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Stores Like & Other Stories That Are Serving Up More Looks To Love



Lately, the fashion industry has fallen all over itself to court the minimal-effortless style shopper and & Other Stories is a prime example of that trend. Based in Stockholm, Sweden this sustainable retailer is a sub-brand of H&M and its timely answer to URBN's Free People.

H&M is most notable for affordable fast-fashion that appeals to a younger generation. But, now, with & Other Stories, they can reach a more mature millennial boho shopper who wants high-quality minimal and timeless pieces.

Although the contemporary style space is crowding, shopping & Other Stories still feels like a unique experience. Browsing its website is akin to walking into a hidden gem of a coastal boutique. It feels very open and airy; and, it’s all due to their unique style strategy.

Whether you gravitate toward comfortable bohemian, bright and vibrant, or sleek-minimalist apparel, & Other Stories has your back (and front, and sides).

That said, where contemporary style is concerned, there are so many more stores and brands to explore. To make your life a bit easier, we've gathered all of the stores like & Other Stories that will appeal to your style senses.

1. Staud

Staud is a high-end alternative to & Other Stories that carries both contemporary and avant-garde pieces. Founded by Sara Staudinger, the independently owned L.A. based brand embraces a southern European style aesthetic. This European influence plays out in design elements like balloon sleeves, rich-Mediterranean color choices and details that really feel premium.

Compared to & Other Stories, Staud appeals to a mature millennial shopper with a significantly higher budget. Most of their pieces fall into a range of $85-$400 per item. So, for the average shopper, Staud is a style destination for extremely unique dresses, bags, sets, belts, and shoes.

Get the Haricot Pant for $245 and the Staud Melanie Mule for $350.

2. Mango

Mango joins our list of stores like & Other Stories for its wide variety of contemporary styles. Mango's brand identity can be described as timeless and Mediterranean with a Spanish influence and they owe it all to their roots. Mango's been making its own rules as an independent brand and bringing Mediterranean fast-fashion to the masses for the last thirty years.

Their highly coveted signature designs feature high-quality fresh-white linens, earth tones, bright colors, floral prints, and flowing silhouettes. Compared to & Other Stories they're pretty affordable. Most of their pieces fall into the $20-$100 range, so you get to refine your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

In terms of size offering, Mango carries sizes XXS-L in their standard collection and they just launched their Violeta by Mango plus sized brand to extend their amazing designs to everyone.

For the mature millennial, Mango is the place to shop for contemporary style dress and chic tops with effortless silhouettes.

Get the Pleated Midi Skirt for $80 and the Satin Tie Dress for $120.

3. Pixie Market

Pixie Market is a key alternative to & Other Stories as a fast-fashion brand that specializes in contemporary classics, crips-bold pieces, and chic-minimal styles.

Independently-owned Pixie Market owes its pseudo-humble beginnings to New York, having started as an NYC boutique. Now, based in L.A. the fashion-forward brand is in the clothing manufacturing epicenter of America. This is arguably what helps them get us mature albeit impatient millennials the styles we love.

Compared to & Other Stories, Pixie Market is slightly more expensive, with most of their pieces falling into the $50-$180 range. They're most notable for their selection of beautiful basics, slip dresses, faux furs, shoes, and swimwear. And, for the everyday shopper, Pixie Market is a go-to destination for unique tops, whimsical dresses, and chic trousers.

Ge the Corduroy Belted Dress for $112 and the Off The Shoulder Cardigan for $114.

4. Need Supply Co.

Like & Other Stories, Need Supply offers a unique shopping experience for their minimal-chic pieces. Shopping Need Supply truly feels special as they work with designers like Nanushka, Stelen, Stine Goya, and Rachel Comey to bring mature millennials the greatest in high-end fashion.

As a Brand, the independent Virginia-based retailer owes its success to selling vintage Levi's in '96 then opening in 2008 for worldwide shipping. And, the rest, as "they" say, is history.

Need Supply offers a selection that fits every budget with pieces priced anywhere from $38-$600. Size-wise, you'll be able to get your hands on sizes XS-L.

While they mostly carry dresses, denim, bags, shoes, and beauty, Need Supply is totally your go-to destination for anything wearable and unique.

Get the Amber Floral Print Dress for $379 and the Zadie Feather Circle Tote for $350.

5. Reformation

Reformation is the place to be for mature millennials looking for sustainable, versatile, and chic basics but also effortlessly feminine dresses.

While most retailers capitalize on fast-fashion, Reformation spends 12-18 months designing pieces and ensuring proper fit before releasing new collections. Reformation is independently-owned, and they operate their sustainable factory out of L.A.

Like & Other Stories, their pricing is quite affordable so you won't need to empty your wallet do refresh your closet.

In terms of size offering, Reformation provides impeccably tailored pieces that range from XXS - XL in tops and 00-12 in pants.

