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10 Press On Nails Designs Inspired By Celebs With The Cutest Nails



Press-on nails have been around for a long time, but no one seems to want to talk about them. They frequently transition from pop culture phenomena to hidden treasures and back.

Press-on nails are an excellent and affordable alternative to other styles of manicure. Today’s working woman doesn’t always have an hour to sit plus fifty dollars every two weeks to get a manicure. It’s important for us all to know that we have options. Nice nails should not have to be sacrificed for lack of time, and that’s what press-ons help with!

I have been introduced to press-on manicures many times over the span of my life: RoseArt design kits were a favorite of mine when I was a girl. My girlfriends use press-on manis often and love them. Even the woman I complimented in line at the mall with the trendy manicure wore press-on nails.

I never actually considered wearing them until I noticed a co-worker doing hers during a break, and she offered to do mine. I have pretty wide-set fingernails, so I thought I was unable to wear them. I mean, how could I wear pre-shaped nails? They would never fit. Luckily, I was very wrong and I fell in love with the product. They took about five minutes to apply and looked incredible.

The Best Press-on Nails Designs

There are as many options for press-on manicures as there are styles. Here are some of the hottest fall nails in the best press-on nails designs.

Tom Bachik is a well-known celebrity nail artist that favors press-on nails. He decorates the nails prior to gluing them to the nail beds of our favorite artists and actors. J Lo is a longtime client of his, and she always has the hottest manis in the business. J Lo’s bedazzled glitter nails can be easily achieved with this press-on nail kit, available at Ulta Beauty. With five star reviews, you can’t go wrong with this year’s most glitzy manicure ($9 at time of publication).

These hot, black half moon nails Bachik did for actress Anne Hathaway are absolutely stunning. The silver stripes across the middle are a perfect finishing touch. You can get the look yourself using a set of Dashing Diva press-on gel nails, available online only at Ulta Beauty. These press-ons may be a little different from Hathaway’s, but you’ll still have the hottest mani in the room ($8 at time of publication).

Margot Robbie’s sheer champagne-colored nails by Tom Bachik are one of the most popular colors for the fall season. Use these press-on nails from Ulta Beauty to achieve a similar look. Your next mani is going to be the most poppin’ ($8 at time of publication).

Get Hailee Steinfeld’s matte red manicure with press-on nails from Target. These may not be the same red, but their darker shade and matte quality means they are still ideal for the fall months ($8 at time of publication).

These sweet, peacock-green nails are the perfect fall manicure. Done by Tom Bachik for Selena Gomez, we know it is exactly on-trend. Get this press-on nail set in-store at Target ($8 at time of publication).

Nail artist Mei Kawajiri decorated DUA Lipa’s nails with this fun plaid design in early September. They are as funky as she is, and you can have a similar design for yourself. These plaid press-on nails from Ulta Beauty are a great press-on option( $6 at time of publication).

Winnie Harlow’s nude, marble and gold nails are so gorgeous. Nail artist Mei did her thing for the Met Gala 2019. You can accomplish a similar style with a press-on set from Target. The press-on set does include white marble, but they are just as hot as Harlow’s ($8 at time of publication).

Nicki Minaj’s 2019 Met Gala nails show off a sexy red-to-black ombré decorated with Swarovski crosses. While the design may appear to be intricate, you can get the look yourself with this snakeskin-design press-on set from Target. If you want them to be even more similar to Minaj’s nails, get some nail stickers for the crystal designs ($8 at time of publication).

Rita Ora’s abstract black manicure by Mei Kawajiri drips with glamour. She rocks the black, abstract look and you can obtain a comparable design with press-on nails. Get a set of silver and white ones at Target. They look very similar, but with different abstract designs ($8 at time of publication).

Celebrity nail artist Chelsea King knows what’s good with press-on nails. Check out these gorgeous holographic, press-on nails she has prepared for a client. You can try the navy holographic look for yourself with these press-on nails from Ulta Beauty ($8 at time of publication).

FYI Re: Press On Nails

We want you to be aware that while press-ons are a fantastic and affordable beauty innovation, they do have a few downsides. We hope you still love them because we really do.

Let’s be real: press-ons don’t last very long. Some brands only last a day or two before the first nail or nails begin to fall off. It stinks to have to reapply time after time, but we don’t mind because sometimes we get bored with our nails. This allows us to re-do our nails without a mess as often as once a week. I love being able to do that. On the plus side, re-attaching the nails that fall off is as simple as pulling your pint-sized nail glue from your bag and pressing the nail back on the bed.

Press-on manicures’ only other downside is sometimes they may cause nail sensitivity. Whether it’s sensitive nail beds or careless application of glue, it is important to be careful when applying your press-ons. Once your fingers become used to the weight of a second nail and glue, it feels good to be able to click your nails against the table.

How To Apply Press-On Nails

Every brand has its own way of describing the application of their particular press-on nails, so we are going to be as general as we can. It is difficult to mess up applying the nails, so specific directions aren’t always necessary. Here’s how to nail your press-on application.

Press-on nails are normally applied in three steps, but we like to go the extra mile with ours:


Cleanse all nail beds. Make certain they are free of any residue or polish.

Buff & File

Buff the nail with a nail file on the rough side. There needs to be a bit of texture on the surface of the nail so it can hold better.

Cuticle Care

Push back the cuticles. This allows for a cleaner and smoother application that appears more visibly real.


Apply glue or adhesive to the nail. If it is regular nail glue, most require that glue is applied to the entire nail. If a special adhesive is used, directions will come with the set.


Apply the nail. Hold for 10 seconds and allow the glue to bond to the nail and bed. This step is very important because if the glue does not stick, the nail will not stay on.


Apply glue to the underside of the nail tip. This step is not 100 percent necessary, but we have found it helps to hold the nail for a longer period of time. If you do decide to use this step, make sure to un-stick your skin from the nail after you secure it. It will be painful otherwise.

Your nails should now be ready to wear. Test the strength by applying a small amount of force to the nail and apply more glue if necessary.

We L-O-V-E love press-on manicures. They are super affordable and cute alternatives to the pricier option of getting our nails done at the nail salon. Our favorite part of the press-on manicures is the variety of choices available. They come in every color and shape from red to green, blue to orange, coffin-shaped or oval, and more. The sheer variety of press-on nails makes them well worth their while.

The prices make them even better and the ease of application is the cherry on top. If you love your acrylics and gel manicures, we can definitely understand, but 2019 is the year we treat our nails right and use these press-on nails. Get the trendiest nail designs available for fall and make yourself happy while balancing work and home life. This is the perfect in-between.