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Sage, Crystals & Other Metaphysical Items In My Spiritual Toolkit

sage crystals

A list of the essential items in my spiritual toolkit

When I first sought out to buy crystals in a particularly trying time of my life, a part of me thought I was becoming a little loopy out of desperation.

At the time, I didn’t understand the possibilities behind spirituality, metaphysics, and mindfulness. I previously associated all these things with black magic or hokey trends - I didn’t believe in it.

It wasn’t until I actually started educating myself about the different tools, rituals, and benefits that I finally understood how much this open mindset could improve my life in a number of ways. Now, I’m still very much learning and exposing myself to other areas of spirituality.

Today, I consider this my version of self-care.

I know people out there may be just as cautiously curious as I once was. For that reason, I truly revel in sharing my personal path towards enlightenment.

So, what are the different tools and rituals? This will be a two-part series, and I’ll begin with the tools first. I’ve put together a list of the essentials you need in your spiritual toolkit to get you started.

Sage or Palo Santo

Do you ever walk in somewhere and feel like it’s just sticky with bad vibes? That’s why I’d suggest carrying around Sage or Palo Santo. Both of these ancient tools clear away negative energy and in any space. You can also use them to cleanse yourself, your home, or your other tools through the process of smudging. The term “cleansing” can also refer to clearing away fear, stress, anxiety, and other ill-intentioned emotions. Outside of cleansing, Palo Santo is also known to raise your vibration. There are tons of easy rituals to try and they’re a great item to carry with you when you travel to new places.


sage crystals

The first time I walked into a holistic store to buy crystals, I read this incredible article to prep myself. I walked around the room and observed which crystals I was drawn to. From there, I’d pick one up and see how it felt in my palm. One of them literally made my palm sweat while others made me feel nothing. I looked up the meaning behind the one that made my palm sweat and laughed at the benefits because they so perfectly fit what I needed at the time.

Since then, I’ve read more about crystals and go into a store with a particular stone in mind. Currently, I have a Rose Quartz and Amethyst keychain to invite love into my life (rose quartz) while also encouraging peace and tranquility (amethyst). I also wear a bracelet with Pyrite and Malachite to help manifest my desires (pyrite) and invite healing along with positive transformation (malachite). I pair this with a second bracelet with Clear Quartz which amplifies other crystals around it.

I always buy more crystals after a rough patch, like a breakup or a disappointment at work, but the crystals’ energy absolutely helps me better channel my emotions on any given day.

Essential Oils Or Incense

I light incense every morning while I get ready for work and before every meditation session in my bedroom. The scent helps me relax and be more present at the moment. I also carry an essential oil in my purse that promotes tranquility – I use this whenever I travel, get stressed at work, or if I’m meditating outside of my home. Plus, my friends love when I whip out the oil!

Benefits of both include stress relief, better focus, memory and energy boost, sleep aid, and more. I highly recommend Saje Natural Wellness for your essential oils and getting incense tailored to a specific chakra that needs work from a metaphysical store near you. At the very least (whether you believe in their benefits or not) you’ll certainly enjoy their scents!


Tarot Cards

Personally, I’m a bigger fan of Angel Cards or Goddess Cards because they’re a little kinder and more inspiring. I’ve had some interesting experiences with tarot in the past, but it’s still such a fascinating tool to learn about. The most important thing to remember is that tarot is always up to interpretation and you should never take a reading too literally.

The purpose of any of these cards is to help guide you towards your destiny, give you clarity, and help you connect to your intuition. They’re never to be seen as the end-all-be-all as you move through life.

Other notable mentions are totems, mala beads, and singing bowls - among others.


Still unsure? I’d encourage you to check out the book Practical Magic that gives a super chill and honest explanation of all things spiritual. Buy the book on Amazon or at Urban Outfitters (where I found it).

Which tool are your most curious about? Mention the tool in the comments below and I’ll do a more in-depth article on it!