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12 Stores Like Forever 21 That Edgy Fashion Girls Are Lovin' Right Now



It's easy to understand why fashion girls love Forever 21. It's an endless selection of trendy fast-fashion finds available to you at affordable prices. Shopping Forever 21 online is a lot like shopping Forever 21 in the store. You can spend hours just wading through thousands of pieces of clothing, and dozens of style collections. For Forever 21, more is more and that's appealing for fashion girls that don't identify with just one style aesthetic.

Forever 21 has a little bit of everything - sexy bodycon dresses, coolwomen's signet rings, business casual jackets,cheap chunky sneakers,skinny jeansgalore,hair accessories, and evenbohemian-inspiredclothing. It's one of few retailers where you can shop thousands of pieces of clothing for any occasion from workwear to weddings.

Forever 21 may be a behemoth of a brand, but we wouldn't dare let it overshadow the fabulous fashion work that the below stores are doing. The below brands have a lot to offer and you'll love them for much of the same reasons you love Forever 21. Here's our curated list of stores like Forever 21 where you're just as likely to score the hottestbomber jackets, strappy heels, sexy jumpsuits and any other items of clothing perfect for your "baddie" outfits.

1. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal makes our list of storeslike Forever 21 as the quintessential party girl destination. The brand always carries pieces that mirror the latest trends, whether they be oversized suits or graphic bodysuits.Everything about Nasty Gal is cool-girl chic.

From its humble beginnings as an online vintage shop to its eventual acquiring by Boohoo, Nasty Gal is a renaissance fashion brand that speaks to how resilient young women truly are. And, do you know what pairs well with resilience? Sparkly mini dresses and sexy jumpsuits, that's what.

Shop Nasty Gal for everything from '90s vintage-inspired tees and denim to cute handbags and strappy sandals. Like, Forever 21 you're likely to catch a deal because it seems everything is always 50% off.

Get the Time After Time Mini Dress for $50 and the Heart Attack Balloon Organza Blouse for $35.

2. Boohoo

Boohoo is the fast-fashion destination for Instagram baddies that loveInsta-worthy ensembles. As the parent company to both Nasty Gal and Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo understands the power of reaching young fashionistas where they are and with affordable pieces that look similar to their favorite style icons.

Boohoo makes our list not only because its pieces are always on-trend, but because they also won't break the bank. It's a reasonable expectation to shop boohoo for a cocktail wardrobe refresh that won’t give your buyer’s remorse.

Have fun shopping Boohoo's size-inclusive selection of dope one-pieces,flattering culottes, strappy sandals,distressed denim jeans, and sexy pantsuits.

Get the Bright Sequin Plunge Mini Dress for $34 and the Mesh Organza Layered for $20.

3. PrettyLittleThing

PrettyLittleThing is a size-inclusive fast-fashion destination for young women who love a show-stopping outfit. They have a sizable collection of stunning pieces that look flattering on everyone's body. Not only is PrettyLittleThing the place to be for sexy yet, still, work-appropriate business casual pieces, but also pieces perfect for a night of clubbing with your girls.

PrettyLittleThing understands the power of collaborating with our favorite celebs too. Its collaboration with Ashley Graham featured the cutest animal print pieces and pieces that featured rich colors against elegant-looking materials.

PrettyLittleThing joins our list because you're equally likely to find pieces that transition from work to play, and all without emptying your wallet.

Get the Snake Point Strappy Heels for $45 and the Snake Point Strappy Sandal for $45.

4. Brandy Melville

Brandy Melvilleis the epitome of L.A. cool-girl fashion. And, they make our list because they own the style aesthetic that Forever 21 only dabbles in. For the fashion girls that identify more with a hipster look than an edgy one, Brandy Melville is a great alternative. However, unlike Forever 21, Brandy Melville doesn't offer a size-inclusive selection.

Brandy Melville's pieces are all "one-size" which is a strategy that perplexes even me. But, if your frame is the right fit for the Brandy Melville brand, you'll adore shopping theirfree-spirited grungy looksthat are as affordable as Forever 21.

Get that Cara Skirt for $26 and the Olsen Sweater for $38.

