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A Rendezvous with the Perfect-Relaxing Bath

relaxing baths

You ask yourself how it's possible for flat shoes to be so uncomfortable. Your shoulders are sore from twelve hours of wearing a bra that doesn't fit quite right. Frankly, even the most comfortable outfits can feel like stifling straight-jackets after twelve hours. You're just happy to be naked. Still, all the events of the day feel stuck to your body; you need a release. Then, you realize it's been a while since you've spent a night with The Bath.


The anticipation and set up is one of the best parts. You pour in the sea salt, generously add essential oils, light your candles, and grab the sponge. You wade one hand back and forth in the water, testing the temperature, and creating waves in a mostly full basin. The hand test is crucial because the temperature needs to be just right. There's nothing worse than diving into a boiling bath and then hopping back out. So you add a splash of cold water to create the optimal temp. The scene is set. Your body is ready. It's time.

You put your left foot in, followed by your right foot. You sit down slowly, slide into place, and toss your head back. A much-deserved groan accompanies the head toss. Once you're in position, your only job is to allow the elements of the environment to flood your senses. The steam in the air feels good. The water feels good. The candles are relaxing and aromatic. You can barely even keep your eyes open. It makes zero sense to resist what you've needed for so long. Eventually, you just give in. Your eyelids fall, and you sink into total relaxation.

pleasure of The Bath all the time. You forgot how pretty The Bath makes you feel. The Bath is a much-needed break from your safe-boring shower. Wait, that's not a fair description because you don't dislike The Shower. The Shower is always there for you in a pinch, and for that, you appreciate it. Still, The Shower lacks a certain "something." There's no pizzazz. Also, if you push the shower too hard for too long, it can't get hot again for a really long time.

The Bath isn't a usual activity for you, and it never will be. There just isn't enough time in the day. Still, you secretly make an empty promise to meet up with The Bath, next week, same time same place for another rendezvous.