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The Truth About Psychic Readings

psychic readings accuracy

Even authentic psychic predictions can be off and here's why...

A psychic can only see possibilities

When you factor in free will even the most authentic psychics will provide predictions that don't come true. Authentic psychics will be honest and make sure you realize that you are the creator of your life and therefore your future, despite any prediction, is malleable. With an ever-changing future, that means that a psychic is only offering you the most likely possibility based on your current trajectory. When I say current, I mean in-that-very-moment.

For example, if you ask a psychic if you're going to get one of three jobs you've applied for the psychic may tell you yes and exactly which one. But, what if you hang up the phone and find a fourth job that you like even more, get that offer first and accept it? Does that mean the psychic was a fraud or way off? Not at all, it means that you did your job as a human and made a decision that altered the course of your life.

Just Keep Living...

I once read a story where a woman went to a psychic because she and her husband had been having problems. The psychic told her that she saw an image of the woman's husband carrying boxes from their home. The image of the husband leaving combined with the arguing led the psychic to believe that the husband wanted out of the relationship. That night the woman went home and confronted her husband. While her husband acknowledged they'd been having problems he assured her that he wasn't considering leaving the relationship. About a week later the woman was sitting on her couch watching T.V. when in her peripheral vision she saw her husband leaving the house with a box, full of junk because they were doing spring cleaning.

Don't take deliberate action based on a psychic's future prediction, just keep living your life as normal. Take my story for example, what if the woman confronting her husband about leaving led them to a fight so heinous that he did? She would have effectively altered the trajectory of their relationship and confirmed a prediction that would've otherwise been false. However, had she approached the reading as a possibility rather than a fated outcome she would've seen that the psychic was wrong and avoided the argument.

A Reading is the Interpretation of the Reader

A psychic who is optimistic about love would have seen the image of the husband with the box and asked the woman if they were planning a move. Whereas her psychic, presumably less optimistic, automatically interpreted the vision for the worst.

Because I understand that a reading is the interpretation of the reader I've started the practice of asking my psychic to tell me what cards she pulled and in which order. Since she's a rock-star she gladly tells me and that allows me to interpret her reading for myself.

Stay in the Present

The most valuable information that a psychic can offer you is the insight into the present and most likely outcomes of your different decisions. What a psychic has to say about your life six months into the future may be a toss up but they can provide an understanding of someone's current motives and behaviors.

You're a Psychic Too

You are the most powerful and authentic psychic you know. All the information about your future is within you. What you focus your attention on grows and what you ask for whether subconsciously or consciously you receive. That's law of attraction which is how the universe operates. There is no other person on this planet that can predict your future with greater accuracy than you.