5. Urban Outfitters

No list of stores like Forever 21 would be complete withoutUrban Outfitters. The youthful hipster brand is owned by the same company asFree PeopleandAnthropologie, which means they're pros at thebohemian trendsForever 21 dips its toe in.

Shopping Urban Outfitters is an experience. In one-fell-swoop, you can buyflowing midi dresses,chic slippers,80s jeans, any number of uniquetarot card decks, and even home decor. Urban Outfitters is eclectic to the max, so if your style jam leans more hipster than edgy you'll adore shopping their selection.

Get the Briggitte Ribbed Knit Midi Dress for $160 and Out From Under Seamless Bungee Bodysuit for $29.

6. American Eagle

American Eagle is another youthful hipster brand and one of the stores like Forever 21 that fashion girls can't get enough of. While Forever 21 offers a vast selection of many style aesthetics, American Eagle focuses more on denim pieces, chunky sweaters, and essentials. In terms of price, American Eagle is slightly more expensive than Forever 21, but it's always running amazing sales where you can get its cool wears for pretty cheap.

Get the Tie Strap Suit for $60 and the Studio Ribbed Button Front T-shirt for $25.

7. Topshop

Compared to Forever 21, Topshop is an edgier fast-fashion brand that offers pieces crafted from more premium materials. Topshop is notorious for its badass leather jackets, curve-flattering Joni Jeans, and sexy cocktail dresses. And, the Topshop boutique offers even more unique high-fashion pieces that'll definitely set you apart style-wise.

Topshop's selection includes a wide range of prices, and it's always running great sales. So, you'll be able to find inexpensive and insanely cute pieces to love.

Get the Silver Point Mules for $52 and the Plunge Tie Neck Midi Dress for $75.

8. Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge joins our list as the sister brand to Topshop. While its pieces certainly feel more youthful, you'll still be able to find on-trend pieces that you can transition from business-casual work settings to nights on the town. Overall, Miss Selfridges pieces tend to feel more vintage-inspired and bohemian. So, if you love a retro aesthetic, you'll have a lot of fun exploring Miss Selfridge.

Get the Chartreuse Unlined Button Coat for $94 and the Caterina Snake Heels for $57.

9. PacSun

Like Brandy Melville, Pacsun is another full-blown L.A. cool-girl fashion brand. Its assortment veers more toward the fashion girl that loves a grunge aesthetic. If that sounds like your style jam, then you should shop Pacsun for Cali-inspired tees, mini skirts, and jackets to pair with your favoritewhite sneakers.

Get the LA Hearts Button Front Skirt for $35 and the LA Tarot Cards T-Shirt for $26.

10. Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand's brand legacy is all about denim. So, fashion girls who are in the know about where to go for quality-affordable jeans shop Lucky Brand. Its assortment doesn't end at cute jeans though, you'll love their selection of cute midi dresses, sweaters, and more.

Get the Utility Shirt for $90 and the High Rise Brigdette Skinny Jean for $99.

11. ASOS

If Forever 21 is a behemoth, thenASOSGodzilla in the world of fast-fashion. Ya know, if Godzilla were super trendy. There's just no match for ASOS's level of production.

Every day it loads hundreds and hundreds of new styles for fashionistas to sift through. If shopping is one of your favoritethings to do by yourself, then ASOS will definitely keep you busy. And, like Forever 21 its selection encompasses a wide range of style aesthetics.

You can shop ASOS for the latest from topathleisure brands, the hottest dresses, cute booties,festival outfits, inexpensive jewelry, andovernight bags- you name it.

Get the Dungeon Chunky Sneakers for $60 and the Vinyl Joggers for $67.

12. American Apparel

American Apparel joins our list of stores like Forever 21 as a fresh and funky sustainable brand. Fashion girls that love vibrant and eclectic outfits gravitate toward the cool brand. If you're familiar with other sustainable fashion brands in the industry, American Apparel feels like Reformation and Madewell had a really energetic baby. American Apparel's selection is affordable, super cute, and eco-friendly what's not to love? Shop American Apparel for unique pieces that support a more environmentally-friendly segment of the fashion industry.

Get the Vinyl Circle Skirt for $48 and the Tinsel Love Sleeve Crop Cardigan for $68.