bring levity and wit to the serious topics we explore, which makes us more accessible than your average spiritual podcast! We want our listeners to learn something, question everything, and have a blast while doing it.

What's the best advice you hope listeners get out of listening to your podcast?

AB & MG: We talk a lot about "permission slips" on the podcast, and we love to present our listeners with all the spiritual wisdom we can so they can use what resonates and grant themselves permission to live their highest vibe life. That said, our number one piece of life advice is to be authentic at any cost—to do what works best for you. At the core, spirituality is authenticity. So you do you, whatever kind of unique that looks like—permission granted!

wellness podcasts


I’ve had the pleasure of attending a couple of touchpoint events myself. They’re an open forum conversation about love and sex where real people share the things they've experienced in bed and in love in a room of 100+ strangers. The stories are always raw, vulnerable, and eye-opening. The podcast shares a few of those stories.

wellness podcasts

We Met At Acme

If you want a little more fun and a little more humor, a special shout out goes to We Met at Acme—a podcast on millennial dating in NYC. They dive into sex, relationships, and vulnerability, with some hilarious anecdotes along the way. As someone who’s literally met someone at Acme, this one’s absolutely worth a listen.

wellness podcasts

Cosmic Body

Danielle Paige is a force within the spiritual wellness industry. She is world-renowned for her intuitive spirit and her ability to help others expand their souls. Cosmic Body is a wellness podcast for anyone searching for more meaning and clarity in their life.

wellness podcasts


I love following @tobemagnetic on Instagram for an abundant amount of inspiration and information about manifesting our desires. Her podcast, EXPANDED, shares the stories of those within the wellness industry and how they got to where they are today. Expand away!

wellness podcasts

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Can you really have an inspirational round-up and not include Oprah? I think not. If you want to discover and connect to the deeper meaning of the world around you…this is where you start. These episodes are poised to light up your soul and help you get closer to your best self.

wellness podcasts

That’s So Maven

Maven interviews "mavens" and shakers in the health, wellness, and business spheres helping tackle some of life's biggest challenges in leading a balanced and intentional lifestyle. Not sure where to begin? They put up a round-up of their self-care podcasts, and they ALL sound amazing!

wellness podcasts

Chakra Girl Radio

This podcast is best paired with a glass of wine. On it, Chakra Girl cultivates the perfect balance between spiritual and material, gurus and Gucci. She raises vibes each week with celebrity gossip, top chakra tips, and beauty and fashion recs to spice up your glamorous and grounded wellness.

Not sure where to begin?

Honestly, they’re all so good it’s an impossible choice, but I’ll make it easier for you. Just use this random number generator to get you started.