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11 Stores Like Anthropologie That Are Just As Bohemian & Deserve Your Attention



I think I’m beginning to understand the magnetism I and millions of others feel towards bohemian clothing. Yes, boho fashion is comfortable and pretty, but at its core, you can’t get a boho style look wrong. It’s just really really difficult to mess up. And, a boho look is strong. It easily dominates any outfit, bending other pieces to its will. For example, if you pair an edgy cropped leather jacket with a bohemian maxi dress, you haven’t lost any of the bohemian feel, in fact, the edgy jacket just made the look more bohemian.

A boho aesthetic won’t allow you to make a mistake and I’m convinced it becomes a lifestyle because it simply won’t have it any other way. Once you allow boho clothing into your closet it will slowly push out your other items of clothing. That old bodycon dress will just have to find another home!

So, since you’re blissfully trapped in the wonderfully whimsical world of bohemian outfitters you might as well add some variety to your closet, yes? Of course, the answer is “yes!” Okay cool, so check out these retailers that we scoured the internet to find for you. You’ll get a taste of what they have to offer as well as their general price points. Alright, enough chit chat, here are 11 stores like Anthropologie for you to play in that are equally bohemian and deserve your attention.

1. Staud

Staud makes the list of stores like Anthropologie because their styles are equal parts whimsy and detailed. In fact, when it comes to wardrobe staples, Staud goes “all in” by crafting pieces that can be mixed or matched for an eternity. Their items check all the boxes for your essentials yet they have this understated sexuality that feels quite powerful.

The seemingly timeless flair they capitalize on makes them the perfect one-stop-shop for a high-end time capsule wardrobe, especially if you discover that time capsule after a high-power meeting, at the beach, and during a mushroom trip. That last part was technically their words not mine! You’ve got to love a brand that really understands itself!

Get the Fleur Dress for $375 and the Scoti Jumpsuit for $355.

2. Free People

Our list of Stores like Anthropologie would not be complete without Free People, I mean come on! Its inclusion both makes sense from a style and business standpoint as Free People is a part of the URBN brand portfolio which includes Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. In short, these folks and their brand collective eat, sleep, and breathe “boho.”

Where Anthropologie often goes bohemian-chic, leaning towards a more polished feel, Free People delivers a more casual boho experience. Their use of more comfortable industrial materials to create their ethereal-flowing silhouettes means they flawlessly deliver on their bohemian promise, but in a way that feels effortless to the wearer.

Get the Twyla Top at for $78 and the Margate Pleated Trousers for $98.

3. Reformation

Reformation’s popularity has exploded in the last couple of years and it’s easy to understand why. There’s a real thirst right now for sustainable style that feels essential but with unique prints and feminine designs.

Technically, Reformation is fast-fashion but not in the traditional sense of copying designer pieces with lower quality fabrics. Instead, they craft their pieces from sustainable fabrics in a month or less and their styles are all their own.

Reformation touts itself as making pieces that we “want to wear right now” so all of their seasonal transitions are extremely fresh and on-trend. What’s more, they invest a lot of resources into ensuring their pieces fit everyone properly. No matter the height, waist, or cup size, if you buy a piece of clothing from Reformation you can expect that it fits as expected.

Get the Nina Top for $148 and Roxy Jean for $98.

4. Planet Blue

Planet Blue graces our list of stores like Anthropologie as a bohemian chic brand that feels very similar to Urban Outfitters but really leaning into its sexy-beachy designs. If you’re a Cali-girl at heart, or literally a Cali-girl, you’ve either heard of Planet Blue or you should. You’ll love their selection of styles that inspire feelings of wanderlust and spontaneity. Their designs are perfect for beach strolls or a lighted roof-top night of dancing with a cocktail in each hand. As a brand, Planet Blue just feels FUN and we’re always on the market for more fun.

Get the Ara Maxi Skirt for $170 and the Parker Jumpsuit for $188.

5. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters makes the list as a fellow bohemian powerhouse. It’s part of the same brand collective as Anthropologie but offers more affordable pricing and more fun, edgy, and youthful styles. Style-wise, you can shop everything from flowy dresses to edgier pieces.

Like Anthropologie, they make a little bit of everything, from clothing to jewelry to home decor. Yet while Anthropologie seeks to outfit your home, Urban Outfitters wants to help you lay out your apartment. See what they did there? Every move they make is so deliciously on-brand.

