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10 Stores Like Cotton On to Shop for the Cutest Essentials



Writing about style means I come across amazing fashion brands and super-star items. Of course, I want them all, and yes, I buy a few. What does this habit create in my closet?Statement Piece Overload.

All of a sudden every item in my closet is a diva, competing with all the others for attention.

Every once in a while, it is fun to put together an outfit that is all statement. But we can’t do that every day. I’m exhausted just thinking of it.

A wardrobe made of only statement pieces is not a wardrobe. It’s a hot mess. It’s fun to shop for the splash and flash items, but at the end of the day, I need my basics!Cotton On is heaven for basics.

The Australian company’s comfy jeans, cozy sweaters, and easy dresses are effortlessly pretty and that is exactly how you’ll feel wearing Cotton On: effortlessly pretty.

The group’s designers focus on originality and integrity in the clothes they create. This means even basics are stylish and fresh. And you don’t just feel good about wearing these clothes, you’ll feel great about choosing them. Cotton On builds sustainable production and green practices into their business.

Cotton On clothing is fun, affordable, cool, and casual. Many pieces have an easy, boho feel. Shopping the online store is a fun experience too. Scroll through clean white pages, hover over images for alternate views, heart your faves and click to follow suggested trends like “Disney,” “Gifts that Give,” and “Mom Jeans.”

Fun, fresh basics are life at Cotton On but don’t think I’m going to leave you looking at just one store. Every piece in your capsule is important. You need options, right? Here are 10 more stores like Cotton On to elevate your entire wardrobe.

1. Everlane

Everlane is Queen of no-nonsense modern basics. Of all the stores like Cotton On, Everlane offers the best of sustainable, ethical, understated, and gorgeous minimalist-chic clothing. Everlane never pushes business as usual shopping on you.

They have completely hacked the way we shop by offering small-batch items that are constantly rebuilt according to customer feedback. Their prices are affordable, in their words, “radically transparent,” and style-wise, always worth it.

Get the cashmere t-shirt for $90 and the slim wool pant for $115.

2. Frank And Oak

Another great purveyor of ethical basics, Frank And Oak ships colorful, cute basics you can be proud to wear. Many shops like Cotton On have a super online shopping experience. At Frank And Oak, moving between their website and their Insta is like hunting through a candy bowl.

Prices at Frank And Oak are surprisingly reasonable for the quality of styles and diversity of texture you have to choose from.

Get the Nina wide-legged jean for $90 and the organic fleece crewneck for $70.

3. American Apparel

The American Apparel brand is the actual definition of cool, affordable basics. I love the clean and easy to navigate website and models with real bodies. You can definitely find the comfy, boho look shared by stores like Cotton On, and you can mix and match those pieces with other more preppy or vintage looks.

American Apparel is well known for low prices and are-you-kidding-me sales so you can keep searching #AASelfie and build your best basic capsule.

Get the terry halter top for $14 and the corduroy skirt overall for $27.

4. Urban Outfitters

Our friends from Philly, Urban Outfitters still rocks the same daring vibe it did when it started out as a college assignment in 1970. Urban Outfitters is more than a store for basics, as with all stores like Cotton On, it is a lifestyle. Build your basics wardrobe while exploring the textures and trends that come together under the Urban Outfitters brand.

Get the Leona pocket sweater for $49 and the Reebok sneaker for $80.

5. Universal Standard

I remember the first time I saw the Universal Standard website. I cried. The brand is loaded with fun, colorful, basics and the most beautifully inclusive collection of models I have still yet to see. The designers behind Universal Standard have made their goal into their name.

To paraphrase their about me page, they want to see all women get the same level of style, quality, and respect from their shopping experience. Guess what else you get: Badass basics and prices comparable to stores like Cotton On.

Get the side-tie dress for $120 and the V-Rex T for $60.

6. Pact

Tired of unsustainable fast fashion? Dream of getting cozy, guilt-free? Here is Pact to wrap you in organic basics that will next-level your lounge-day wardrobe. The Boulder, Colorado-based company guarantees both fit and fair trade.

Sustainably minded as any stores like Cotton On, Pact offers conscious comfort to your body and your debit card.

Get the raw edge henley for $45 and the pocket legging for $35.

7. Reformation

I mean, I’m okay with a little extra glam, even when it comes to basics. Reformation is here to celebrate your body and make the clothes you want to be wearing right now. Reformation focuses on gorgeous fashion from sustainably made fabrics.

The look is luxe, slightly vintage and the prices are on the higher range. But dang, it’s all so pretty; the quality and ethical practices make it worth it.

Get the Minnie Top for $78 and the Star Jean for $148.


Cute clothes and girl power rule at ABLE. You’ll find the same types of boho, feminine basics at ABLE as you find in many stores like Cotton On. You’ll the colors, textures, and trends you want. And you’ll find a reason to keep shopping.

From their website, “ABLE is an ethical fashion brand that employs and empowers women as a solution to end poverty.” Their Twitter feed encourages all companies to be open about pay and to publish their lowest wage. Be honest, that’s rad.

Get the Carolina Sweetie Tee for $24 and the Mina Jacket for $148.


I love ALL my clothes, but I could wear DSTLD all day. That pared-down vibe, those just right lines, all that cashmere is sometimes all I want from my world. If only I could head-to-toe the boyfriend in the Men’s line, that world would be complete.

Brands like Cotton On focus on style and ethics which is exactly what the DSTLD brand is about. The brand is working to make both prices and practices sustainable for all of us.

Get the cashmere v-neck for $125 and the low-rise skinny jeans for $95.

10. Girlfriend Collective

Hey there, you dolphin loving, turtle hugging, ocean baby, you. The most amazing thing has happened, and it’s got your name all over it. Girlfriend Collective has found a way to take plastic out of the ocean and make amazingly beautiful athletic wear from it.

Check this out. Stores similar to Cotton On are all about caring for our planet in some way. Girlfriend Collective will have you saving the oceans, one pair of leggings at a time, and looking fabulous while you are doing it.

Get the 1in8 tie-dye tee for $48 and the high-rise leggings for $68.