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Rainy Day Date Ideas That Are Anything but Boring

Gift Habeshaw/Unsplash

Gift Habeshaw/Unsplash

What do you do when your date plans get rained out? You could stay home and cuddle up on the couch with snacks and binge-watch your favorite show with your partner and pets. And while there’s nothing wrong with Netflix and chilling, we want you to know that it’s not your only option.

Why not switch things up and do something different?Studies have shownthat the more unique experiences you share as a couple, the stronger the bond between you becomes.

Don’t think of the rain as a limitation but more as an inspiration. If you’re like me and live somewhere like Southern California where it rarely rains, rain can be a special occasion. So, why not make your date a celebration? If you get a lot of rain where you live, maybe now is the time to rebrand rain into something that not only does a lot of good but is also something that adds a little magic to your life.

Sometimes changing your mindset is the best thing you can do for yourself, so think about what you usually do when it rains and do something entirely different.

You can spend as much or as little as you want on your rainy day date ideas, go out into the rain, or stay inside. Good news, you canwear whatever you want. We promise you that you won’t melt if you get rained on, but if staying in andbeing cozy and comfortableis more your thing, that’s OK too. That’s the beauty of the rainy day date — you get to make it up as you go along.

Take in the View

Go somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go to near where you live, but never had the time. Pick someplace that has an unusual theme or a spectacular view like theChart Housein San Antonio, Texas. At 750 feet high, enjoy the panoramic views while sipping on a cocktail or enjoying a romantic dinner.

Why save the best things your city or town has to offer for out-of-town guests — be a tourist in your own city and experience it for yourself. Every place, no matter how large or small, has something that makes it unique. The rain is your excuse to go.

Play Some Board Games

Go inside the box (see what I did there) and play some board games. Yes, video games are fun, but there’s nothing like that old-fashioned thrill of playing a board game where you can move the pieces around. If you’re like me, you may have a collection of vintage board games (doesn’t everybody have the Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game?) that you’ve been saving to play on that rainy day. Well, that day is here, so get some hot chocolate and unleash your competitive spirit.

If you want to make it interesting, set it up so that the loser pays for the next date. You can also add your own touches and create a strip-poker version of the game you choose.

Make the Whole Day Bedtime

If it’s pouring outside with thunder and lightning, then why not make your rainy day date a bed-staycation? Make sure you have everything you need within reach like food, beverages, games, books, and extra blankets. You’re in charge of the mood, so light some candles, listen to the sound of the rain on the roof, and just relax.

All of us are always so busy. Ask yourself when was the last time you just luxuriated in bed, and you weren’t sick? Probably a long time.We all need to unwind, unplug, decompress, and relax, so take this opportunity to enjoy some downtime. Your bed is calling to you.

Visit a Foreign Country … in Your Own Home

Pick a place that you’ve always wanted to go to, or one that you love such as Paris, Rome, Madrid, Mexico City, Phuket, London, Santorini, Rio de Janeiro, or Vienna. Then try to create the feeling of that place at home. Cook a meal featuring the cuisine, drink something that is associated with the country such as tea for London or Ouzo for Greece.

Watch movies that are set there and imagine yourself walking the streets and exploring the city. Immerse yourself in the culture of the place in such a way that you’re transported there in your imagination. How does it feel to be taking in the view of the Eiffel Tower while you drink a glass of wine, eat some excellent cheese, and listen to a French music playlist? La vie en rose indeed.

Forget Adulting - Be a Kid Again!

One thing about kids is that they have a lot of energy, and things can get chaotic if they’re stuck inside on a rainy day. The best way to avoid having them (or you) bouncing off the walls is to give them something to do that will burn off some of that extra energy such as bowling, ice skating, roller skating, laser tag, foosball, or playing games at the arcade.

You’ll get some exercise, probably laugh a lot, and remember what it’s like to just have fun — only this time you can stay as long as you like. The worse you are at an activity, the more fun it is, and you can let go of your need to be perfect. You’ll get reacquainted with who you are without the stresses of adulthood, and you may see a different side of your partner that you’ve never seen before.

Have a MasterChef Cook-Off

There’s nothing cozier than cooking together, but to add some spice, make it a cooking competition. A rainy day date is the perfect time to pick a recipe that neither of you has ever made before, get matching ingredients, set the timer, and get cooking.

Keep the competition clean — no sabotaging your competitor. If you both are already fabulous cooks, give each other an additional dish to make that has an unusual ingredient, or needs a unique technique. Everybody wins with a delicious meal.

