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What A Pink Aura Means For Your Health, Relationships & Career

Photo by Nicolas Ladino Silva on Unsplash

Photo by Nicolas Ladino Silva on Unsplash

When it comes to our individuality, we as people are pretty complex. Luckily, there are many avenues we can explore to discover more about who we are, how best to navigate situations we were born into, how best to attract what will make us happiest, where and how to grow, and more. Some of these avenues include birth charts, astrology, human design types, and aura readings.

What is an aura? To keep things as simple and straightforward as possible, we will just say this: Auras are colorful energy fields that exist around each person (for approximately up to 3 feet). We are each born with a pure white aura—signifying innocence and purity. This aura changes in both color and tone as we grow, experience life, and develop as a person. Each color variation and tone indicates different character traits and tendencies.

More often than not, our auras are not just one specific color. We are intricate creatures with multiple layers. Therefore, different experiences and characteristics resonate with each of us in different ways, leading to a myriad of aura color combinations. However, there is usually a dominant color that exists in a person’s aura. This dominant color tends to give a good understanding of where this person is in their life.

We’ll enlighten you...whether you are reading to learn more about yourself or to understand someone you love on a deeper level. From general character traits, to what it means for your health, your relationships, your career, and more, we will be highlighting what you need to know about each of the eight aura colors. Let’s get started with pretty in pink.



What Does Having a Pink Aura Mean?

Pink auras are fairly uncommon. Most often found in children, it is very rare that an adult can have a predominantly pink aura (though most of us experience streaks of pink throughout our auras from time to time). The reason for this: A pink aura indicates a certain level of innocence, as well as a total balance and harmony between the material and spiritual worlds.

This is not easy to attain, especially as we move from childhood into adulthood. A pink aura is an indication of someone who has found a way to embrace materialism—often enjoying the finer things in life, tending to have a great eye for beauty—while simultaneously holding a deep understanding of their own spirituality and how this relates to not only themselves, but to everyone and everything around them.

People with a truly pink aura understand the subtle line that exists between the material and spiritual worlds and know how to walk it with grace and ease.

What’s more, those with pink auras are exceedingly passionate, empathetic, and tender. They love to love others and ask very little in return. When it comes to pink aura people, you can expect a person who is ultra romantic and extremely sentimental. Someone who enjoys playing the host and getting family and loved ones together, and for whom unconditional love is a given in nearly all of their relationships.

Pink aura people foster a deep sense of fairness. They like things to be even (hence their very balanced state), and they hold people to their commitments. Loyal to the end, these are people who know what they believe (even if their beliefs can be a bit naive at times due to their innate innocence). Because of this, they have disciplined standards for themselves they rarely stray away from.

In short, those with pink auras are loving, compassionate, balanced, and determined individuals.



A Pink Aura and Health

Because people with pink auras are so balanced and determined, they are often very healthy in body as well as mind and spirit. Understanding that even the best of things need to be consumed and practiced in moderation, those with pink auras tend to easily find the balance between indulgence and relaxation, versus restrictions and over-action. They generally have healthy diets, have a good store of nutritional information, and are committed to an exercise routine they actually enjoy.

If your aura (or someone you know) begins to fade from vibrant pink to a murkier or darker shade, it may be time to reevaluate the situation. When it comes to the different shades of pink auras can be, darker shades tend to mean balance is being disturbed.

This could be for a number of reasons; self-reflection here is key if you’ve noticed this is happening. Likely, you’ve gone too far to one extreme. Either you are taking your health too seriously and have stopped allowing for indulgences such as the occasional sweet or day off from the gym. Or, it can mean you have become too indulgent in the finer things and need to get back to a healthier routine.

Either way, if your bright pink aura starts to get a bit muddy, take a look at how things are being balanced in your physical world and make adjustments accordingly. Pink aura people are meant to feel happy and healthy!



