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10 Stores Like American Eagle That Inspired Trendsetters Need To Know



American Eagle is the quintessential retailer for hip younger millennials and Gen Zers. It's the perfect place to find every style of jean ever made, comfy basics and trendy boho wear. Whatever that look is that you want to achieve, American Eagle has the pieces you'll need.

Style lovers appreciate American Eagle for its commitment to being a fun, hip, vibrant, and conscious brand. I'd swear that all of their most recent campaigns involve music, parties, dancing, and everything that feels youthful. In fact, in July of 2019, American Eagle launched a collaborative collection with Lil Wayne. AE x Young Money launched August 10th and was replete with graphic tees, tie-dye shirts, hoodies, and everything that's ideal skater-ware.

Even though American Eagle's inventory and collection of sister brands carries every piece of clothing the "it" girl could want. There comes a time when you may seek a different flavor without a total departure from everything that makes American Eagle cool. In that event, we’ve done the work in curating you stores you definitely need to know.

If you love American Eagle, then you'll totally love these stores for their fun vibes, trendy designs, massive denim jeans collections, and more.

1. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters makes our list of stores like American Eagle as the retailer it has most in common with. In addition a wide range of styles for the young millennial and Gen Z-er, Urban Outfitters offers dope apartment, dorm decor, and lifestyle accessories.

Shop Urban Outfitters for cute boho dresses, chunky sneakers, and vintage-inspired jeans but also for record players and polaroid cameras. Prices and styles are very similar to American Eagle. But, Urban Outfitters totally surpasses American Eagle with their frequent, awesome, and generous sales. I'll happily save 50% on my whole basket for the hell of it.

Get the Rhionne Sheer Mesh Mock Neck Top for $59 and the Zoey Seamless V-Neck Crop Top for $34.

2. Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand's legacy brand originates from their vintage-inspired denim collection but that's not all they have to offer. In addition to expertly crafted denim ware, they also have an incredible selection of cute bohemian-inspired dresses and casual basics.

Lucky Brand makes our list of stores like American Eagle due to its coastal-inspired dresses and skirts, a vast selection of denim, a men's collection, shoes, and home goods.

Get the Crew Neck Printed Tee for $24 and the Queen Animal Tee for $24.

3. Forever 21

Forever 21 is a standard alternative for American Eagle shoppers. If you love American Eagle for its assortment of modern grunge styles and size-inclusive clothing collections, then you'll love Forever 21 as well. Still, Forever 21 has its own charm.

Forever 21 is often cheaper than American Eagle and frequently runs aggressive sales. Also, Forever 21 appeals to a wider range of styles that American. Forever 21 can be your destination for vintage-inspired band tees and form-fitting bodycon dresses alike.

Get the V-Neck Thong Bodysuit for $15 and the Distressed Denim Overalls for $35.

4. PacSun

While American Eagle is the place to shop for hip on-trend clothing, PACSUN is the destination for distinctly coastal trends. PACSUN’s styles feel very laid back yet very feminine which makes their pieces perfect for achieving that effortless style look. Shop Pacsun for trendy casual wear that's also trendy, comfy basics, and bohemian-inspired clothing that's very "California cool."

Compared to American Eagle, PACSUN's prices are similar but their selections is smaller and more streamlined.

Get the Lottie Moss Basic Slip Mini Dress for $35 and the Cable Knit Sweater for $47.

5. American Apparel

Since American Apparel's re-entry into the fashion world, they've been on a steady upward trajectory. American Apparel is the prototypical brand for the cool free-spirited girl. American Eagle shoppers love American Apparel for the high-quality basic items it's known for. But, also for its cool prints and temporary collections of high-energy metallic colors and skin-tight pieces.

American Apparel carries sizes from XS to XXL and their prices average $15-$70. So, the American Eagle shopper is sure to find affordable pieces they love.

Get the High-Waist Jean for $78 and the Crossback Slip Dress for $17.


They're so much to love about ASOS because they literally carry every style of every clothing item known to wo-man. So, they make our list of stores like American Eagle simply because they must. Any style you love at American Eagle you can likely find and ASOS and with just as affordable pricing.

The American Eagle lover shops ASOS for a wide variety of styles, in a wide range of sizes, and often incredibly affordable prices. If you love American Eagle, you'll adore ASOS, and what they have to offer.

Get the Floral Print Maxi Tea Dress for $76 and the Direct Chunky Sneakers for $56.

7. Wildfox

Like PACSUN, Wildfox is another "California cool" retail brand to be added to our list of stores like American Eagle. Where American Eagle stocks a wide variety of on-trend clothes, Wildfox's niche is retro-vintage inspired branded-basics

Unlike American Eagle, Wildfox is quite pricey with average prices ranging between $60-$110 an item. Also, Wildfox's size selection is more limited, and not very curvy-girl friendly. Still, if you have the budget, you'll come away with some unique ultra-comfortable pieces that'll last you a lifetime.

Get the Tri Contrast Roadtrip Sweatshirt for $118 and the Pool Party Shorts for $68.

8. Miss Selfridge

Much like American Eagle, Miss Selfridge is the U.K's style destination for hip British youth. Although they're London-based, they ship worldwide, so you can get your hands on pieces you love just as easily.

Miss Selfridge offers grunge, edgy, and bohemian-inspired pieces that are quite affordable. And, their collection includes dresses, blouses, trousers, culottes, shoes and accessories to complete your look.

Compared to American Eagle, Miss Selfridge's tops and dresses run U.S. sizes 0 -14 and their trousers run sizes 0-12. The American Eagle shopper can expect to spend about the same at Miss Selfridge with items averaging $20-$70 per piece.

Get the Neutral Check Pleated Skirt for $68 and the Yellow City Shorts for $29.

9. Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville definitely makes our list of stores like American Eagle with their affordable, vintage-inspired designs that feel very grunge and coastal. However, unlike American Eagle, all of Brandy Melville's pieces fall into a size category of one-size-fits-all (which is in no way true). Essentially, they only carry one size in all of their clothes and if you can't fit what they have to offer then you're S.O.L.

If you're teeny and love inexpensive vintage-inspired threads then you'll love shopping Brandy Melville.

Get the Addison Jeans for $38 and The Doors Japan Top for $28.

10. Nobody’s Child

Nobody's Child is a retail brand you likely haven't heard of before today. The sustainable fast-fashion online retailer carries a limited selection of affordable casual, boho, and vintage-inspired pieces.

Much like American Eagle, The style of their dresses, tops, skirts, and essentials targets the younger Millennial and Gen Z age group. So, the American Eagle shopper would likely find a lot of pieces to love.

Compared to & American Eagle, the U.K. based retail brand is much cheaper with items priced $30-$50 but their size range is quite limited.

Get the Black and Red Floral Midi Skirt for $32 and the Black Star Sharona Jumpsuit for $39.