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21 Virgo Tattoos That'll Satisfy Your Inner Perfectionist



If you’re familiar with zodiac sign basics, you’re probably aware that Virgos are known as the organized, perfectionist sign. Including birthdays between August 23 and September 22, Virgo is an earth sign that is ruled by the planet Mercury. Some famous Virgos include Zendaya, Michael Jackson, Keanu Reeves, and Queen Virgo herself, Beyoncé.

Us Virgos have a lot to be proud of. Besides the fact that Beyoncé is a Virgo, we’re also known for being humble yet ambitious and studious. If you want to show off your Virgo pride, a great way to do so is by getting a Virgo-themed tattoo. Even if you’re not into astrology, your star sign can provide lots of material for an aesthetically-pleasing tattoo.

If you’re considering getting a Virgo tattoo, we’ve compiled some of the best Virgo ink to get you inspired.

Virgo Glyph Tattoos

It’s not clear what exactly the origins of the Virgo glyph are—some say it’s an “M” for “Maiden,” and others say it depicts a maiden carrying wheat. Even if we’re not sure exactly what it means, it’s an easily identifiable way for you to brand yourself as a Virgo and has endless potential for tattoo designs.

You don’t have to be a Virgo to get a Virgo tattoo! This tattoo artist had the Virgo glyph inked on her shoulder in honor of her best friend, who is a Virgo. Getting your best friend or significant other’s zodiac sign inked is a perfect way to keep a piece of them close to your heart without the commitment of getting their name inked.

The only thing better than getting a Virgo tattoo for your friend is getting a Virgo tattoo with your friend! If you’re lucky enough to have a Virgo buddy, consider getting matching ink like @marehoneyb did. A clean, simple tattoo of the Virgo sign like hers is subtle yet intimate.

This Toronto-based artist, Tonks Boudreau, specializes in inclusive art using vegan ink. Her talents shine in this symmetrical floral back tattoo. Your eye will likely be drawn to the lotus or wing design first, but if you look closely, you can see the Virgo glyph featured towards the bottom of the tattoo.

Your finger is the perfect place to put a tiny Virgo tattoo! You can either get the Virgo glyph by itself as Instagram user @gardenofevelyn did or accompany it with star or moon tattoos down the rest of your finger.

When you first see this tattoo by Mag Fu, you probably won’t be able to identify it as a Virgo glyph. However, after a second glance, it’ll start to look more and more like the M-shaped glyph—a geometric, edgy take on it. If the usual Virgo glyph doesn’t fit in with the rest of your tattoos (or if you just want something different), consider this unique design.

Virgo Symbol Tattoos

The Virgo symbol, not to be confused with its glyph, is less well-known than some. For instance, Leo’s symbol is a lion, Scorpios have the scorpion, and Tauruses have a bull. Virgo, on the other hand, is typically represented by the Maiden or Virgin, which is usually shown as a young woman.

This general description of the Virgo symbol gives us Virgos a lot to work with when it comes to tattoos. What does the maiden look like? What clothes is she wearing? What hairstyle does she have? Take your inspiration from your idea of beauty.

This Virgo tattoo from Los Angeles tattoo artist Elizabeth Moroni features a side profile of a Virgo Maiden. Her clean linework shines in the Maiden’s hair, and her whimsical art style stands out in the tattoo’s design.

This tattoo by artist @inkedbynissaa combined multiple Virgo motifs. Not only does it feature a Virgo glyph, but also a space-themed Maiden. The Maiden’s hair is cleverly inked in a crescent moon shape and mirrored by a scattering of stars.

There’s a lot going on in this tattoo by Naomi Suzuki! It features a portrait of a girl with a Virgo glyph in her forehead, bordered by tree branches and poppy flowers.

This Mexico-based tattoo artist’s cartoon-like style makes for a wonderfully unique Virgo tattoo! While others may choose to ink the Virgo Maiden as goddess-like or celestial, artist Carolina Santoscoy opts for a more simple, quirky design. The girl featured in the tattoo can be identified as representing Virgo because of the stalk of wheat perched in her hand. If you want to try something that sets your ink apart from the average Virgo tattoo, you might want to try a style like this one!

Joanne Baker, a Scottish tattoo artist, shows off her watercolor tattoo skills in this ethereal piece. The splashes of blue, purple, and pink in the background create a galaxy scene that perfectly complements the delicate Virgo Maiden portrait. If you look closely, you may notice that the Maiden’s earring is engraved with the Virgo glyph.

In this tattoo, Moni Ferrari takes inspiration from both the Virgo constellation and a piece of classical art. She interprets the Virgo Maiden as Venus from the Sandro Botticelli painting, “The Birth of Venus.” Unlike the painting, however, this Venus has no face or features, giving the tattoo an abstract twist.

Virgo Constellation

Virgo, the second-largest constellation in the sky, depicts the Greek goddess Demeter, the goddess of the harvest. It’s the perfect inspiration for a minimalist tattoo, space-inspired tattoo, or whimsical fantasy tattoo.

In this tattoo by Italian artist Luigi Marcantonio, the Virgo constellation acts as a background to a gorgeously detailed portrait of a flower. Its layers give the tattoo depth and substance.

Because of Virgo’s association with the goddess of the harvest (and because of its status as an earth sign), the sign is often associated with wheat. This tattoo by Bali, Indonesia-based studio Deja Mort combines a hand-poked constellation, glyph, and wheat sprigs for a tattoo that’s Virgo through and through.

Looking at the Virgo constellation, you might think, “How does this random assortment of stars look like a woman?” @ciezkiezycko, a hand poke tattoo artist based in Poland, helps you to make the connection by inking an abstract portrait of a woman over the constellation. This artist’s interpretation makes for an avant-garde, Picasso-like tattoo.

Constellation tattoos are cute, but only astrology fans will likely be able to identify your tattoo as the Virgo constellation. If you like the look of the constellation but also want everyone to know you’re a Virgo, you might want to integrate a cursive “Virgo” script into the tattoo-like artist Gab Horton did. Replacing the stars with flowers for an adorable touch doesn’t hurt either!

If you think a tattoo of a constellation by itself is a bit boring, you might want to combine it with something else you love or find pretty. This person chose to use the constellation as a subtle background while placing beautifully colored, almost photorealistic lilies in the foreground.

Keep the mystical astrology theme going by adding moon phases to your tattoo like artist Savannah Foxx did! If you like, you can also add your rising sign or moon sign underneath the moons. This tattoo would also work well in the middle of your back, on your outer arm, or on your chest.

This tattoo by Cristina Saroj is as unique as it gets! Instead of using the typical minimalist design to portray the Virgo constellation, she incorporated it into a tarot card-like design that features an incredibly detailed moon and night sky. Her skillful shading job makes the tattoo look like a wearable painting!

Other Virgo Tattoos

This Turkish tattoo studio specializes in meticulously shaded tattoos, and it shows in this harvest-inspired wheat tattoo. The grid design in the tattoo’s background symbolizes Virgos’ analytic and calculating nature.

This whimsical hand-poked tattoo by Kristen Dullum features three delicate stalks of wheat held by the hand of Virgo and surrounded by stars. It’s the perfect tattoo for someone who doesn’t quite want to flaunt their star sign but wants to keep a piece of it close to their heart.

Is Virgo, like @deusavirginiana says, “the best sign?” That’s up for debate. But is this one of the most adorable astrology tattoos I’ve ever seen? That’s for sure! This Virgo tattoo incorporates a watercolor style into a line tattoo by using pink, purple, and teal ombré ink along with a delicate constellation, a mini Virgo glyph, and a dainty moon, planet, and stars.