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Side Hustle Diaries: I'm A Disney YouTube Vlogger

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Emily Nelson is a YouTube Vlogger based out of Orlando, FL. She participates in the Disney College Program there which lends itself to her popular YouTube channel "Emily Enchanted." Emily's dedication to her side hustle has garnered her over thirty-five thousand followers and counting. I had the chance to catch up with Emily to learn more about her hustle as a vlogger and here's what she had to say:

emily enchanted

JC: I want to know about your journey to becoming a successful vlogger with a massive and growing following! How did you get into vlogging, exactly?

EE: I’ve always loved YouTube! Ever since the television show “iCarly” came out, I realized I had a passion for YouTube and video blogging! A few years down the road, I discovered the Disney College Program vlogs, and that’s when I knew I had to vlog during my time in the Disney College Program! It really combines my two favorite things, Disney and blogging.

JC: Do you have a lot of experience with editing and filmmaking? Or, was it just a creative endeavor that you happen to be really great at?

EE: I really have zero experience! Growing up, I would make a lot of home movies on iMovie but that’s about it!

JC: How has the growth of your channel affected you? Did you ever think this would happen? (Congratulations, by the way!)

EE: I never thought it would happen! Of course, I’d always hoped for great success when I started my channel, but it became bigger than I ever imagined!

JC: What are your goals with your vlog, now that you really have a specific brand and excited and loyal followers? Are you interested in filmmaking or the film industry at all?

EE: I would love to just continue my channel! After I finish my Disney College Program, I would love to still make Disney-themed videos, or even just create everyday lifestyle videos! I’ve never thought about going into filmmaking, however, I’ve always wanted to be an actress in film, so possibly pursuing that from my YouTube channel!

JC: Has your dedication to vlogging changed your daily routine? It must take a lot of time to both film and edit, as well as respond to viewers and such.

EE: It definitely takes a lot out of me! I am constantly editing, vlogging, and now also keeping up with my Instagram, too! My amount of free time has significantly decreased, as I’m always thinking about how I can improve and what’s next!

JC: How do you feel about having such a loyal fan base? It must be crazy!

EE: It is crazy!! I don’t even feel like I have a “loyal fan base”, it’s just cool to know that there are people out there who enjoy my videos, and that I can really make a difference in someone’s life by making a video.

JC:Has vlogging affected your friendships and other work life? How so?

EE: Unfortunately, vlogging has affected a lot of my friendships! I’ve met too many people who try to social climb and use people just because that person may have followers, and not because they like the person! It’s been hard learning how to handle that.

JC: What are your social media handles, in case someone isn’t aware?

instagram: @emilynels8

twitter: @emilynels8

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