Urban Outfitters wants to be your chosen retailer for all that’s “boho” and “urban” and it’s hard not to give in. A retailer that can perfectly deliver on profanity-laced phone cases, a big coffee table book o’ sex, tarot cards, or dope gladiator sandals simultaneously is a gem in my book.

Get the Kimchi Blue Garden Party Top for $59 and the Molly Culotte Jumpsuit for $79.

6. & Other Stories

Quickly becoming my favorite retailer to both shop and recommend, & Other Stories nails a very classy bohemian style. Their pieces can transition from work-appropriate to festival ready and that’s quite the feat to nail. Frankly, it’s genius.

& Other Stories brand strategy is actually pretty unique, they make it very clear that their styles fit into one of three verticals: L.A., Parisian, or Scandinavian.

While they take style influence from different parts of the world, their overall feel is cohesive and authentically boho. Their Parisian style inspiration seeks to “reinvent the romantic essence of the iconic French girl.” Their L.A. inspiration aims to “capture the California girls confidence, creativity, and way of life” and finally their Stockholm Scandinavian “reveal[s] a contemporary take on the Scandinavian soul. It’s safe to say that whatever they mean by all of that, it sounds really cool, amirite?

Get the Red Leather Lace Up Sandals for $79 and the Flowy Satin Midi Skirt for $79.

7. Few Moda

The bohemian style scene may be monopolized by the likes of Anthropologie and company but Few Moda isn’t rolling over. Few Moda feels like a combination of Zara, Lulus, and Free People, making it the perfect addition to this list. This California-based brand stands strong in their space and really hones in on a style that feels like Anthropologie and Reformation had the most stunning baby, ya know?

If you take a deep dive into all they carry, you’ll find everything from chic denim, lush blazers, flattering blouses, to bridal dresses.

Get Estella Dress for $118 and the Trisah Wide Leg Denim Pants for $123.

8. Mango

With a style aesthetic befitting of their name, Mango creates pieces that are the “essence of Mediterranean style with a contemporary twist.” In short, their style inspiration is 100 percent boho but with really rich colors that invigorate their simplistic designs. And, therein lies the beauty of Mango, because pieces you buy from them NEVER go out of style. They aren’t chasing the latest trend. Mango stays in its own lane and we as shoppers get the benefit of timelessly designed clothing that feels like good investments.

Mango’s popularity allowed them to expand their reach into plus size collections, as well as men’s and children’s collections. They want to make sure everyone in your home is at the height of their style game and that’s a mission I can get behind.

Get the Pleated Midi Dress for $80 and the metal ring set for $16.

9. Pixie Market

Pixie Market has earned its spot on our list of stores like Anthropologie by claiming their spot as a more premium alternative with clean and classic designs. The designs of this New York City-based brand are perfect for the woman who’s a powerhouse in the boardroom but moonlights as a pixie dream girl in her spare time.

Pixie Market’s entire brand mission is for perfect strangers to stop you on the street and compliment your outfit, and they’ve nailed it. I adore any brand that is this dedicated to girl-on-girl style love-fests.

Get the Beige Silky Scarf Blouse for $106 and the Black Cross Over Denim Skirt for $99.

10. American Eagle

American Eagle is experiencing a quiet renaissance by being one of the few brands with a legacy of logo-based designs to survive society’s shift away from logos. It was a difficult transition for so many brands as overnight sewing your patch to a polo shirt for a premium price went out of style. But, American Eagle weathered the storm and seems to have found a place in the boho space somewhere between Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. Their styles feel youthful and uber casual but they’re also incredibly affordable. I fully expect American Eagle to continue to flourish as more people begin to discover their new and fresh identity. 2019 American Eagle definitely feels “at home” in our list of stores like Anthropologie.

Get the Smocked Crop Top for $25 and the Button Front Wrap Maxi Dress for $60.

11. Forever 21

While Forever 21 is certainly geared towards affordable fast-fashion it makes our list of stores like Anthropologie because you’ll still find a nice selection of bohemian styles under $50. I have no idea why anyone would ever feel guilty for splurging boho, but if you’re the sort who succumbs to the pressure Forever 21 can be your guilt-free Anthropologie alternative.

Get the Button Front Wrap Dress for $35 and the Open Toe Stiletto Heels for $28.