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8 Stores like LoveShackFancy that Festival Fashion Girls Love



The absolutely Bohemian brand, LoveShackFancy is a true gift from the fashion goddesses. Every piece is frilly, feminine, soft and flowing. Believe me when I say, if bubblegum was a brand, LoveShackFancy is it. This exciting and ethereal label is taking the fashion world by storm.

The Manhattan-based, vintage-inspired fashion house creates garments with charming floral prints, lace, fuzzy knits, and folksy patchwork. Their online store is evocative of rose gardens, beach sunsets, auntie’s tea set, and old book shops, these pieces could turn a trip to the grocery into a romantic adventure.

There is nothing stuffy or fussy about LoveShackFancy. The looks are inspired by vintage finds, but the silhouettes, gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics, and trend-defying design are on-the-spot modern. Rebecca Cohen founded the company after designing her dream bridesmaids dresses for her own wedding. The dreamy dresses you see on style makers everywhere and the rest of the line flowed from that project.

The prices are on the high-end side, though most still under $500. Every piece is a work of art, so that’s not surprising. Check out the website to see the full line. Follow #loveshackfancy to see how the cool girls wear it.

If there could be a downside to shopping this brand, it’s that styles sell out fast. Don’t let that get you down, Boho-baby. Here are 8 stores like LoveShackFancy to add some sugar to your fashion sweet tooth.

1. Free People

Free People clothing is Bohemian at its best. One of the top artsy stores like LoveShackFancy, Free People first opened its doors in 1970s West Philly. Today, the Free People Woman is strong, individual, and global-minded. Her fashion sense is top-notch.

The Free People line is very Boho, but with a little disco and denim thrown in. Prices are less than LoveShackFancy, too, so dive deep into the online store for the clothes you want. While you are there check out swimwear, shoes, and wellness products, too.

Get the Twilight Top for $88 and the Fable Midi Dress for $168.

2. Anthropologie

Anthropologie is a fashion-forward, Boho-chic lifestyle brand. To shop their stores is to immerse yourself in the sound, texture and scent experience. Every moment is designed to surprise and delight. Online shopping is equally intoxicating.

The layout of the website is more orderly, but still gallery gorgeous. Their social media presence is colorful and lavish. Shopping Anthropologie is an activity, an event, and their prices are comparable to most stores like LoveShackFancy.

Get the Casimir Maxi for $374 and the Daisy Lace Blouse for $148.

3. Staud

All hail Sarah Staudinger. The LA-based line she started with George Augusto is designed in the same way that I shop. From the heart. With emotion. With attention to detail and an eye for the achingly unique. Feminine, colorful, self-assured, That sums up women who shop Staud and other stores like LoveShackFancy.

If most designers follow the rules and design for a certain “type”, then Staud isn’t most designs. Staud designers create a genius, quality garments and put them out, knowing the right wearer will find them. Let yourself be extravagant. Let your self shop the Staud site and find the piece that’s waiting for you.

Get the Jack Dress for $315 and the Calla Sweater for $245.

4. Cult Gaia

Dreamy, cutting-edge brand Cult Gaia was created in 2012 by Jasmine Larian. If you are looking for a forever piece to elevate your wardrobe, here is where you’ll find true design and style that trumps trend. Every item is timeless, elegant, and utterly original.

Every item in the Cult Gaia online store is worth its price. Know that you’ll keep these for a lifetime. You might even pass them down. If you dive deep in the pages, you’ll find items that compare in price to stores like LoveShackFancy.

Get the Evie Jacket for $228 and the Willow Dress for $558.

5. Sister Jane

The Sister Jane website is the closest in design to stores like LoveShackFancy. Sweet and girly, but with a London edge, styles from the Notting Hill are constantly evolving. The style is flouncy and Bohemian, with a little preppy flavor.

More formal than festival, the artsy garments are still super fun. These are pieces you will stand out in, so be ready to take the spotlight as a work of art yourself. You have the confidence for this in-your-face feminine brand, go get yours!

Get the Tiered Mini Dress for $113 and the Retro Bow Blouse for $205.

6. Pixie Market

Pixie Market was once a well-kept secret of chic Manhattan fashionistas. The online store brings has made it available to all. At first glance, you’d think the clothing is a modern twist on basics. But Pixie Market, as with all stores like LoveShackFancy, is anything but basic.

Every item is designed artfully, with an eye for the unusual. Folk elements are evident throughout the line. Beyond trends, this brand is affordable and wearable in the office as well as the Playa. Pixie Market introduces new styles weekly. Follow Pixie Market everywhere they go online for news of their updated releases.

Get the Meredith Maxi Dress for $149 and the Turtleneck Sleeve Cape for $142.

7. Reformation

Sexy-chic style house Reformation is known for sleek lines. But it looks like this brand has followed other stores like LoveShackFancy down romance lane. Slow-fashion, eco-conscious Reformation has got the goods to connect with your Bohemian heart.

This brand carries the clothes you want to wear. They carry multiple capsules made from of-the-moment style in your size, my size, all the sizes. It seems to me like a solid reason to celebrate (by shopping.)

Get the Amelia Sweater for $228 and the Roberta Dress for $278.

8. Few Moda

Flirty, feminine Few Moda rocks some great Boho looks. The look is a little more streamlined, and definitely more everyday wearable than some stores like LoveShackFancy. This is still a brand that knows it’s style.

You’ll enjoy shopping at the online store. You absolutely love joining the Wholesale Club, especially when you see the kinds of discounts you get. The discount is the icing on an already delicious cake. Make your Bohemian Vibe a part of your daily wardrobe with unique and romantic pieces from Few Moda.

Get the Pele Dress for $136 and the Suede Trench for $108.