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Synchronicity and Love: How to Follow the Signs to Your Soul-Mate



I've been a romantic as far back as I can remember. I would listen tofairytales with giddy anticipation of the happily ever after. I even wrote a book about an alternate Cinderella in Kindergarten that got me in my hometown newspaper (with a photo of me smiling big, albeit my two front teeth). Without a doubt, I've always been the type of girl who believes in love, even thoughshe hasn't quite gotten it right just yet.

Even so, I've always believed that there was a connection between synchronicity and love. Still, to this day, I firmly believe that things are meant to be, people are destined to meet, and some things are just without explanation. Maybe I've watched too many romantic movies and written too many love stories, but I still refuse to believe that I am disillusioned about the power of true love or how it finds you. I refuse to think I will be single forever or that my expectations of romance are unrealistic.

If there's one thing that I know from juggling life as a hopeless romantic and being perpetually single, it's that you can never lose hope. You can never lose hope that you are worthy of the love you seek. Sure, you may need to let go of the "how," but that's the entire point of the journey. You don't expect it when it comes, but you cancultivate your relationship with yourselfin the meantime.

In my solo search toward love, I have had nowhere else to turn aside from myself. So while I've been seeking, I've had the pleasure of learning how to find love within myself. Over the last few years, I've been unraveling what it means to love myself, trust myself, and be comfortable with myself—without the validation of a significant other.

And during this process, I trustthe universe is working in my favor. I believe I had to do this work before fatefully being met with the love I've always deserved. I trust that, somewhere out there, someone is doing the same work before we are ready to meet as the versions of ourselves destiny had planned all along.

Yes, some days, I've had doubts about love. Yes, some days, I've been cynical. Yes, some days, I've been downright sad about being on this journey far longer than I ever expected. Still, I always come back to hope. I hope because I know that in this life, I was meant to love, and so I continue to cherish what I can in the process of finding mysoul mate—and that includes myself.

And I'm not the only one who believes insynchronistic coincidence and love.Better yet, there are a few of my spiritually-inclined friends who have already met their matches in synchronous ways. So if you don't want to take it from me, take it from the stories that follow.

When I asked Krista Williams, co-founder of theAlmost 30, whether she believed in divine intervention and love, she touched on the necessary self-love it requires."Synchronicity can happen in love, and it can actually be something you attract that isn't for your highest good. But when you're doing the work, and really getting to a place where you love yourself without someone, magical things can happen. I believe in putting yourself in the best situation possible in your life so that when synchronicity happens, it's for the best."

MillanaSnow, CEO and founder ofWellness Officialdefines love as "trusting in the very best in someone or something no matter the circumstance. This doesn't mean ignoring or enabling either; to me, love is being present and clear with everything that is and still holding accountable with TRUST."

William's synchronous love story started back in high school and involved a few twists along the way. "In High School, I had decided early on to go to Auburn University (in Alabama) randomly in my junior year of college. I was from Ohio, so no one that I knew was going to Auburn, but for some reason, I had this magnetic pull to the school. But, right before I was supposed to leave for college, I fell in love with a high school boy and got scared. So, last minute, I decided to go to college closer to home."

"During college, I still wanted to visit Auburn and luckily met a friend who was dating someone who went to school there. So we drove eight hours from Ohio to Auburn, and my friend's boyfriend just happened to be my (now) boyfriend's roommate. It was the first time we met. Wedefinitelyhad a connection that weekend, but we just stayed friends."

"Four years later, I went to a psychic in Chicago who told me that I had met mysoul mate, but we weren't together because I had chosen a different path. I told her she wascrazybecause I would be with him if I had met him. A few months after that, Justin came to visit Chicago, got my number from a friend, and we met again for the second time at a bar downtown. I knew from that second time meeting; I was OBSESSED."

"I saw that psychic again a few weeks after Justin and I started to talk, and right when I walked in, she goes, "you found him!" And I felt like I had! She confirmed he was mysoul mateand that we were supposed to meet in college, but decided to learn a few more lessons before we were together. It was pretty cool to see how life worked out that way."

For Snow, her favorite part of her unique love story was that she knew her partner was ready for her before she even met him. "I knew my partner was ready for me because I was getting messages and signs. I just finally was ready to believe it because I wanted to be with my person in a healthy and real partnership. I had a reading saying I would meet him in a week. I believed it, not knowing which of my dates he would be, and yes, we met that very week!"

So sweet, right? But what I wanted to know was whether we could be more mindful about these synchronicities, so we don't miss anything against the daily hustle of life.

Snow says that she finds that synchronicity happens when you become clear that you are open to seeing it. She likes to ask for signs for what she'd like clarity or support on while keeping her heart, eyes, and ears open to see the signs manifest.

"The more I open myself up and notice the signs, the more they come. The thing is, the signs and signals are always there, but what you should ask yourself is, what are your habits and unconscious expectations that keep you from seeing?"

Something I'll be journaling ontonight, that's for sure. As for Williams, she suggests being more mindful of life in general.

"Everything happens in front of our eyes at all times, and there are so many opportunities for synchronicities that are available to us if we just slow down and pay attention to them. Before I met Justin, I was in such a state of anxiety and depression that everything was happening, but I didn't feel like I had any control or participation in it."

"Then, I started to meditate and really cultivate mindfulness, and this helped me to engage with the magical opportunities in front of me actively." Speaking of magic...I asked Williams howmanifesting, synchronicity, and lovecomes into play.

"For the years before Justin, my manifestation pattern was cheating and deception. I expected it. I really believed that love wasn't possible (and trust wasn't either). Once Ihealed that wound(through lots of pain and growth), I began to cultivate this beautiful trust and love with myself and my partners."

"Before I met Justin, I read "The Secret" and wrote down and imagined the person I wanted to be with nightly. I would journal in detail about what he looked like, what our love was like, and how I felt around him. This clarity helped me manifest someone who was everything on my list and more. I still have that list to this day! I believe this helps us to imagine, feel, and dream about a love that we can attract into our lives."

Love is one thing, but then there's making it work, too. So, when you do find that soul-bursting, heart-pulsing, universe-shattering-kind of love, what advice do Williams and Snow have for staying together?

"Every 'problem' you feel like you have is your own stuff. It's not that your partner doesn't have things to heal or work on, but you not being aligned with you and healthy partnership is an inside job first...then you heal from that space. You don't have to be perfect, but it's always an inside job that overflows into our relationship."—Snow

"Have fun, ALWAYS! Truly. Life is short, but it can also be long, and your relationship should be a huge growth space for you but also a space for you to be light and goofy. Justin andI arelaughing almost 90% of the time, which makes life so much better. I used to think that relationships always had to be deep and that my boyfriend had to be my best friend, lover, confidant, cheerleader...all of the things. Now I am so much more relaxed andeasygoing. It's way more fun that way."—Williams

Who knows, maybe the love of your life is just around the corner. Perhaps you've already met them. Perhaps you have a few more lessons to learn, boundaries to break, and lives to change.Regardlessof all themaybes, one thing is for sure: love is out there for you. Never give up on love—it's coming.