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This Is What Causes Saddlebags Fat Even If You're Skinny

saddlebags fat

To date, my saddlebags are the longest most-dreadfully consistent relationship I've ever had. It's not even a normal toxic love-hate relationship, but just pure unadulterated disdain. The kind of relationship where you can at least appreciate that the involved parties are honest about it.

My saddlebags adore me but I hate them. And, because it seems I won't be able to shake them I've decided to try and understand their redeeming qualities. First things first when you're addressing relationship issues is to understand where the other party is coming from.

What Causes Saddlebags Fat?

If I'm honest, I think my saddlebags come straight from hell. However, science says they come straight from fat storage predetermined by your genetics.

Think of your saddlebags as two knapsacks conveniently placed on your outer thighs that are full of energy for your body. I mean, that is the anatomical purpose of body fat. It's almost comforting to know that if there were an apocalypse and I needed to survive in a dystopian era of no food that my body could get by through munching on my saddlebags.

saddlebags fat

“Why Can’t I Get Rid of Saddlebags Fat?”

In all seriousness, saddlebags aren't recognized as a part of your anatomy. Therefore, there's limited research on them and thus varying information available. The term saddlebag is merely a common word given as they resemble saddlebags on the sides of donkeys and horses. Cute, isn't it? Here's the gist on saddlebags. Let this list be your guide.

  1. They are localized fat deposits on the side upper thighs of women.

  2. They can be drastically reduced, but evidence doesn't support that you can eliminate them entirely.

  3. Reducing saddlebags is the same strategy for losing body fat. You should eat fewer calories than you burn and eat a diet high in protein.

  4. You cannot solely focus on your saddlebags for results. The areas in which your body burns fat first is genetically predetermined.

  5. Fitness enthusiasts have anecdotally noted that a Keto diet assisted with their body fat loss and thus a reduction in saddlebag appearance.

Hopefully, that list sounds like a lot of good 'ol fashioned hard work and realistic expectations because that's what addressing your saddlebag area takes. There is no quick fix no matter how enticing the suggestion. In fact, you should steer clear of a couple of reoccurring falsehoods about targeting this problem area.

How To Get Rid of Saddlebags Fat

Although information is limited here are some surefire bull crap ways to lose saddlebag fat that won't work. Don't waste your time.

  1. Exercises that "target" saddlebags

  2. Teas or detoxes that "burn" fat or target saddlebags

Honestly, you should run from any fitness publication that even hint that you can spot reduce fat on parts of your body. That notion is widely known to be false, and it saddens me that some fitness media prioritize marketing over facts. Because, that is all fat targeting exercises and drinks are-marketing ploys.

There is only one thing that affects fat burn no matter where the fat exists on your body, and that is your diet. You can however strengthen and build leaner outer thighs which will help reduce the appearance of saddlebags fat. If you’re used to low-intensity workouts or aren’t very active, these moves will help you activate your outer thighs.

saddlebags fat

There's one last method of addressing your saddlebags that you should consider, and this is one that I'm personally going to try. The approach is simply not to address them at all. I didn't know what saddlebags were until society told me they were something I should dislike about my adult woman body. Even today I maintain a lower than average body fat percentage for a woman and have an athletic build. Still, while my saddlebags have diminished, they're still there.

Here's the thing, I love the way my physique looks. I feel sexy, I feel athletic, and my weight is manageable. I could nitpick problem areas, or I could appreciate what I have today. Perfection is a finish line that neither you nor I will ever reach. Moreover working towards further reducing my saddlebag area would mean also losing fat in my chest and glutes, two areas I would like to keep. These pros and cons are an example of a similar internal dialogue you should have with yourself. What percentage overall are you happy with your physique and do you want to change that for the sake of something that most women have?

My saddlebags may be the most dreadfully consistent relationship I've ever had, but no relationship is perfect. So, I have to compare them to my deal breakers. Here's my list of fitness deal breakers, diminished cardiovascular endurance, and strength loss, and injury. That's all; that's the entire list. So I don't know about you, but saddlebags aren't a deal breaker for me when I can choose to be entirely happy with the rest of my hard effort. I have to think about all the work that my body does for me, and how I have the nerve to hate any part of it. Naturally, adopting a more positive attitude is easier said than done but I'll have to take it one day at a time. Let's just see how this goes.