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9 Tips For Maintaining Your Balance While Traveling (Or, really, anytime)


Travel is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself, but getting to your destination can sometimes be stressful. I used to have a relaxed mentality about flying on an airplane, but the lack of control on a plane now gives me a lot of anxiety. Through research, I’ve learned how to calm myself down in times of turbulence and unease.

I’d love to offer you the wisdom I’ve collected, and I encourage you to consider this list as your “self-care travel guide.” Use this guide whenever you’re traveling, but know that these nine tips are just about traveling, they can be applied to any “turbulent” time in your life.

  1. Carry a Malachite crystal. This crystal is known as a guardian stone for travelers. Keep the crystal in your pocket or hand to ease nerves and overcome the fear of flying. To magnify the effects of the crystal, carry a clear quartz with you too. Crystal quartz amplifies other crystals so you’ll have optimal vibes to comfort you through the flight.

  2. Bring Chakra oil. When you feel particularly stressed, rub your Chakra oil on your wrists, bring them up to your nose and breathe in deeply. Try combining this practice with a breathwork exercise to really reduce your anxiety. Personally, I carry an oil that promotes tranquility and has scents of lavender, cardamom, and rosewood.

  3. Meditate. If there’s Wifi on the plane, there are many available guided meditations on the internet. If there is no Wifi, then download a guided meditation on Spotify or on your podcast app ahead of the flight. Since flights are usually pretty quiet, this is a great place to concentrate and find inner peace.

  4. Drink water. Never forget that you are a goddess. As a goddess, you have a personal responsibility to take care of your body. By staying hydrated, your body will function better and be better equipped to handle stressors.

  5. Do something creative. Pick an activity to distract yourself with that allows your imagination to blossom and run wild. Whether that’s drawing, writing, or a side hustle, bring supplies with you to create an inspired diversion from any worries that might arise.

  6. Choose a mantra. If your heart starts racing or your palms start sweating, close your eyes and gently repeat a mantra to yourself. Slow your breath and concentrate on the word or meaning. This practice is your outer-self telling your inner-self that everything is going to be fine.

  7. Do seated yoga. There are a handful of poses you can do while sitting down (and even more if you’re allowed to move around the cabin of an airplane). Try these poses when you need to give your body some room to breathe. Don’t worry about how these moves look to the people around you and focus on how they make you feel.

  8. Send a prayer to a goddess. Choose an angel, goddess, or even just the universe, and ask for help to stay calm in a time of unrest. You don’t have to be religious to try this, and it’s never a sign of weakness to ask for help when you need it.

  9. Read an affirmation as an alternative to #8. You are your greatest power but sometimes you just need a reminder. Bring affirmation cards on your flight and pull out the card that speaks to you in stressful moments in order to invite positivity.

By practicing these mindful tricks, you’ll be better equipped to handle stress-riddled situations and stormy times whether in life or in flight.

Useful techniques aside, remember that you should never be afraid to fly physically, spiritually, and mentally.