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10 Stores Like Madewell With Fresh-Sustainable Styles To Add To Your Closet



By now, you’ve heard of or shopped at America’s favorite denim brand. And, for a while, Madewell was in a league of its own. Top-notch denim that fits great, is made sustainably, and at affordable prices is hard to pass up.

Madewell’s designs are perfect for the comfy cool girl, never over-the-top and always chic. As much as Madewell’s denim is revered, their collection of basic tops, classic shoes, leather bags, and understated dresses have a cult following as well.

Like dating, it’s always best to keep your style options open. So, we gathered a mix of stores like Madewell because more variety means more fun.

1. Everlane

Like Madewell, Everlane has really established itself as a leader in practical fashion. They’re first on our list because Everlane’s the closest brand to rival Madewell for the world’s most sustainable and fashionable clothing brand. Shop Everlane for their refined yet relaxed collection that includes everything from super-soft tees and bodysuits to lightweight and breathable pants or culottes.

Get the Weekend Tee Dress for $30 and the Short-Sleeve Crew Neck Bodysuit for $32.

2. Reformation

Like Madewell, Reformation makes sustainable clothes with impeccable fit and that are remarkably comfortable. But, in addition to comfort, Reformations designs feature silhouettes that truly celebrate your body.

Reformation touts how exhaustive their fittings process is and they’re transparent that the sweet spot for their current collection is perfect for ladies 5’6’’ to 5’10’’, they also have a plus-size collection that covers sizes through 22 and a petite collection for ladies south of 5’2’’.

Fans of Reformation shop their highly popular casual dresses and affordable bridal gowns. Reformation recently decided to dip their toe in the shoe game by launching their own collection of trendy sandals, flats, and heels.

Get the Kenny Boiler Jumpsuit for $178 and the Verbena Dress for $328.

3. Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak makes the list of stores like Madewell as another “essentials” brand that’s 100% committed to sustainable fashion. All of their pieces are made from recycled materials ranging from wool to polyester and their dye process is equally eco-conscious. Unlike Madewell, Frank & Oak also offers flexible clothing subscriptions tailored to your style tastes.

Shop Frank & Oak as an excellent minimal-chic eco-friendly alternative to Madewell.

Get the Floral-Printed Short-Sleeved Blouse for $70 and the Textured Yellow TENCEL® Blazer for $80.

4. Need Supply

Need Supply joins our list of stores like Madewell as a premium alternative for shopping for your essentials. Still, Need Supply offers an entirely unique experience. In addition to carrying top brands, Need Supply develops relationships with indie clothing designers that help them extend their understated-chic collection.

Beyond clothing, Need Supply also offers a budding lifestyle line with modern home accessories similar to what you’ll find at CB2 or Allmodern. Need Supply doesn’t just want to live on your back, but in every room of your home too.

Get the Urchin Top for $475 and the Steer Pant for $380.

5. Cuyana

Like Madewell, Cuyana is another sustainable clothing brand that’s all about the classic-timeless pieces. Cuyana’s premium, refined, and sensual designs prioritize comfort with their silky-smooth and seamless materials. Cuyana converts likely made their introduction to the brand via their stunning leather handbag line which rivals any premium handbag designer. You definitely should be shopping Cuyana if you want your average day to feel like you’re on a Mediterranean excursion.

Get the Poplin Pleat-Back Shirt for $140 and the Blood Orange Semi Circle Bag for $235.

6. Universal Standard

True to its name, Universal Standard is a brand for every body. The unique experience that Universal Standard offers is around their size offerings and their promise of revolutionary inclusivity. Polina and Alex, the founders of Universal Standard, wanted women of all shapes and sizes to experience the same shopping experience. Why should certain styles only look good up to a certain size? Polina and Alex couldn’t think of a good reason and so they set out to lead the change.

Like Madewell, Universal Standard is also committed to corporate responsibility and giving back through their denim drives, recycling programs, and programs that support women.

Shop Universal Standard for chic and expertly designed basics that perfectly fit women of all sizes.

Get the Seine Mid Rise Skinny Jeans for $90 and the Foundation Cami Dress for $45.

7. Amour Vert

Amour Vert is another brand that’s seriously dedicated to sustainable fashion. In fact, Amour Vert means ‘green love’ in French and they live up to their name by planting trees every time someone purchases a tee. Amour Vert also invests in extremely precise production standards that cut down on waste.

Unlike Madewell, Amour Vert also offers a line of baby clothing and house wears so you can shop fashionable sustainable clothing for everyone in your household. Let Amour Vert be a stellar alternative and your place to shop for classic-romantic styles.

Get the Sunna Shirt Dress for $218 and the Stephanie Sweater for $198.


PACT is another sustainable clothing brand like Madewell. However, while Madewell offers designs made from an assortment of fabrics, PACT goes all-in on cotton. All of PACT’s clothing is made from 100% organic cotton and only in certified fair-trade factories.

PACT makes a focused-range of essentials that range from comfy underwear to business casual dresses, all suitable for a perfect for a day of lounging.

Get the Waffle Bath Towel for $35 and the Three Quarter Sleeve Fit and Flare Dress for $40.


There’s no such thing as too much sustainable fashion and so we’re delighted to include ABLE in our list of stores like Madewell. ABLE seeks to empower by publishing their wages and making it clear that women employed by ABLE make a livable wage.

You can shop ABLE for everything from basics, to shoes, to leather bags and accessories.

Get the Meron Whiskey Work Bag for $298 and the Joselyne Boot for $158.


DSTLD is an ethical fashion brand like Madewell that’s all about the denim. DSTLD sort of feels like Madewell’s rebel cousin which means they’re the place to shop for incredibly high-quality denim, badass leather jackets and essentials like loose-fit tanks.

DSTLD provides ethical wages to all of its employees, they carefully screen their suppliers to avoid those that use sweatshops, and they use only top-of-the-line eco-friendly materials.

Get the Silver Leather Moto Jacket for $200 and the Wool Blanket Maxi Coat for $180.