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Here's What Uranus In Taurus Means For Your Zodiac Sign

uranus in taurus

On May 15, 2018, there was a big cosmic shift that took place with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected and the unconventional, moving into Taurus after being in fiery and pioneering Aries for the past seven years.

As planet Uranus is connected to things like mass communication, technology, science, and innovation from 2010 to 2018 while it was in Aries, we saw the rise of start-ups, e-commerce, and the internet entrepreneur.

We also saw an influx of new social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine, as well as upstart investor and engineer, Elon Musk, launching a rocket into space. Since Uranus is also associated with the breaking of social norms and rules, we also experienced some surprising (and at times unsettling) changes in government and public policy in the U.S. and abroad.

Now that Uranus is in the comfort and security loving Taurus (a zodiac sign associated with the grounded and stabilizing element of earth) over the next seven years we should not only expect to see sweeping changes and innovations when it comes to our material resources like money, our physical bodies, and planet Earth itself, but we should also expect changes in how we deal with change.

As a fixed sign (aka stubborn, determined), Taurus isn’t so comfortable with change, preferring things to stay familiar and as close to routine as possible. Yet, the other things that Taurus favors are abundance and growth, and if we’re going to have either, we’re going to have to be willing to change for the better (*cough cough*government and public policy included).

Meanwhile, as Uranus transits through Taurus, each zodiac sign will be dealing with their own personal changes in the areas of their lives that are connected to Taurus. Below, you can find out what your zodiac sign can expect from the planet of the unexpected.


You’re known for your independent and pioneering spirit, but in your quest for success, you can often feel pressured to follow the rules and traditions already in place, which can rob you of that independence you love so much.

With Uranus in Taurus camped out in your zone of income, self-worth, and personal values, you’re being called to redefine what’s important to you and revolutionize your relationship with wealth. Perhaps this means leaving a job that undervalues you and striking out on your own or breaking free of old financial habits that may be keeping you broke. Uranus in Aries may have set the stage for you to reinvent yourself. Now, Uranus in Taurus will help you to best support that self.


Get ready for a brand new you, Taurus! With the planet of radical change hanging out in your zone of self-image and confidence, it’s time for you to be the person that you were always meant to be; unfettered by self-doubt and keeping up with appearances. As part of this personal makeover, you may opt for a new look (hair and makeup included) or dramatically transform your body. And speaking of your body, if you’ve struggled with accepting it as it is, Uranus can help you radically change your outlook and embrace who you are. When it comes to who you are on a personal level, you’ll find yourself less likely to go along with the status quo or what feels safe. Think of this transition as your personal revolution.


Now that Uranus in Taurus is firmly planted in your zone of rest, healing, and retreat; part of your mission is to work on releasing the past as well as examining ways you may be resistant to going with the flow. That anxiety you’re feeling is not because there’s impending doom afoot, it’s because you’re too busy trying to control things that you have no control over.

Look to the planet of independence to help you to rely on faith and intuition as opposed to over-analyzing every thought or possible outcome. With this zone also connected to the pieces of you that you’re often afraid to reveal to others, this transit will mean getting reacquainted with the person you are beneath the surface.


Get ready for some major growth spurts when it comes to your friendships and alliances. Now that Uranus in Taurus is in your zone of friends, associations, and hopes; it’s time to review whether your current associations align with the person you are becoming.

People that won’t allow you the space to be yourself and the total acceptance to grow into your own, won’t be people you’ll want to be around for too much longer. You’ll find that the people that you will be drawn to the most will err on the side of rebellious, quirky, and freedom-loving. In terms of fulfilling your hopes and wishes, you might even feel yourself becoming a bit more experimental and willing to take a few risks. It’s time to shake things up.


With Uranus in Taurus in your zone of fame and achievement, fulfilling your goals means that you may need to take a more unconventional approach in how you pursue your ambitions.

You might even find your goals and aspirations changing as you strive less to appease others and strive more towards building your own iconic legacy. As such, you may have a series of realizations, which may help you to realize that there’s no script for you to follow when it comes to living your life.