A Pink Aura and Love

When it comes to dating and love, pink aura people can really flex their muscles (physically and mentally), because they are in their element. Naturally very romantic souls, these are people who love dating and are looking to have that perfect date which leads to a deep connection, love, and a full life together—sooner rather than later. With their empathy, sensitivity, and sentimental tendencies, people with pink auras make very attentive lovers and partners, and can excite passion in another person.

This can be a bit of a double-edged sword for our pink aura folks. Because they are so loving and are usually looking for more serious relationships, pain and heartbreak are real possibilities. They can come on a bit strong and find themselves getting attached more quickly than others might. And while it is absolutely okay that pink aura people fall a little bit harder a little bit faster, they need to be wary of loving just anyone unconditionally or they could quickly go from a brilliantly vibrant pink to a dingy pinkish hue.

When it comes to dating and relationships, as a pink aura person, be cautious. Love is never a bad thing, but this also includes self-love. Be sure you are watching out for your own interests as well as others. Don’t waste your time on someone who says they aren’t sure if they want a serious relationship. Don’t get involved with people who won't be able to appreciate your romantic and sentimental tendencies. And most importantly, listen to who you are and trust your instincts.

While there are plenty of exceptions, pink/pink aura relationships as well as pink/yellow aura relationships tend to go well together.



A Pink Aura and Purpose

There are many wonderful careers for which someone with a pink aura might be suited. In general, a pink aura person may be especially good at...

Being an excellent artist: With an eye (and ear) for beauty and extravagance, as well as an iron discipline, many with pink auras find themselves gravitating towards the creation of either physical pieces of art, or artistic endeavors such as writing poetry, musical lyrics, and novels.

Caring for others: Positions such as teachers or nurses are a great option to consider if this is your aura color.

When it comes down to it, listen to yourself and allow yourself to be drawn where you are called. If you can find a way to combine your creative side with caring for others, this will likely be the job that ends up your career, instead of just a way to pay the bills.

Self-Care for a Pink Aura

As with all people (and aura colors), self-care is essential for maintaining an aura that is bright, vibrant, and thriving. It’s important we protect our energy fields because they are what attract good or bad things to us. Putting time aside for yourself and instilling little practices into your daily life can make a world of difference.

For pink aura people, instilling regular mental rejuvenation practices into daily life is a must. Things such as meditation and yoga can really allow these people to restore their personal energy so they can keep feeling deeply and giving love freely. Regular check-ins with a trusted therapist can be helpful, as pink aura people tend to suffer from mood swings and can enter depressive states if they don’t attend to themselves.

Apart from these tactics, pink aura people can also incorporate various crystal healing practices into their lives. Because pink auras are associated with the heart chakra, I recommend both carrying around and strategically placing pieces of Rose Quartz and Green Calcite throughout your life—both of which are associated with the heart chakra.

Rose Quartz will help you amplify and direct your loving energy, allowing you to channel it in a way that is most helpful to yourself, others, and your goals.

Green Calcite is a wonderful crystal for promoting balance between mind, body, and spirit—which is great for pink aura people as balance is their jam. Plus, it is a natural cleanser which can help keep negative energies that cause depressive states to enter at bay, and help alleviate any stress. This gemstone invites in wealth and prosperity, which for a pink aura person with a great affinity for the finer things in life, is no small thing.

Your Aura Analysis

When it comes down to it, what you really need to know is that your aura is an extension of yourself. It is the energy you project into the world and what either draws or repels certain people and experiences towards or away from you. It is important you protect your aura by nurturing yourself, playing to your strengths, connecting with your spiritual beliefs and practices, and generally continuing to grow and become the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

If you aren’t sure what your aura color is, there are a few things you can do. Go online and take a quick quiz to give you an idea of what colors you’re working with. While this won’t provide a definite answer, it is a good place to start. You can also hire an intuitive reader who specializes in aura colors; as well as find someone with a special aura camera to take your picture so you can actually see your aura for yourself. (There are several photographers with these special devices who travel around the country and can often be found at metaphysical festivals.)

Your aura colors change throughout your life. So, even if you have had your aura read before, getting it retested every so often is beneficial.