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Scorpio Tattoos That Celebrate The Fiercely Loyal & Passionate Sign



This one is for all you wild things born from October 23 to November 22. It’s Scorpio season, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store. For our passionate, loyal and powerful friends born under the Scorpio sign, nothing gets the point across better than a tattoo defining yourself as your spirit animal — the scorpion. By nature, Scorpios are intuitive, sincere, and purposeful. Famous Scorpio ladies include Anne Hathaway and Julia Roberts. What better person is there to have meaningful conversations with? Speaking of conversations, let’s talk about our favorite Scorpio tattoos across Instagram.

Believe it or not, there are countless ways to tattoo a scorpion on your body. Whether it’s pitch-black and terrifying or colorful and traditional, scorpions speak volumes to the mysterious personalities of the Scorpio zodiac. Because the creature is what represents the Scorpio zodiac, these Scorpio tattoos are inspiring. We searched high and low for Scorpio tattoos and here are 19 of our favorites.

This gorgeous scorpion by the artists at Lvrs x Klrs Brooklyn gets us excited for Scorpio season. The placement of this side tattoo works perfectly because it allows the scorpion to wrap around the underside of the breast. The linework is daring and bold, with just the right amount of detail.

Roses have thorns, and you have to be careful with them, just like it’s important to be cautious with the heart of a Scorpio. As lovers, Scorpios are passionate and loyal, so the pairing of a scorpion and a rose in this tattoo are a match made in heaven. Both are beautiful yet dangerous.

Black scorpions are terrifying to see in-person, and the look of the creature screams “danger.” However, tattooed on a Scorpio’s hand as this woman has, the black scorpion is beautiful and deadly. You mess with a Scorpio, you get the stinger just like with the live form of the creepy-crawler.

Sternum tattoos take a lot of planning and patience, a quality many Scorpio women possess and appreciate. This Scorpio tattoo is massive, and the scorpion extends from the base of her collarbone all the way down to her sternum. The traditional-style tattoo captures each separate piece of the scorpion’s exoskeleton and looks hot. Accenting the background of the image with a rose is gorgeous.

Tattoo artist Stef Azevado keeps the humor going by calling this tattoo a “fun little scorpion.” The massive piece graces the client’s shoulder blade and snarks the word, “no.” It’s a fun design that makes us giggle even though the scorpion would be terrifying in real life.

This woman got this Scorpio tattoo as her first piece of ink, and it is absolutely stunning. The half-sleeve not only shows off a detailed scorpion, but it also has massive cosmos flowers blooming on either side of it. Cosmos flowers are some of the prettiest nature has to offer and are the birth flower for October. The inclusion of the cosmos and the scorpion makes this multifaceted tattoo one to remember.

Simple Scorpio tattoos are simply the best, as we see with this Scorpio-inspired design. The outline of the scorpion is ideally placed on the back of the arm due to its size. Although it’s just an outline, it almost looks like the scorpion is going to come to life completely. The detail is just simple enough.

Scorpio tattoos don’t have to be super intricate to be beautiful, but this one is very detailed. Her scorpion sits poised at the top of her incomplete-sleeve, consisting of the scorpion, flowers, and mandala-inspired details. The shading on the scorpion is very finely done.

Because Scorpios are very creative people, it’s no wonder this fun Scorpio tattoo is one of our favorite designs. The colors almost seem to glow right on the skin. Artist Lilian Raya uses varied shades of blue, pink, and purple to bring this Scorpio queen to life. The symbolism is dope, not using an actual scorpion but hanging scorpion claws from her ears. Her hair is twisted to resemble a scorpion tail, and the Scorpio-symbol hairclip is the perfect finishing touch.

Not all Scorpio tattoos have a simple, monochromatic color scheme. This colorful beauty was randomly chosen for the client, and we couldn’t love it more. It uses a colorful blend of red, white, green, blue, orange, and yellow that jumps right off the skin.

Teal and red are beautiful complements on tattoos, and we see how well they work together on this one. Her scorpion is brought to life between the shown stencil and the completed piece. The hearts down the center of the scorpion’s back add a sweet feature to the tattoo’s otherwise traditional-style.

Neck tattoos are generally seen less often on women but look cool. The scorpions this woman has on her neck are perfectly spaced on either side of her many other neck tattoos. Their simple, outline-style is precisely finished.

Tattoo artist Lunie Chan’s brightly-colored tattoo possesses a fun, underwater quality that we love. Scorpios are water signs, so the water reference is suiting. Honestly, it almost looks like a lobster, but it’s not. The blue dots around the sides of the scorpion are fun and different. Although the colors are vibrant, the linework is delicate and minimal. Details like the woven, golden-circles are intriguing.

This Scorpio tattoo showcases a nude woman with a massive scorpion tail and breasts on full display. She lies on her stomach, reaching for one of the two scorpions near her. The smaller scorpion sits near her legs. This tattoo is sensual and sexy, two inherent qualities of Scorpio women.

This Scorpio tattoo by artist Ethan Hubbard sits on the side of his client by her breast. Its realistic quality makes us like it even more because the artist obviously took his time. The shadowing makes it appear to lift off the skin in the most perfect way.

Scorpions find balance with each other, as Scorpios do after observing those around them. These entwined scorpions balance each other beautifully on the sternum. The fine line work and shading allowed the artist to keep the creatures on the small end while still keeping as much detail as possible.

As Scorpios are passionate people, we can understand wanting a heart to sit directly behind the scorpion in a tattoo. This massive Scorpio tattoo is a belly piece that extends to just above the client’s belly button. The heart is lined with bright red, and a flame spurts out the top. A black scorpion is lined up with the middle of the heart.

The sketched quality of this Scorpio tattoo is thoughtful. The piece itself is delicate, dainty, and super attractive. Her scorpion looks almost like it’s drawn freehand, as do the roses. While roses aren’t often blue because Scorpio is a water sign, we think it works for its intended purpose.

Artist Geem gets extremely creative with this Scorpio tattoo. The entire scorpion consists of bits and pieces of flowers. The design is a bit surreal, and it’s definitely another favorite of ours. Geem is known for creating surreal designs that everyone loves. The teeny leaves and flower buds look amazing in the shape of the scorpion.

If you ask us, Scorpio tattoos are the perfect way to ring in the Scorpio season for 2019. Stand alongside your fellow Scorpio ladies with these hot designs and styles. While traditional-style seems to be a popular choice, you can be creative with them also. Scorpions are beautiful, yet deadly creatures that create appealing designs for tattoos. Showcase your intuitiveness, persistence, ambitiousness on your body forever. We know you want to. Hopefully, these Scorpio tattoos will inspire your next tattoo.