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The Best Time of Year to Rent an Apartment

save money on rent

Time your apartment search right and save loads of cash...

According to RentHop, December through March are the best times to rent if you want to get more bang for your buck. Prices are best from December through March and then spike from May through October regardless of state or city.If you think about it, the seasonality makes sense. Apartment prices are low when demand is low. The last thing I would be caught dead doing during the winter is moving my apartment.Seriously, get real. Apparently, pretty much everyone else thinks the same way. So, the key is to separate from the herd and act when no one else is. If you're considering escaping to San Francisco or New York, try making your move in the winter months to find an apartment less soul-suckingly expensive.

If you time your lease signing right, your savings can be anywhere from $37 to $171 per month for a 1-bedroom and $36 to $191 for a 2-bedroom. The yearly savings amount to upwards of $2,052 for a one bedroom and $2,292 for a two bedroom, and that's HUGE. That amount of money is an excellent start to an emergency fund and the perfect amount of money for a checking account buffer.

Hello!Financial freedom is calling, and it's begging you to hold off on signing a new lease for a few months.