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7 Stores Like Dolls Kill That Unleash Your Inner D.G.A.F Style



Which "doll" are you? Are you a "Mercy," the goth princess with a great affinity for all things dark, strappy and leather? What about "Willow," the bohemian free-spirited chick known for the cutest festival outfits? Or, are you a "Kandi" the fashion girl with an enduring love for all things color-rich and vibrant? These are just a few of the personas that Dolls Kill identifies in its loyal shopper base. Dolls Kill may have different style aesthetics but, they have one thing in common a no-holds-barred don't give a f*ck attitude about style and life for that matter.

For years, Dolls Kill has been a style destination for quirky fashion, sexy metallic jumpsuits, short shorts, whimsical accessories, and platform shoes. All of their curated pieces make strong style statements courtesy of the hottest goth, grunge, rave, lingerie, and techno clothing brands. Regardless of the aesthetic, Dolls Kill's collections are unapologetically edgy and often lend themselves to the cosplay crowds or anyone looking for cool Halloween looks.

Dolls Kill serves a niche of misfit fashionistas and does so in a way that no other retailer has leaned into 100%. It's often compared to the likes of Nasty Gal and other edgy fast-fashion brands. But, Dolls Kill is a brand that speaks to a diverse group of outsider shoppers while managing to tell one cohesive story. There's no other retailer exactly like Dolls Kill but there are many other stores that offer similar styles and feel. To help steer you in the right direction, we've compiled a list of stores like Dolls Kill. These are the stores you need to know about for copping the latest metallic, gothic, platformed, and free-spirited clothing.

1. Hot Topic

Hot Topic joins our list of stores like Dolls Kill as a retailer tailored toward delinquent, pop culture, and music-inspired fashion. It's one of the few brands with a popular e-commerce store that has somehow resisted the great retail collapse because it offers so much. Not only can you shop for some of the cutest goth styles but also eclectic rave clothes as well.

Hot Topic is always running really good sales that often make their clothes cheaper than Dolls Kill. And, they offer a wide range of plus size styles for curvy girls. Shop Hot Topic for everything from dope clothing to pop culture-inspired merch.

Get the Alien Tie Dye Hoodie for $35 and the Hell Bunny Prudence Burgundy Velvet Dress for $55.

2. Topshop

Topshop provides a wide range of styles that appeal to a variety of fashion preferences. They carry a lot of edgy pieces like black leather jackets, mesh tops, vegan leather pants, distressed denim, platform shoes, sequins, vintage band tees, and more. If you have a more mainstream grunge aesthetic there's nothing at Dolls Kill that you wouldn't be able to find a solid alternative at Topshop.

Topshop's prices are pretty comparable to Dolls Kill if not cheaper at times and they offer a wide range of sizes and inseam lengths. Topshop hasn't forgotten about petite and tall alternative fashion girls.

Get the Knitted Layering Ski Bodysuit for $85 and the Black Faux Leather Quilted Joggers for $75.

3. Pacsun

Compared to Dolls Kill, PacSun is the "California cool" destination for coastal grunge apparel. PacSun’s collection is very laid back and casual. If your style preference is a bit more of the bohemian festival-goer variety then PacSun will be a solid alternative for you. Shop PacSun for cute mini dresses, every platform lace-up boot ever made, and fun pop culture-inspired tees and sweaters. Not only are you in for a treat courtesy of PacSun's clothing collection, but its prices are on average way cheaper than Dolls Kill.

Get the Skeleton T-Shirt for $28 and the PacSun Belted Cargo Skirt for $47.

4. American Apparel

For "Kandi" dolls that love everything metallic, skin-tight, sexy and vibrant, you must get to know American Apparel. American Apparel perhaps has the longest legacy of sexy apparel and jaw-dropping fashion risks. Not only that, but American Apparel's clothing is affordable, well-made, and ethical. It doesn't get better.

All of the cool bodysuits, metallic leggings, pants and coats, and rainbow washed jeans are yours for the taking. Compared to Dolls Kill, American Apparel is much cheaper. And, the brand runs awesome sales all of the time so you'll be able to add pieces to your eclectic wardrobe without totally emptying your wallet.

Get the Cotton Spandex Julliard Top for $28 and the Metallic Legging for $38.

5. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is the ultimate retailer for inspired youthful fashion. They work with a lot of the same brands as Dolls Kills, but if you're looking for serious rave clothing you'll have better luck with other retailers on our list. Urban Outfitters on average is comparably priced compared to Dolls Kill if not cheaper at times. Urban Outfitters is more of a one-stop-shop. In the same online session, you can buy cool clothes, decor for your bedroom or apartment, and makeup.

Get the Hanna Rayon Scallop Babydoll Mini Dress for $49 and the Nicole Satin Tie-Front Top for $59.

6. Nasty Gal

Nasty Galmakes our list of stores like Dolls Kill as a brand it's often compared to. This was especially true during the earlier years of Nasty Gal while Sophia Amoruso was CEO. Both stores are extremely edgy and offersexy on-trend clothing. Nasty Gal carries a lot of vegan leather pieces, mesh bodysuits, metallic skirts, sheer tops, cool boots, and more.

When Boohoo acquired Nasty Gal the brand's prices were reduced greatly. So, everyday prices at Nasty Gal are usually 50% off and they even throw in additional discounts. You can get an incredible amount of clothes without handing over your entire paycheck and that's just one of many reasons you should keep Nasty Gal in mind.

Get the Born Into Trouble Distressed Denim Jeans for $28 and the We Have Our Differences Chunky Boot for $32.


ASOS carries pretty much everything. The massive British retailer is another great alternative to Dolls Kill because aside from dominatrix gothic, every other Dolls Kill shopper will find a lot to love. ASOS also carries pieces for petite, tall, and curvy fashion girls and often at much cheaper prices than Dolls Kill.

Get the Glow in the Dark Zebra Corset for $45 and the Lace Corset Midi Dress for $108.