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My Experience With Crystal Beds & Salt Rooms

crystal beds salt rooms

For the first 25 years of my life, I was someone who lived purely in their comfort zone. I wasn’t good about trying new things, taking risks, or doing activities alone. I wasn’t necessarily sheltered, but I felt safer under a shelter that was pre-planned and well-known.

Discovering spirituality the last couple of years has motivated me to transcend the lines of my once-drawn comfort zone. And, living in New York City has further forced me into becoming an independent risk-taker. You could say that caused a massive transformation in my overall makeup, or you could say it just opened up the door for growth.

Throughout personal growth, self-care is good for the soul to reset and re-calibrate. What my newly developed curiosity and independence enabled for me, was a larger landscape in which I could explore unique ways to participate in self-care that were tailored to serve my purpose.

That series of events is what led me to try out a crystal bed and salt room therapy on a couple of cold days in New York City (instead of your typical self-care activity like a mani-pedi or facial).

Crystal Bed

What is a crystal bed?

The experience is called the Sensory 7 Quantum Resonance Crystal Light Bed. The bed uses a host of complementary healing modalities for rapid rejuvenation. Think of it as a massage for your soul using things like light and sound. Those modalities are:

  • Frequencies

  • Binaural beats

  • Vibration therapy

  • Infrared heat

  • Crystal therapy

  • Aromatherapy

  • Color therapy

  • Scalar energy Healing

How does the crystal bed work?

The sophisticated device produces the desired frequency that is emitted into seven Vogel Cut Quartz Crystals. Scalar Energy (a useable energy source by the body) is created through this frequency via crystals and magnetics of the Orgone.

When scalar energy is coupled with intention, it can lead to an exchange of old programming for new programming. The holistic and after effects of the device can lead to a more desired way of being within the mind and body.

All elements of the bed work together to produce this scalar energy, including the vibration of the transducers in the bed, amethyst crystals in the bio-mat, magnetics, crystal chips, UV laser lights within the Orgone crystal holders, and color therapy that works to open blocked chakras.

What are the Benefits of a Crystal Bed?

The general feedback from folks who have tried this bed hits on deep relaxation and inner peace. For myself, I walked out of the session calm and hopeful. I was excited about trying something new that surprised me, and it felt good for my whole body. I was smiling and felt well taken care of. I could tell that the restfulness was going to last far outside of the 30-minute experience itself.

Other benefits you may experience are:

  • Better sleep

  • Less stress

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Less pain

  • Cell detoxification

  • Increased energy

  • Increased clarity and focus

  • Feeling grounded

  • A deeper sense of wellbeing

  • A deeper connection to oneself

What Was the Experience Like?

On Valentine’s Day, I treated myself to a night of self-care, and a 30-minute session, to nurture my single heart. Once in the room, I was asked what chakra I wanted to focus on. Naturally, I selected the heart chakra for the occasion because it’s typically the chakra that is often off-balance for me.

I laid down on the bio-mat, put on headphones and an eye mask, and was left alone in the room. The voice coming from the headphone told me what to expect at the start of the experience, and from there I felt a ton of different things. The mat started getting warm, the sound turned into relaxing noise, and vibrations rippled through my body.

It was a lot to feel all at once, but it never felt overwhelming. I let myself just be for the next 30 minutes and was surprised at how easy it was to simply exist throughout different frequencies.

Still Skeptical?

So was the founder.When I asked about how the crystal bed made it into the wellness center, Alexandra Janelli, certified hypnotherapist, life coach, and founder of Modrn Sanctuary, told me, “I found this bed when researching crystal healing and it felt like the perfect melding of a sound bath and crystal healing all in one, while tying in some incredible science of energy! I was skeptical at first when it arrived, but after using it myself, there was no doubt in my mind something within me changed after each was incredible.”

To get the most out of your treatment, know what you want to focus on ahead of the session. If you focus on a chakra you want to balance, you can open yourself up to receiving custom healing in return.

Salt Cave Therapy

What is a Salt Room?

A salt room is a space to engage in halotherapy (salt therapy) to heal the body and mind. Salt rooms (or salt caves) are filled with Himalayan Pink Salt which is a natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial. You can find these as standalone locations or in spas and wellness centers all across the country.

What are the Benefits of a Salt Room?

Salt therapy is known as an alternative treatment that’s gaining steam in the wellness world. The treatment offers a natural therapy for a wide range of conditions; everything from anxiety to the common cold.

The salt particles can offer a sense of peace and serenity while at the same time clearing toxins from the body. According to Regina Schwartz at Montauk Salt Cave, “The experience makes it easier to breathe, reduces inflammation, and is potential relief for those who are suffering conditions such as asthma. It isn't focused on those who are sick, but also for anyone looking to feel refreshed, detoxed, and leave with more energy. The hope is that everyone will leave breathing better."

What Was the Salt Room Experience Like?

I tried my first salt room on a casual self-care Sunday. I conveniently had a cold when I was going and hoped that it would help dull the symptoms.

After arriving at Montauk Salt Cave in downtown Manhattan, I put away all of my things (no electronics allowed in the room) and took off my shoes to enter the salt room. I was lucky and only went into the room with one other person for an almost private experience.

We got to lay down with a blanket on a zero-gravity chair and get cozy. There was salt all around us and sparkly lights above us for a prime stress-free environment in the dimly lit room. The 45-minute session started with a brief intro and history on salt therapy.

Meditation music played throughout the rest of the session. I could feel my breathing get deeper, and other than that I tried not to focus on anything and just relax. The 45 minutes flew by. It was so refreshing and rejuvenating that I found it difficult to leave the store after the experience.

It’s important to mention that experiences in salts rooms will differ, but this is one nap I’ll absolutely come back for.