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The January Self-Care Guide Is Here & The Theme Is New Beginnings!

january self-care guide

Well, guys, you did it! You made it to another year and another 365 days of opportunities.

Listen, I know that resolutions and the “new year, new me” attitude can sometimes feel overplayed, but what if you looked at it a little differently? What if you didn’t just see January as a turning point, but looked at the whole year as a series of endless opportunities to begin again? What is all of 2019 could be a beautiful string of chances? Why do we have to unjustly narrow it down to just the start of the year?

In that spirit, this month’s theme for the self-care guide is also this year’s theme, and that is “new beginnings.”

Hopefully, during December’s emphasis on celebration, you’ve had the time to enjoy life and commemorate your successes. Now, it’s the ideal time to start opening new doors to find your highest self and destined potential. I know I feel more ready than ever to push myself past my comfort zone, even more so now that I’ve learned how to get up when life brings me down.

Since the beginning of my spiritual journey, I’ve been - literally - dealt cards signifying new beginnings. After a year of feeling like I was going nowhere because nothing necessarily felt “new” enough, I finally learned that every moment was a new beginning, every second could be a transformation, and the universe offers limitless opportunities for you to pivot. I’m finally aware enough about my own possibilities. Now, it’s your turn.

In this series, you’ll find practices, products, and inspiration that will guide you through the month and help you unearth your full potential. Some of my suggestions are spiritual in nature, and some are just plain fun. Be compassionate when you read through the guide and don’t ever feel pressured to try everything. Just pick and choose what speaks to you, and remember that there is no wrong way to engage in self-care.

Self-Care For Your Mind

Listen To This Meditation

Start every single day with the mindset that magic can happen. For this guided meditation, you only need 10 minutes to sit silently with yourself and prepare to feel empowered. I also challenge you to give this meditation a try for 21 days straight (that’s the time it usually takes to create a new habit). Don’t worry if you feel like you’re not “good” at meditating at first (I often still get distracted myself). Focus instead of what a beautiful gift it is to carve out time only for yourself.

Claim This Affirmation:

I am resilient and ready to begin again.

Say this affirmation with compassion. Know that sometimes it will feel like you’re going backward in 2019 but everything is truly happening the way it’s meant to. So, when you feel like you’re backtracking this month or this year, tell yourself that you’re resilient enough to keep going down your destined path.

Read This Book:

The New York Times listed this book as one of the top 10 books in 2018. This revolutionary book is set out to better understand your mind, yourself, and your place in the world. I’ll be honest, this book sat in my Amazon cart for a couple of months because I was hesitant about a book about drugs, but I quickly learned it’s so much more than that. Give this book a shot, and you’ll discover a greater ability to be conscious in the present.

Self-Care For Your Body

Try This Yoga Flow

Don’t miss the opportunity to give yourself another chance every time a new day unfolds. This 30-minute flow will help you connect to your potential and relax before actively manifesting your desires. When you finish flowing, take a moment to reset and think about what you truly want to accomplish… and then do just that!

Pamper Yourself :

You’re about to change your life at any moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a moment for yourself. Try a new facemask, throw glitter in the bathtub, give yourself a manicure, and indulge in whatever makes you feel good. Make sure none of this is another item on your to-do list. If you do pamper yourself, use it as an opportunity to chill and readjust. Want to get really into it? Look up spiritual bath salts to feel a deeper type of clean.

Smell This Aroma:

Yes, there is literally an essential oil for new beginnings! This uplifting scent will help you renew, refresh, and clear your mind. It’s a mix of all the best things including sweet orange, lemon, Spanish rosemary, frankincense, tea tree, and eucalyptus. Give yourself a fresh start with every inhale (and exhale whatever doesn’t serve you).

Self-Care For Your Spirit

Read Your January Astrology Report

In the theme of new beginnings, read your horoscope with flexibility and heightened awareness. Know that everything and nothing could change at any moment, and know that you’re equipped to handle any of those changes. Take note of how the planets are aligning for you in January to help you go even further, both in the short term and in the long run. Draft your birth chart beforehand for more in-depth insights!

Leverage This Crystal:



Labradorite is the quintessential stone for personal transformation. This stone can help you with your personal growth, large transitions, and guide you through what’s next. It’s actually one of the first crystals I ever bought! It spoke to me then, and it speaks to me now. I recommend you meditate with this stone or put it near your desk at work. Before you use the stone, make sure you’ve cleansed it, so the stone itself has a fresh start as well.

Remember This Quote:

It is never too late to be what you might have been
— George Elliot

As Mr. Elliot said, it’s never too late. At any point, you can begin again; you can wake up and you can make all of your dreams come true. Don’t be afraid of change, but be fearful of what happens if you stay stagnant.

What habits do you want to start in 2019? What patterns do you want to break? And what’s stopping you from trying again? Think about what you need, right now, to get the things you want. I know, as I write this, I could use that pamper sesh and that yoga flow, but I also need some girl time and to make more time to write outside of my day job. In general, I need to make more time for the things that are important to me, and I’m committed to doing just that.

Ahead of us is a lot of change, but with a resilient mindset and a strategy for self-love, we can truly accomplish anything. Are you ready to begin again?

Include your biggest goal for 2019 in the comments below for support from the I AM & CO community!