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How To Rise By Lifting Others

we rise by lifting others

We’ve all had one of those days where nothing seems to go right. On these days, it’s just one setback after another.

These days convince us that the universe is out to get us. While we do our best to push past the darkness, sometimes the flicker of light we find gets blown out instantaneously.

We’re never really ready for bad days, but once we’re in the middle of them it can be really difficult to drag ourselves out. We end up giving into misfortunes, guilt, and negativity.

We accept that we’re having a bad day and think “it is what it is.”

But we shouldn’t have to accept that thought. We shouldn’t fall prey to the challenges that life throws at us. What we should do is take advantage of these challenges and leverage them for good. Of course, this idea is easier said than done.

So how do we take a very bad day and turn it into something magical?

Like most things in life, turning something around is all about balance. It’s a matter of balancing out the universe and not just ourselves. An easy way to think about balancing is using the phrase, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

This is where karma comes into the conversation.

When our day is being turned upside down, the trick is to turn someone else’s day around in return. Since fixing our own day can feel impossible, we should extend that energy into the outside world rather than inward.

For instance, if we spill coffee on our shirt or our heel breaks, we should try something as simple as complimenting someone else’s appearance. We take in the negativity we feel about our own look and send positive vibes towards someone else’s. Instead of harboring annoyance, we can make someone’s day through kindness.

Another example of turning things around would be in the event our hearts gets broken. We all know what heartbreak feels like whether it’s in the form of the loss of a significant other, pet, job offer, etc.

We can take that heartbreak and use it for good by putting into words how we’re feeling and writing or vocalizing it to someone who might feel the same way but feels alone - someone who hasn’t felt the effects of a heartbreak before.

We can also tell the people we care about just how much we love and appreciate them. Sharing this goodness will help heal our hearts and add joy to the hearts of others.

Doing good during tough times is an approach worth trying.

When we feel frustrated with life, we should transform it into positive energy directed at others. It’s hard to convince ourselves everything is going to be okay when everything certainly is not. Because of that conviction, we should focus on improving someone else’s day.

Imagine trying this technique just once. After our bad day is over, think about how good we’ll feel and grateful we’ll be to see the person whose days we’ve altered. Maybe this person will smile a little brighter or return our good vibes when we need them most.

Now imagine trying this method every time we have a bad day. Think about all the lives that we can affect and change. Sometimes the universe is thrown out of whack, but we have the power to balance it by manifesting our internal negative energy into external positive energy.

This goodness is nothing more than natural magic. No spells, potions, or psychic abilities necessary. All we need is a little bit of kindness to transform our bad days into good ones for someone else.