Since it’s always good to get ideas from outside sources, we put out a call for some rainy day date ideas and this is what we got; proving that the rain doesn’t need to dampen anybody’s fun. Here’s what people had to say when we asked them for their ideas for awesome rainy day dates.

Plan a Romantic Picnic

“You can have a picnic in your car while it rains around you. You get this cozy, all alone in the world feel that you might not get on a regular date. You should not forget to take the blankets along though. Your date might end up shorter [than planned] if your partner starts freezing.” - Jeremy Harrison, Founder ofHustle Life

Indoor Rock-Climbing

“Recently, my husband and I had a hiking date planned, but a rainstorm had other plans for us. So, we decided to go rock-climbing at an indoor climbing facility instead. Neither of us was very good at it, so we had a lot of laughs. And the rain sounded really beautiful on the roof.” - Barbara Nevers, Founder

Make Some Future Travel Plans

“Go to the travel section of your library or bookstore, and start planning your next trip. If you want a more literary activity, choose a novel and read aloud to each other. Switch off readers with each chapter. If you want something more physical, watch YouTube videos on how to tango and then try out some tango moves. Go to a pool hall, a museum, or make out in the rain.” - Ashley Campana,Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking

Self-Care for Twois the Perfect Rainy Day Date

“A rainy day is a perfect excuse to stay indoors, but that doesn’t mean all you have to do is hole up in bed. Now’s the time for you both to treat yourselves to some DIY pampering. With your significant other, amp up the skin and hair care session. Aside from feeling and smelling immaculately clean, you’re also bonded like no other as you took the time to care for each other.” - Chris Pleines, Founder

Donate Your Time to a Good Cause

“Visit elderly people in a local assisted living and sing old songs with them, whether you have good voices or not. It creates lots of laughs and lasting joy for everyone involved." - Bracha Goetz, Children’s Author.

Take a Dip

“One of my most romantic experiences was a spontaneous swim while it was pouring rain during a thunderstorm. You might not have a thunderstorm, but it’s still incredibly romantic with just rain. If it’s too cold for the pool, a hot tub works also. If you don’t want to get wet, have a paint night. Whether you enjoy painting or have never tried it before, this is a fun date that never fails." - Laurice Wardini, Founder ofClothedUp

Scavenger Hunt

“Get creative and write each other clues to find the next clue, each one getting closer to the treasure. It might be a bottle of wine that you’re trying to find or a candy bar, but it’s not really the treasure; that’s the point. It’s about playing the game. It’ll keep you busy longer than you’d think and much like the now-popular Escape Rooms, it keeps your mind active in a creative way.” - Morgan Taylor, Finance expert & CMO forLetMeBank

Have Your Rainy Day Date with the Fishes

“Believe it or not, rainy days are some of the best days to go fishing. The fish can’t tell the difference between the raindrops and insects landing on the water, and as a result, they’ll nibble at just about anything. Grab your date and some one-day fishing licenses, along with some gear (both for fishing and for weathering the elements) and see if you can’t find a catch.” - Jaymi Torrez, Lifestyle blogger,

Do Some Relationship Manifesting

“Creating a vision board on a rainy day can help bring a bright future to a relationship. I encourage couples to collect magazines throughout the year and keep them on standby for a rainy day. When the clouds are gray, pull out some scissors, glue, pour a drink, and start dreaming together. Separate vision boards can be great conversation starters between couples and help them see how they can best support the other to achieve what is most important to them.” - Brandon L. Griffin, Director of Digital Content

A Rainy Day Date Allows You to Channel Your Child

“Find the inner kid in you: grab the Slip N Slide, go in your backyard and have a blast, enjoy a hot tub or heated pools, or tap into your inner ‘Gene Kelly’ blast some music out of your window and dance outside with your significant other. Don’t run from the rain — make it be your co-star on your date, as long as there’s no lightning you’re guaranteed to have a night to remember." - Nadia Stanley, TV producer

Don’t cancel your date just because of a little wet weather; instead, use the rain as a motivator to do something different from your usual go-to date. A rainy day date is a perfect excuse to try something new, do a deep dive into an existing interest, be a kid again, experience nature, or just hit the pause button. Rainy day date ideas are just as good, if not better than non-rainy day dates. Next time you see some rain clouds in the sky, you can take it as a sign of some fun times ahead.