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10 Self-Care Tips To Try This Fall


Easy self-care tips you can start doing right now that make a world of difference.

Self-care is not only important but essential. After all, too many of us are go-go-go, and then when it comes to self-care, it ends up being last on our to-do list. But not anymore. Since Summer will be over before we know it, now’s the perfect time to begin self-care routines in time for Fall.

Julie Burton, a mother of four and the author of The Self-Care Solution: A Modern Mother’s Must-Have Guide to Health and Well-Being, is a big advocate of self-care. Not only does she conduct workshops on it, but she also owns ModernWell, the first cooperative workspace and wellness center in Minnesota. “Connect with your inner child,” she told us. “Whether you have to work or are home with your children, make sure to seize opportunities for joy and fun. For instance, go outside and play — depending on your climate, take advantage of the outdoors as often as possible!”

For self-care, Burton suggests everything from taking walks and going bike riding to packing a picnic and heading out to a park or scenic spot. “Enjoy the magic of Fall by connecting to what you loved about this season when you were a kid,” she said. “This is a wonderful way to practice self-care and fill yourself with more happiness and joy.”

Below, women reveal their best self-care tips for Fall, so if you’re not doing them already, now’s the perfect time to begin.

1. Schedule Self-Care

“It’s important to schedule self-care — if it’s not on the calendar, it probably won’t happen. For instance, you can take the long way home — if time alone in the car is all you get, make the most of it! Podcasts are your friends! Also, get rid of the guilt: If you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will. As busy mothers/women/people, we deserve some relaxation; don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you don’t. I feel that doing things that I’ve wanted to do just for me has made me a better mother, wife, and friend — mostly because my nerves are calmed and I don’t feel like a ticking time bomb (for the most part).” – Tanis, 39, mother of two

2. Do Yoga & Meditation

“I think Fall is the perfect time to assess where your summer goals have fallen short and to start over again. As a yoga and meditation instructor, I think it’s important to get focused. For instance, when we meditate, we take away the mind’s focus from problems we’re having and shift our thoughts to something else, like our breathing and/or body sensations. This is also good for you! It normalizes blood pressure, which is one of the first symptoms of the activation of the parasympathetic system, which is connected to fear and stress. If you don’t have time to get to a yoga or meditation class, a good way to do meditation on the go is by using an app such as Calm, which has guided meditations and mindfulness exercises.” – Renata Zanotto, 37, yoga and meditation instructor

3. Commit To A New Exercise Routine

“If you feel a bit bored by your same old exercise routine, this is the time to commit to a new exercise plan. Since the mornings are bright, consider exercising or bike riding, either alone or with a friend. Or, you might consider diving into an activity you love that doesn’t quite feel like exercise. The combo of a fresh experience and some physical movement is sure to reenergize you.” – Zondra Wilson, 35-40, Blu Skin Care, LLC

4. Try Aromatherapy (i.e., LOTS Of Candles!!)

“Personally, now that Fall is approaching, I go to my local Yankee Candle store and get a bunch of Fall-type candles, from pumpkin to apple-cinnamon scents. Then, I light different ones for every main room in my house. Yes, I go overboard, but it’s my form of aromatherapy and it really does help lift my mood! The only downside is, whenever someone comes over, they assume I have an apple pie in the oven or something — so I guess I’d better learn how to make pies!” – Greta, 35

5. Drink LOTS Of Water

“No matter what season it is, my self-care is to drink lots and lots of water. I wouldn’t want to get to be 100 and say, ‘If I’d known I’d live this long, I would have drank more water…’ In the Fall, the air turns chilly and can cause the skin to become chapped, so drinking extra water as self-care — to stay ahead of the oncoming weather changes — can be a great deterrent to chafing. It’s also a great way to prepare for the changing weather, overall, and can also flush the toxins of Summer out of our system to boost our immune systems for the oncoming flu season. Plus, staying hydrated in chilly weather is the cheapest facelift there is!” – Kate M. Romero, 45-60, actress/stand-up comic

6. Use Essential Oils (Particularly Lavender)

“Though I can’t get enough of several essential oils, like a few dabs of peppermint essential oil to help my headaches, lavender oil is my latest obsession. I’ve had sleep problems for as long as I could remember, but now I put a few drops of lavender oil under my ears, under my nose, and on my sleep eye mask when I go to bed, and it really helps me get into a zen place. Plus, I sleep great!” – Beth, 48

7. Walk Barefoot

“We spend so much time wearing shoes that we’ve forgotten that we actually need to connect to the Earth for good health, and Fall is a great time to do this! Walking barefoot on the Earth (soil/grass/etc.) helps promote overall health and vitality: It has been found to help lower stress levels, relieve headaches and muscle tension, reduce inflammation, and improve blood pressure, as well as stabilize the body’s biological rhythms. As a result, this can help with better sleep and protect the body against electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Connecting our feet directly to the Earth, coupled with organic whole food nutrition and drinking high-quality water, may also give us some natural sun tolerance that we wouldn’t otherwise have if we’d had shoes on.” – Shannon Dunn, 42,

8. Take A Trip… Alone

“Even though summer vacations may be over, a Fall self-care tip I’d recommend is to take a solo trip somewhere new. Solo journeys will clear your mind, test your social/physical aptitude, and educate you on something new — you’ll also learn new things about yourself. I recommend solo trips because you’re more inclined to interact with others when traveling solo, and in this sense, you’ll learn a lot more about yourself.” – Joanna, 29,

9. Do Self-Care In Five-Minute Increments

“I’m a corporate wellness specialist and, with degrees in psychology and communications, I help women and men to work and live well. My tip is to go for self-care activities that will bring five minutes of awesomeness into your life, wherever you are; it’s about feeling calm, restored, and even joyful. The activities don’t have to be expensive — the best ones are free! For instance, try climbing into a freshly made bed with a new book, exploring new places on a warm, sunny, Fall day, or writing down what’s been the best part of your day. Grounded in psychology, these ideas are simple, but can be very effective in boosting your wellbeing.” – Sarah McGuinness, 35, corporate wellness specialist and founder of My Health Revolution

10. Give Yourself A Self-Care Reward Day

“My best Fall self-care tip would be to take a reward day every month or so where you treat yourself to something special, such as a manicure, pedicure, hair blow-out, or meal at a restaurant you are craving. This will give you permission to relax and know you are taking care of yourself. Plus, it will be like a mini-reward you can look forward to at the end of every month.” – Stacy Caprio, 26