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We Asked 15 Women "What's The Craziest Thing You've Ever Done For Love"

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I recently met up with a friend for drinks and we got on the topic of funny/weird/cringe-worthy things we’ve done for love. My friend said she once made a video to coerce a boyfriend to get back together. Tragic images flashed in my mind as I envisioned my poor friend snot sobbing into a camera Blair Witch style pleading for her beloved until she insisted on showing it to me.


I was relieved and in awe at what she had created, it was an artsy stop motion graphics video with music and some sort of inside joke llama that played the role of carrier pigeon to deliver a love note. It was such a beautiful expression of her creativity and love. I was truly touched, impressed, and frankly saddened that this boy did not see it the same way.


It got me thinking about the things I’ve done for love, moved to the middle of the country, wrote rap style poems,


believed endless lies, took a surf trip to Nicaragua without knowing how to actually surf, made homemade baked goods of questionable quality, this list could go on but I will spare you (and me) and instead share what 15 ladies had to say when I asked them, “What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love?”

“I once entered a ‘mini’ triathlon to impress a guy during a summer break. The first event was ocean kayaking, in which we throw the kayak over our head and sprint into the crashing waves. I could barely lift it, let alone run. Needless to say, I finished dead last, like way, way beyond dead last and successfully avoided my crush for the rest of the summer.” - 32 y.o., from Bath, ME.

“I flew to China.” – 26 y.o., from NYC

“When I got my first raise at work I took my now husband out to dinner at Gramercy Tavern. It’s still the most expensive meal I’ve eaten and that was 8 years ago… he tells me to this day it was a baller move.” - from NYC.

“I pretended I was going to visit my brother in LA when I lived in Boston, just so I could tell the guy I made out with at a wedding two months earlier from Orange County, CA that I happened to be in town.” – 31 y.o., from Bath, ME.

“Got married in the middle of college and had three amazing kids in short order, and the youngest loves to write about all our crazy.” – 62 y.o., from Bath, ME.

Stayed too long.– 30 y.o., from NJ.

“Got married!” 33 y.o., from Boston, MA.

“Left Hawaii.” – 33 y.o., Seattle, WA

“Moved in with my in-laws.” – 31 y.o., from Bath, ME.

“Took someone to rehab twice. It’s not sexy but it’s the truth.” - 28 y.o., from NYC.

Moved to another country and married my husband in less than six months!” – 32 y.o., from Chile.

“I bought a house for a guy and then conveniently left.” – Anonymous

“The craziest thing I did for “love” was turning a blind eye to my high school boyfriend repeatedly breaking up with and changing his mind. I guess I was too young to see anything was really wrong with that.” – 26 y.o., from Los Angeles, CA.

“I chose my college because the guy I was in love with was going there. We weren't even dating (yet).” – 32 y.o., San Clemente, CA.

“I tried surfing? I used an old wet suit, nearly drowned, and then cried on the beach. Later that night I broke out in disgusting barnacle like hives from wetsuit rash.” – 26 y.o., from NYC.