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What Your Purple Aura Means For Love, Career, and Health



The color of the divine, the color of mysticism, the color of wealth and the color of imagination, purple is the color that makes many of us feel just a little bit closer to the wise and successful versions of ourselves we are striving to be. It is a color that is full of magic and mystery. A color that invites us all to imagine a world where our fantasies become reality.

From fairies being real to living in a home full of velvet chaise lounges, all while being surrounded by the ones we love most. These feelings that purple invokes in others are many of the feelings and characteristics that those people with purple auras exhibit and are the first clues to what it means to have a purple aura.

What Does Having a Purple Aura Mean?

People who have purple auras are extremely in touch with all the emotions — I mean all of them, their own, as well as pretty much anyone they come into contact with. They are gifted with being able to sense what others are feeling, their fears, ambitions, worries, desires and more without even having to concentrate on it. On top of this, they are extremely intuitive, to the point of having actual psychic abilities and are one of the aura colors that are most highly connected to divine and/or realm beings such as angles, departed souls, etc.

Purple Aura people can be easily overwhelmed, and hence prefer to spend more time with either people they are very comfortable around (usually family), or by themselves, until they have fully developed as individuals and have a handle on how to cope with their amazing intuitive gifts.

Because of this deep connection to that “something more”, purple aura people also tend to be extremely creative. They are good at expressing themselves through everything from traditional art (like drawing, painting sculpting, music, writing, etc), to more unique forms of self-expression such as creating new meditation practices and rituals.

Moreover, purple aura people are extremely loyal, loving, caring, honest and are deeply attracted to simplicity, be this in their homes, work environments, relationships, etc. Nature is a big draw for these people as well, as nature arguably brings life back to its simplest form. And perhaps most important of all, those people with purple auras nearly always act for the good of others and the good of humanity as a whole, in pretty much everything it is they do.

A Purple Aura & Your Health

Purple auras are mostly associated with cerebral health, as well as the crown chakra, (e.g. the chakra the pertains to wisdom, transformation, and creativity and is located at the very tip-top of your head). Because of this, those with purple auras are going to want to pay particular attention to their mental health, including but not limited to how they handle their emotions if they are getting any sort of frequent headaches if they experience dis-coordination, seizures, or any other mental ailments. If this is the case, it may be a sign that some life changes are needed and/or an energy cleanse may be required.

For purple aura people, practicing mental relaxation techniques every day, (meditation, for example, is a great tool to help relax both the mind and body), ensuring healthy coping mechanisms are in place when and wherever possible and in general making sure there is ample downtime where they can be by themselves and their own thoughts and emotions, without having to feel or experience anyone else’s on top of them, are key.

Additionally, making foods that are known to boost one’s brainpower (e.g. “brain food”), a regular part of their healthy, daily, diet would be particularly beneficial. This means coffee, blueberries, nuts, and even dark chocolate should be a part of their regular routine if they want to ensure they are living their best life, (though coffee and chocolate may just be a part of everyone’s best life as well tbh).

A Purple Aura & Love

There are three main things for a person with a purple aura to know when it comes to their love lives. First, purple aura people care so much about helping others, they will often marry as a way to make someone else’s life easier, but they shouldn’t! It is a beautiful thing to care so deeply for others that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to help them through, but this should never be at the expense of one’s own personal wellbeing.

To deny yourself love is to deny yourself one of the most powerful and beautiful types of magic there is in this earth, especially as one so deeply connected to all things magical as it is. Plus, in the long run, it is not doing the other person any favors either. They too deserve the magical experience that is love. So even if it is difficult, even if it is uncomfortable to say, when it comes to romantic relationships, purple aura people need to think about yourselves a bit!

Second, one night stands are not good for purple aura people. These are people who love deeply and feel connected to others very quickly because of their intuitive abilities. Because of this, it is very easy for a purple aura person to get attached to a potential romantic interest. Hence, one night stands don’t leave them feeling empowered, so much as they leave them feeling a bit lost and wanting more than what is possible.

And, third, when purple aura person does fall in love, they love deeply and without any restraint! They give their all to their significant other, and when it’s right and the love is real on both sides, they are reenergized in return for this love by being loved and understood themselves by their partner.

Purple Auras & Your Purpose

Those people who possess purple auras tend to be drawn to careers and purposes that allow them to use their intuitive and psychic gifts for the good of others. They are happiest when they are helping to shift a soul from a place of unrest to a place of joy and ease. Because of this, careers such as counselors or therapists, meditation instructors or even nurses and doctors tend to be where purple aura people are drawn a lot of the time.

That said, there are many other areas of work in which a person with a purple aura can find satisfaction and fulfillment! For example, any sort of humanitarian job (especially those that take place in nature), will tend to bring fulfillment. Additionally, working with animals as a veterinarian or even just as a volunteer at a local animal shelter can bring great peace and satisfaction as well. This is because purple aura peoples' gift for knowing what another being needs, thinks and feels extends beyond just that of humans, into all living beings. Therefore, purple aura people are uniquely situated to give voices to those furry, fluffy and even scale-covered creatures that can’t speak for themselves.

And, of course, there is the option — especially if their intuitive and psychic abilities tend to be particularly well developed, to become an actual psychic. In fact, there are so many different kinds of psychics out there (those that communicate with spirits or divine beings, those who can read auras, those who look into past lives, those who specialize in palm, crystal or tarot reading and many, many more), that no matter what their particular intuitional gift is, there will be a place for them in this spiritual circle.

Your Purple Aura & Self-care

One of the most important things a person with a purple aura must learn is how to set aside time for themselves to regenerate and process all it is that they feel. Because these people are so sensitive to all the emotions and energy around them, learning to place themselves in environments they feel most free and fulfilled in is key.

It takes an ability to trust one’s own instincts about what will and won’t be right for them, as well as self-awareness, to know when something is harmful to them in spite of how helpful it might be to someone else. It also takes learning to say no to people, even if the people asking time and/or resources from them are doing so out of sincere need or even a sincere desire just to spend time with them.

Also, it can be extremely helpful for those people with purple auras to get into the habit of practicing regular meditation and energy cleansing. Reiki, yoga, guided meditation (specifically when meditations focus on the color purple itself), or even just spending time in nature alone on a regular basis are all going to be extremely regenerative practices for these people.

Finally, using crystal healing techniques — specifically wearing the crystals amethyst and clear quartz near or on your head (perhaps as earrings or if you are feeling fancy, maybe a crown!), or keeping one tucked underneath a pillow at night — can be hugely beneficial to purple aura people as well.

In particular, purple aura people will want to consider using both amethyst and clear quartz. This is because amethyst is a crystal that will both help to activate and channel psychic abilities while providing protection from psychic attacks as well as helping one to think with a clear mind, even at the height of emotional feeling.

Clear quartz, on the other hand, will provide protection from negative energies as well as help to keep one in line with their higher self, and if used in conjunction with the amethyst crystals will work to enhance the amethyst properties too.

People with purple auras are some of the most loving, caring and willing to help people out there. They want everyone to be happy and they thrive in environments where peace is highly prevalent. Highly attuned to other’s feelings and spiritually connected to their cores, these are people who see and feel much and have the power to facilitate deep healing in others. In turn, however, it is so important they make sure to practice lots and lots of self-care and love so they can continue on their path of healing and enlightenment without feeling burnt out.