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5 Swaps You Should Make For a Protein Rich Breakfast

protein rich breakfast


If you're on a quest for a leaner physique, you may have already learned how important protein, and lots of it, is for achieving it. Still, the sheer amount of protein can seem daunting unless you change the way you perceive it. Nearly every food you eat contains some amount of protein. Therefore one clutch hack for increasing your protein intake is to swap the foods you currently eat for their high protein alternatives.

1. Swap Protein Pancakes for Regular Pancakes and Waffles

Besides cereal, pancakes and waffles are perhaps the greatest staples of a breakfast meal. When you have the time, there's nothing better than some warm buttermilk pancakes topped with warm syrup and butter. Excuse me while I drool....

Given the love most people have for these carb-loaded cakes, it seems natural that adding extra protein to the mix would make sense. Now on the shelves of many grocery stores, you can find specialty pancake mixes that give us fellow protein addicts an outlet. You can get your warm buttermilk pancakes but also hit your protein goal in the meantime. My personal favorite pancake mix is Kodiak Protein Pancake/Waffle Mix topped with zero calorie Walden Farms syrup. The batter is delicious and light, you get 14g of protein per serving, and you get an additional 5g of protein if you add egg white.

Before Swap Protein Content: 9g (batter & egg)

After Swap Protein Content: 19g (batter & egg)

2. Swap High Protein Milk for Regular Milk

Milk and specifically cow's milk is also an excellent source of protein in the morning. That said, high protein milk options are emerging at the grocery shelf as well. For example the milk brand Fairlife offers nearly double the protein content and less sugar than generic brand cow's milk and soy milk. You can grab Fairlife milk at most major grocery retailers including Target and Walmart.

Before Swap Protein Content: 8g Per Serving (non-fat milk)

After Swap Protein Content: 13gPer Serving (non-fat milk)

3. Swap Uncured Turkey Bacon for Regular Bacon

You can find uncured turkey bacon in the holistic or health section of most grocery stores, and it is a gold mine of protein. Each serving can contain 7g of protein, so it quickly adds up. Three slices of uncured turkey bacon can get you up to 21g of protein for much less fat than regular bacon.

Before Swap Protein Content: 3.5g Per Serving

After Swap Protein Content: 7g Per Serving

4. Swap Egg Whites for Whole Eggs

This option doesn't appear to make sense at first glance. I know, I told you that making these swaps would add MORE protein to your breakfast. Yet, I'm suggesting an egg option that offers less protein per serving. Okay, hear me out.

Choosing egg white over whole eggs means you can get more protein for the same amount of calories. One whole large egg contains about 75 calories and of that just 6g of protein, while one serving of liquid egg white contains about 25 calories and of that 5g of protein. So in short, 75 calories worth of whole egg will get you just 6g of protein, while 75 calories of liquid egg white will get you 15g of protein.

Before Swap Protein Content: 6g Per Serving

After Swap Protein Content: 5g Per Serving

5. Swap Regular Coffee for Protein Coffee

This one is more of a concoction that avid fitness enthusiasts have tried with great success. It's pretty simple, just like you may add powdered creamer to your coffee, add some protein. Some great things about protein mix are that it's available in loads of flavors, is an easy way to supplement extra protein into your diet, and can be used in many ways like being added to your coffee. If you plan to add a scoop of protein over the course of your few cups of coffee, you can easily sneak in an additional 30g of protein.

Before Swap Protein Content: 3g Per Serving ( Coffee Creamer or Milk)

After Swap Protein Content: 30g Per Serving

The best way to help yourself eat more protein throughout the day is to continue focusing on your favorite foods and seeing if a higher protein alternative makes sense for you. Eating enough protein often feels like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Try adding a little more protein here and there. You'll be surprised at how far it gets you.