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September Self-Care Guide: It's Time For Change!

self-care guide

Our self-care guide for September is here! Check out all are picks to influence change…

Fall is almost officially here, and I for one am incredibly excited. The year may be more than halfway over, but I believe autumn is the most magical season of all. Before the leaves start turning beautiful shades of red and orange, I’d love to offer you a guide to motivate you in the weeks ahead. This month’s theme is change.

Change can be scary, or it can be positively thrilling. Change can be painful, or it can be monumentally joyful. Change can be many things, but it is always necessary as we grow and shape our bountiful lives. Instead of fearing change, I suggest you learn to embrace it for the magic that lies in transformation.

In this series, you’ll be introduced to practices, products, and inspiration that will guide you throughout the month and unearth your full potential. Be sensitive to your time and don’t feel like you need to try everything. Feel free to pick what speaks to you from the recommendations below, and remember that there is no wrong way to engage in spiritual self-care.

For Your Mind

Listen to this meditation: New Beginnings & Habit Change

Screw New Year's Resolutions - the time to change is NOW. Don’t wait for a new beginning like I used to. Make change a choice and consciously choose to design your life. If you’re ready to commit, then spend 20 minutes connecting to your authentic self with this meditation. It has been proven to take 21 days to form a habit, so do it every day for the next three week and watch yourself flourish!

Claim this affirmation:

I have the freedom & power to create the life I desire.

Can you feel how powerful and capable you are? Or how you are so abundantly full of possibilities? I can. I know I’m ready for change, and I’m ready to free myself of negative self-talk that has been stopping my from the life I so crave. To do this, I also know I need to understand myself better. So, I took Gretchen Rubin’s quiz on The Four Tendencies to figure out how to make better decisions and enable freedom - give it a try!

Read this book: You Are a Badass

I love this book because it's honest, funny, and completely relatable. It’s a self-help book for people who hate self-help books. I enjoyed listening to it on audiobook while traveling, commuting, doing laundry, and running errands. By the end of the book, you won’t just be ready for change, you’ll be ready to kick some serious ass.

For Your Body

Practice this yoga pose: Pigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes change can be uncomfortable... and the same goes for this pose. We tend to store a lot of emotion and stress in our hips, and pigeon pose is known to release some of the negative energy we carry. We have to feel that discomfort and look directly at what has been blocking us. Only then, can we invite change. When we acknowledge our earlier barriers through self-awareness, we can finally move forward. Once we (literally) stretch ourselves? The benefits of this hip-opener are endless.

Pair all of this inspiration with mobility

While I hope this guide serves you well, I know it won’t solve everything. Try exploring platforms like Meet Up to meet new people and learn new things. Venture outside to shake residual anxiety and take the time to notice how beautiful the world is in September. Book a trip to find inspiration outside of your normal setting. Go do wonderful, amazing, spontaneous, and lovely things. Bonus points: bring people into it that can hold you accountable and change your lives together.

Smell this aroma: Rose

While rosé season is ending, the power of the rose scent endures. This sweet aroma is restorative and boosts confidence to prepare you for transformation. For this scent, I suggest you add to it a bath or in your aroma diffuser. It’ll also serve as an important reminder to literally “stop and smell the roses” when you begin a journey.


Read your horoscope for September : If this is your sign, be sure not to undersell your value this month.

september astrology report

In the theme of change, read your horoscope with an open mind and with your guard just slightly down. Use September to manifest dreams into reality, refine routines, and be open to the evolution of your being. This vulnerable mindset will make you stronger and help guide you toward your true purpose. Bonus points for doing your birth chart prior!

Leverage this crystal: Malachite

malachite crystal

Malachite is known as the stone of transformation. It works to cleanse the chakras and is especially good for balancing the heart chakra. The beautiful green stone is also known to be a mighty healing stone that helps you draw out impurities and break through your limitations. I recently bought a bracelet with malachite and pyrite after writing this article, and I have already noticed the positive effects. By wearing the stone daily, I feel more optimistic and protected.

Recite this mantra:

Om Namh Shivayaa

This mantra (a sound, word, or phrase practiced in repetition) is a powerful way to expand your inner wisdom and let your divine soul shine through. The mantra translates to “I bow to that which I am becoming” - which soothingly accepts the change ahead. It also serves as a good reminder that you already have everything you need within you to take your life to the next level.

Remember this quote:

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.
— Leo Tolstoy

I sometimes fall into the bad habit of complaining about my circumstances without taking accountability for how I got there. Before we can ever go on to change the world, we must become empowered and confident in our own ability to do so. Getting to this level of self-assurance isn’t easy and takes hard work paired with self-awareness, but it’s also where you’ll most vibrantly see the effect change can have on your life. That’s why I’ve committed to working on areas of myself I know are keeping me from my full potential. It’s not that I don’t believe I can change the world; it’s that I know I can make change more worthwhile once I truly believe in myself.