Oftentimes those that leave a lasting impact on the world, have done so because they were brave enough to break the rules and do things their own way. Are you blindly following rules that prevent you from living at your full potential?


With the planet of independence on your side, your mission will be to address the ways you hem yourself in and block your own progress. Having Uranus in Taurus in your zone of travel, opportunity, and education; it’s time to acknowledge where you may be letting old ways of thinking and outdated beliefs stop you from pursuing the life you really want to live. In other words, it’s time to break up the routine.

Changing your environment, learning new things, and honoring your uniqueness will take you far. Having a vision or plan for your life is important, but this transit will teach you the value of the twists and turns along the way. Ultimately, Uranus in Taurus will bring out the adventurer in you. Embrace the ride.


Consider your Uranus in Taurus transit an awakening of sorts, as there are things bubbling beneath the surface that need to be addressed. With the planet of independence moving through your zone of secrets; intimacy; and rebirth, you’re called to work on accepting those pieces of you that you or others may have deemed bad or taboo.

While you often go to great lengths to keep the peace, the fact of the matter is sometimes the ugly stuff needs to get stirred up, so you can find the courage needed to face it head-on. While you’re at it, you’ll also be getting in touch with other things too, like your wildest desires. And, when it comes to intimacy, authenticity will be the glue that holds you and your love together.


Relationships, both professional and romantic, are a big theme for you under the influence of Uranus in Taurus. With the planet of unconventional thinking in your zone of partnership and marriage, your mission is to question whether the one-on-one relationships in your life adequately reflect and make room for your uniqueness. At the same time, you’re also being asked to examine where you may be intolerant or unforgiving of others when it comes to their individualism.

Expect your relationship ideals to be challenged and possibly changed and changed again as you come to the truth of what it means to be a whole, separate being in relationship to another. Stagnant relationships will come to an abrupt end too.


You’re not the one for schedules and routines but with Uranus in Taurus sitting in your zone of health, work, and routine; you may need to embrace a new schedule or routine to maintain your well-being.

If you’re locked into a schedule, habit, or job that’s zapping your freedom, energy, or your soul; Uranus will be pushing you to break free. You may have to be more mindful of the obligations you take on, adopt a fitness or nutrition regimen, or find employment that better works for you.

When it comes to your health, you could also find yourself looking into alternative medicine or therapies now. Treatments like acupuncture or reflexology may be helpful. What kinds of drastic improvements will you undergo?


What gets your motor runnin', Capricorn? With Uranus in Taurus in your zone of romance and creativity, you’ll be working on finding the answer to that question.

Think about all the exciting things you’ve been wanting to do but have been putting off for one reason or another. Now, think about where you can stand to take a creative risk or invite some adventure and experimentation into your life.

Uranus will be working to help you explore your joy and creative energy. Romantically speaking, it may be time to break the cycle when it comes to dating types that aren’t good for you. Under the influence of Uranus, you might even find yourself being attracted to people that aren’t your usual go-to. Update your approach to love.


Your home, stability, and family roots are the focus under Uranus in Taurus, which is currently moving through your zone of home and family. With the planet of radical change and unconventional thinking in one of the most sensitive and nostalgic areas of your chart, part of your job will be to work on examining and releasing family conditioning, dynamics, and inherited beliefs that have hindered your emotional fulfillment.

If you’ve been operating from a place of fear and insecurity know that this Uranus transit will teach you that you can’t control every facet of your life, nor can you hold on so tightly to the past and still be able to grow. In terms of your physical home, a major move or relocation will be on the agenda.


With Uranus in Taurus in your zone of thought and communication, your focus will be on letting go of antiquated ideas, methods, or perceptions; especially if they limit your awareness.

While you’re usually known for your optimism and ability to believe in something greater than yourself, even you can fall victim to pessimism and stagnant thinking. Your mind is hungry for something new, so make sure you feed it. You might even take up learning a new skill that can improve your marketability.

If you work with the public, you might look towards building your online or media presence to widen and better reach your audience. Now’s the time to entertain your off-the-wall ideas. Those ideas could lead to something brilliant.

So let's chat in the comments, what are your thoughts on this shift? Are you excited, freaked out? Spill it.