Reformation owes much of its brand reverence to its incredible dresses, but their denim, new shoe collection, and bridal wear are top-notch as well.

Get the Marine Jean for $128 and the Macey Bodysuit for $68.

6. Finery London

Finery London joins our list of stores like & Other Stories as a retailer you may not have previously heard of. As a brand, their name says it all, because Finery London is a high-street contemporary classic style house out of the U.K.

In contrast to & Other Stories, Finery London is a more expensive premium retailer. Their current selection features dresses, jumpsuits, skirts & trousers but the & Other Stories lover would gravitate the most toward their contemporary dresses.

Get the Lisson Printed Satin Wrap Skirt for $129 and the Sabine Yellow Print Dress for $215.

7. Amour Vert

Like so many other brands on our list, Amour Vert focuses their brand identity on sustainability. Still, while other brands prioritize recycling and waste-reduction Amour Vert goes a step further and plants a tree for every tee shoppers purchase. Their passion for the environment is evidenced by their name as Amour Vert literally means "Green Love" in French.

The independently-owned San Francisco based brand carries styles that fit any mature millennial budget. Most of their pieces fall somewhere between $38 for their essential tops to $300 for shoes.

In terms of selection, Amour Vert carries everything and even offers collections of LBD, silk essentials and maternity wear. Still, the & Other Stories’ shopper will find great affinity with their comfortable-contemporary dresses.

Get the Coclico James Pump for $365 and the Rikkie Blouse for $138.

8. Few Moda

Few Moda makes our list of stores like & Other Stories as a contemporary-chic alternative. They honestly feel like Reformation, Zara, and Lulus had a deep hue, moody, floral printed baby.

The independently owned retailer appeals to the younger millennial with their collection of sexy dresses, chic blouses, shoes, bags, bridal and more. You can find pieces you love in sizes XS-XL for tops and dresses and 0-14 for pants.

The & Other Stories’ shopper will find Few Moda's pricing comparable if not a smidge higher and would likely adore their selection of dresses.

Get the Bushwick Velvet Pants for $92 and the Meserole Top for $113.

9. Free People

Free People has a lot in common with & Other Stories. For starters, both are owned by behemoth retail brands. While Free People falls under the URBN umbrella, & Other Stories is owned by H & M. Both brands offer a bohemian-chic aesthetic at mid-tier prices.

If I had to guess, & Other Stories is totally H&M's answer to compete with URBN and Free People. That said, like & Other Stories, Free People appeals to the mature millennial with contemporary styles that feel effortless on.

The & Other Stories' shopper is looking to venture out would totally fall in love with Free People's skirts, jumpsuits, and trousers.

Get the Naomi Jumpsuit for $80 and the Steph Set for $108.

10. Anthropologie

If Free People is a mid-tier boho-chic brand then style-wise Anthropologie is its older sister. While both Free People and Anthropologie are owned by URBN Anthropologie is definitely set apart as a premium design brand that carries everything from clothing, to bridal via its sub-brand BLHDN, to furniture.

Compared to & Other Stories, expect to spend considerably more at Anthropologie for their collection of dresses, sweater, trousers and bohemian culottes, jewelry and more.

Get the Geometric Hair Clip Set for $22 and the Cargo Harem Pants for $120.

11. Nobody’s Child

Nobody's Child is another retail brand you likely haven't heard of before. The sustainable fast-fashion online store offers a limited selection of affordable casual-boho and vintage-inspired looks.

Their story is a lot like Amour Vert as they're a sustainable fast-fashion brand for the conscious shopper. Nobody's Child focuses their sustainability efforts on upcycling materials, which means reusing all of their leftover materials from previous seasons.

Compared to & Other Stories, the U.K. based brand is considerably cheaper with pieces in their limited selection ranging from $30-$50.

The style of their dresses, tops, skirts, and essentials appears to target the younger Millennial and Gen Y age group. So, the & Other Stories shopper would likely find the greatest affinity with their dresses.

Get the Natural Bella Linen Crop Top for $22 and the Khaki Animal Harper Midi Dress for $39.

12. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters rounds out our list of Stores Like & Other Stories. As a brand, it shares similarities with many stores we're covering. Like Free People and Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters is a brand beneath the URBN umbrella. Like Nobody's Child, their style really targets that younger millennial/ Gen Y age group. Still, that's not to say the & Other Stories' lover won't find much to love at Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters tends to be less expensive than & Other Stories with items ranging anywhere between $20-$130. Urban Outfitters' vast selection includes urban-chic dresses, edgy band tees, and super cute sandals perfect for mixing and matching with items from & Other Stories.

Get the Checkered Chiffon Puff Sleeve Blouse for $69 and the Molly Culotte Jumpsuit for $79.