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10 Stores Like Brandy Melville That Cool California Girls Totally Love



Brandy Melville is the elusive California cool-girl clothing brand that would rather show than tell. As a brand, it feels distinctly laid-back as if to say there’s nothing more important than chill times. And, shopping Brandy Melville online is a lot like stumbling into the most popular vintage store in Cali. You can spend a considerable amount of time sorting through their pieces that are all one-size and that are perfect for days spent on the boardwalk or beach.

Unlike other fashion aesthetics, it was quite the task finding other stores quite like Brandy Melville. To make our list, they really needed to nail Brandy Melville’s vintage-inspired and subdued-costal style. Still, the overachievers that we are, we managed to deliver you a list of stores that can serve as solid alternatives to Brandy Melville’s charm. Check out the best list of stores like Brandy Melville and get ready to shop styles made for the girls with a DGAF attitude.

1. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters tops our list of stores like Brandy Melville as their fresh boho designs feel very similar. Like Brandy Melville, you can find the shortest of shorts, band tees, and vintage-inspired short skirts perfect for pairing with tall socks and white sneakers. Not only are Urban Outfitter's pieces spot-on with Brandy Melville, but so are the prices. Brandy Melville's items are beyond affordable

Unlike Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters carries sizes that range from XS to XL, they have physical stores in pretty much every major city, and they also carry a line of Urban Renewal pieces that are authentic vintage finds. So, Urban Outfitters is a little like Brandy Melville on steroids when it comes to inclusivity and breadth of variety.

Get the *NSYNC It’s Gonna Be Me T-Shirt Dress for $39 and the Girlfriend High Rise Denim Shorts for $49.

2. Forever 21

Forever 21 joins our list of stores like Brandy Melville because of their incredible selection of basics and styles that appeal to a youthful audience. You can easily find similar crop tops, short shorts, and vintage-inspired tees that Brandy Melville has made its name with. However, like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 offers these styles in a wider range of sizes including plus size. And, they do so at prices that rival Brandy Melville. Also, you can find a Forever 21 in most American cities if you need to try something on before you buy.

Get the Satin Floral Print Cami for $15 and the Belted Paperbag Ankle Jeans for $30.

3. American Eagle

American Eagle easily captures that same free-spiritedness of Brandy Melville. Their collection of tops feature everything from tiny tanks to tomboy-inspired plaid shirts and hoodies. Their dress collection is full of flowing-floral printed mini dresses perfect for an afternoon ride on your vintage bike. And, their jeans are ripped to shreds. American Eagle nails Brandy Melville's DGAF aesthetic.

Still, American Eagle breaks from Brandy Melville in many ways. First, unlike Brandy Melville's signature one size fits all selection, American Eagle is incredibly size-inclusive. Not only does their standard assortment range from XXS to XXL but they also just launched a line of jeans for curvy girls with big butts and small waists.

Like Urban Outfitters, American Eagle expands its brand to include home decor for your apartment and a men's line as well. Price-wise American Eagle is right in line with Brandy Melville with most items costing anywhere between $15-$80. The Brandy Melville shopper has nothing to lose and everything to gain by shopping American Eagle as well.

Get the Striped Cropped Boyfriend Denim Jacket for $60 and the Tiered Babydoll Dress for $50.

4. Pacsun

If Brandy Melville is "California cool" then Pacsun is "California cool on a skateboard." Pacsun's collections are actually curated in L.A. which is why their selection feels so Cali-youth. That also explains why you can shop Brandy Melville at PacSun.

The Brandy Melville girl can find a ton of pieces they're bound to fall in love with from babydoll dresses made for layering to Doc Martens. Pac Sun truly has it all. Like Brandy Melville, Pacsun's prices are affordable for the teen with pieces costing $20 on the low end and about $180 on the high end. Pac Sun also offers a line of clothing for men and partners with brands like Kendall and Kylie, Mink Pink, and Lottie Moss to bring you the latest and greatest.

Get the Lottie Moss Tie Back Halter Top for $25 and the Kendall and Kylie Button Leggings for $40.

5. American Apparel

American Apparel is one of the world's largest manufacturers of ethically-made basic apparel which means they know how to make affordable clothing in-house. That said, American Apparel really pushes the limit of style and we love it. You can find everything at American Apparel from sexy mesh bras to holographic bodysuits.

American Apparel is an experience. It's a smorgasbord of style and only the daring Brandy Melville lover will cross over. American Apparel carries styles perfect for beach bums and night owls alike with a mix of bright basic and sleek leggings made for strutting.

Get the Disco Shorts for $54 and the High-Waist Jean for $78.

6. Boohoo

Boohoo joins our list of stores like Brandy Melville as a destination for fast-fashion pieces that are always on-trend and always especially inexpensive. Shop Boohoo for everything from sexy dresses and strappy stilettos to vacation-wear.

Get the Lemonade Slogan T-Shirt for $10 and the Chunky Sole Lace Up Trainers for $25.

7. Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand's legacy is all about denim and their humble beginnings are rooted in the L.A. scene which is where they began crafting their vintage-inspired jeans. Fast forward a couple of decades and Lucky Brand has grown immensely, offering a full selection of casual wear for both women and men.

Lucky Brand easily makes our list of stores like Brandy Melville due to the effortless Cali-feel of their styles. Where Lucky Brand differs is its expanded offering. Beyond coastal-inspired dresses and skirts, Lucky Brand also offers a vast selection of denim, menswear, plus-sized clothing, shoes, and home goods.

Get the Kira Skirt for $119 and the Dakota Ruffle Sleeve Top for $80.

8. J Brand

J brand's aesthetic is very "California cool-cowgirl." Like Brandy Melville, J brand carries a much smaller assortment of clothing versus the other stores on this list. However, unlike Brandy Melville, J brand is all about sustainable denim and leather.

Shop J brand for an intense selection of jeans in every fit imaginable and the coolest leather pieces you've ever seen, like this black leather blazer. I mean, come on!

Get the Lillie High-Rise Cropped Skinny Jeans for $268 and the Elsa Saturday Jeans for $268.

9. Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge is a British high street store brand focused on the young shopper. Like Brandy Melville, Miss Selfridge enjoys staying below the radar. And by that, I mean that although they're owned by the Arcadia Group, they let their loyal shoppers and styles do the talking for them.

The Brandy Melville shopper will adore Miss Selfridge for its take on vintage-inspired threads at affordable prices.

Get the Nude Dobby Tiered Midi Dress for $79 and the Nude Check Utility Shirt for $55.

10. ASOS

No list of retailers is ever complete without ASOS, and ASOS would like to keep it that way. ASOS, as a brand, literally carries every item of clothing known to wo-man, in a wide range of sizes, and in a wide range of prices from inexpensive to premium.

If you love Brandy Melville, you'll love ASOS for their selection of basics and bohemian-inspired dresses. But, if you want to branch out more to wear pieces that are sleeker, sexier, or business-like ASOS has you covered there too.

Get the Oversized Straw Hat for $45 and The Lion King Sunset Shorts for $32.