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Weight Gain During Your Period? Don't Sweat It

weight gain during period


You started your diet two weeks ago. The first week you lost a solid 1.5lbs which made you excited to dive into week two. By the end of another consistent week of hitting your macros and workout, you confidently step onto the scale and have gained 2lbs. You say to yourself "what in the h..e.. double hockey sticks?!" Now before you freak out, it's unlikely you gained 2lbs in such a short period of time. Still, you'll want to cross some potential factors off of your mental checklist.

Did you weigh your food?


Okay good, because people tend to underestimate their calorie consumption if they're just eyeballing their portion sizes.

Did you drink enough water?


Well, then your body likely isn't holding onto water weight due to dehydration.

Did you have too many cheat meals?


Alright, well it sounds like you stuck to your cheat meal allowance and didn't go off consuming a ton of calories and sodium.

Are you about to start your period?

".... Ah, yeah that's it."

So it looks like water retention is your culprit, which is great news because it's a temporary condition. Water weight gain before your period is a common symptom of PMS. It can set in anywhere from a few days to a week before the start of your cycle. Most women will retain 1lb to 5lbs of water while others can hold upwards of 10lbs. Within a day or two after your period, your weight will normalize and reveal your actual progress. Therefore, your best course of action is to be patient and continue doing what you're doing. Stick to your diet, drink loads of water, and sweat because the excess water will flush away from your body through sweating and urination.

Although your period coming is likely the culprit behind your inexplicable weight gain, don't drop your guard too much. Your hormone fluctuations during your cycle can also cause extreme fatigue, excessive hunger, and fatty food cravings, which are a recipe for skipped workouts and fast food runs. Your body is totally working against your fitness goals during this time so stay focused by remembering what's causing your decreased motivation.

Seriously, though, try not to stress over it because that can cause weight fluctuations too.

Our bodies are so frustrating.