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10 Ways to Practice Self-Love & Mindfulness Each Morning

practicing mindfulness

Every morning, you wake up and have the opportunity to create magic. As you stretch out across your bed, you are shooting energy through your physical and spiritual body as well as into your immediate surroundings. What you do then, can set the tone and vibe for whatever’s next.

Because each day, you wake up with an innate power to manifest your desires and destiny. It’s naturally stirring in your spirit and alive in your core. As you rise, you have the natural ability to make things happen, to steer your fate, and choose how you react to the coming moments.

It’s up to us as living and influential beings to harness that energy and direct it in a way that balances and suits our needs for each new dawn the universe offers us. When you rise, you have a choice for how to start the day which will ripple into each moment until we reset with the moon.

By being more mindful in the morning, you can better prepare yourself for the unexpected as well as be more grateful for the things that come to pass. If you offer yourself the gift of being more aware in the mornings, you are in turn practicing self-love with each rising sun.

1. Give yourself time.

You might naturally be an early riser, or you might be a night owl. Either way, prepare the night before by doing something that’ll give you more time in the morning to start off on the right foot. How much time can vary, but it’s important to make your morning routine a priority rather than rushed and anxiety-provoking.

2. Use only one alarm.

Hitting snooze is actually bad for your health, even Oprah thinks so. Try an app that uses an analysis of your sleep cycles to help you wake up, or consider an alarm that mimics natural light.

3. Resist technology.

Avoid checking your email, your Instagram, and your text messages when you wake up. Everything can wait and it’s important you focus on yourself and the now to better respond to everything later.

4. Check-in.

Do a quick scan or use a guided video to help you become aware of your current state – physically, emotionally, and mentally. This is an act of self-care.

5. Meditate.

There is science to back the amazing effects of meditating 20 minutes every day. However, don’t feel pressured to jump right into 20. Start with 5, then move to 10, until you are able to grant yourself 20 minutes to feel the full, positive effects. Including breathwork can also do wonders in the moment and over time.

6. Drink slowly.

Rather than rushing through your morning tea, coffee, or breakfast, take the time to enjoy what you’re drinking and eating. Don’t multitask, but instead become more aware of the taste and what you’re putting into your body. This should also help you make healthier choices over time.

7. Set an intention.

Give yourself an intention for the day to help set you up on the right path based on how you’re feeling in that moment. This will not only prepare you but also give you something to go back to throughout the day to recenter yourself.

8. Express gratitude.

Consider all the things that you are grateful for. Take a moment to think about your loved ones, the gift of this new day, the incredible things you’ve accomplished, and the opportunity you have to make your dreams come true. Keep a gratitude journal or simply make a mental note in the shower. You are blessed, and it’s important to remind yourself of that.

9. Dress for yourself.

No matter what job or errand you’re headed to, dress in a way that makes you feel powerful and comfortable. How do you feel about yourself and do your clothes embody your purpose? The more confident you feel, the more can accomplish.

10. Smile at your reflection.

Self-love can be a life-long practice. It won’t always be easy, but the closer we get to self-love the more capacity we have to truly create magic. By simply smiling at ourselves, we can acknowledge how far we’ve come and further the momentum for the rest of the day.

It’s important to not consider the above a list of requirements. Rather, treat these as loving options that can help reduce stress and give you more energy to tackle each day. Try one or try them all, but at the very least give yourself the time to do something for yourself every morning. Be kind to yourself and you’ll see the world around you transform.

So what are some of the ways you practice self-love? Are they listed here? Let's chat...