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Practically Spellbound: The Very Real Case For Believing In Magic

positive thinking

Do you believe in magic?

I’ve noticed some people still tense up over the word “magic”, but I’ve also seen some people become more curious about it lately. It’s almost as if our culture is going through a spiritual awakening.

If you walk into any common female-centric store, you’ll suddenly find yourself surrounded by crystal, essential oils, and “witchy” books (i.e. Urban Outfitters or Francesca’s). Spirituality is becoming more mainstream and maybe that’s just what the world needs right now.

However, “magic” goes deeper than meditation and aromatherapy. The thought of spells, card tricks, and rituals is still seen as hokey or something talked about in carnivals or in Brooklyn.

I know I used to think the idea of magic was silly. I was one of those people that tensed up over the word. I preferred my comfort zone, safe and without incantations.

Then, I started to explore the universe a little more. I began a journey of self-discovery and became more interested in the unknown, unseen, and indescribable.

Over time, I’ve become more open and realized things can be much simpler than they seem.

I learned that magic is very real and around us every single day. Magic is not a fairy tale or just some story told to us as kids. Magic is everywhere if you just take the time to notice it.

There is magic in every morning

Every day I wake up and know I’m given the gift of creating or re-creating my destiny. The moment I open my eyes, I can feel the innate power to do amazing things and make choices that’ll forever shape my future. How magical is it that I have the ability to make my dreams come true and effect the world, every single day?

There is magic in our relationships

How crazy is that connection you feel with a new friend or new romantic partner? It’s this feeling of understanding like they’re on the same wavelength. I live for relationships and personally enjoy life better with another individual. Whether that’s one of my best friends, my family, or a new romantic interest - by combining our mutual powers amazing things tend to manifest. Most, if not all, of my best memories have been with the people I have the deepest relationships with.

With my closest friends, I become so authentically myself that I almost become invincible. The power in that connection makes me feel like I can do anything and it enables me to seek more from life. The trust that these relationships come with is also crucial - it’s an invisible bond that opens the door for wonderful things to happen to you that you otherwise couldn’t imagine.

As for love? Well, that type of earth-shattering magic is a whole other case on its own.

There is magic in self-care routines

I participate in self-transformation every time I apply my makeup. I go by a routine that makes me look and feel like my best self. I transform on the outside and instantly feel better on the inside. The same goes for exercise. I’ll walk into a yoga class stressed and tired. Using only my body and an instructor’s direction, I’ll walk out a changed and confident woman.

A great manicure or a bold lip color? I instantly feel more powerful. Even when it comes to food - when I whip up a healthy meal to nourish myself I am enabling more energy and balance to feed my ambitions. Without any spells, all of these self-care routines empower me to be better and enhance who I am - internally and externally.

There is magic in our minds

Practicing gratitude - which is essentially acknowledging the magical things to happen to us every day - is scientifically proven to make us happier. Meditating is scientifically proven to decrease stress and makes us sleep better. I have introduced both into my life this year and cannot attest to them more. It’s not about cauldrons and potions, these simple practices in our minds can produce real-world results. Now that’s what you can call magic.

I know that I have my own set of tools and powers, but there are plenty of resources to help you figure out yours.

There is magic all over the world

Think about the last time you traveled to a beautiful place stood on the sidewalk or mountain to take in the view. I know I’ve lost my breath countless times visiting new places around the world and marveling at how much it can open us up. There is so much to see, to do, and to experience.

Travel makes us wiser, stronger, and more capable of not only finding magic but allowing magical moments to happen. It’s serendipity. It’s destiny. It’s the moment you enjoy being out of your comfort zone. It’s a new culture. It’s an old place from a new perspective. It’s everything wrapped into an amazing experience of looking at the world in a different way. There is magic tucked away and in plain sight - you just have to go out into the world to find it.