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Your Orange Aura Health, Relationships & Career Analysis

Oswaldo Ibáñez/Unsplash

Oswaldo Ibáñez/Unsplash

We are told from the day we are born we are unique individuals with gifts to offer the world. What we aren’t told is this “uniqueness” actually manifests as our auras. Auras are our physical energy that appears in various colors and shades and extends about three feet from our bodies into the world.

Our auras are indicators of who we are, what we are good at, how we are feeling and if we are truly listening to ourselves. Plus, they are what either attracts or repels certain people and experiences into or out of our lives. Moreover, the key to unlocking the meaning of these indicators lies within the colors of each aura. Each color means something different.

What Does Having an Orange Aura Mean?

Orange aura people are extremely joyful and courageous. They are adventure seekers, risk-takers, and passionate lovers. It is a combination of the raw, material-driven, and powerful energy associated with a red aura and the peaceful, happy, go-with-the-flow energy of a yellow aura. The orange aura person is someone who likes to feel good, likes to love, and loves to feel the “rush” of a fast-paced and full life.

Orange aura people are great with others. They value relationships and make friends more easily than almost any other aura color. Outgoing and naturally social, those with orange auras tend to have a wide network of people, friends, and loved ones. This is a good thing because orange aura people need continual stimulation.

Other things to note about orange aura people: They are extremely powerful. So powerful they literally have energy bursting out of them. This is why they tend to flit from one exciting experience to the next without pausing for breath. This is why the are so spontaneous, and why achieving that adrenaline rush is such a source of happiness. They need to release this energy and will do their best to ensure they release it while having a good time along the way.

An Orange Aura and Health

Orange auras are directly associated with the sacral (or second) chakra, which is located in the pelvic area or the “gut.” Because of this, orange auras are also associated with reproductive organs and reproduction. They are also associated with a person’s overall vigor, stamina, and good health.

The best way for an orange aura person to care for themselves is to find a healthy outlet for energy that incorporates both their mind and body. Activities like yoga, tai chi, karate, boxing, and mountain biking are wonderful options for those with orange auras. They require concentration and are engaging enough to keep an orange aura person’s interest.

A person with an orange aura will want to make sure they are careful when choosing a method of birth control. This is because they are particularly susceptible to how the birth control they take affects their natural cycle. So, being sure to listen to what their body needs is key. The goal is to find a solution that works with their bodies, not in opposition to it.

Finally, a person with an orange aura will want to make sure they engage in clean eating, get regular checkups, and generally practice good health rules. Orange aura people are created to live life in the fast lane. Poor health that is caused by preventable circumstances shouldn’t get in the way of these people living their lives to their absolute fullest potential, which in turn will make them feel their best.

An Orange Aura and Love

When it comes to people with orange auras and finding love, there are a few essential things to note.

First, those with orange auras are extremely passionate. They need someone who is just as passionate in return as a partner. Calm, quiet, safe, and secure are pretty far down on the list of priorities for these people. Excitement, thrills, and new experiences are at the top. Because of this, orange auras do well with partners who are willing to take part in acts such as role-playing, as well as try new ways of doing things and in new places.

Second, it’s very important an orange aura person doesn’t feel rushed into a relationship or serious commitment. The thought of staying still—even in a loving relationship—for long just isn’t what these people are looking for. So in order to make a relationship last, things must be taken slowly. There should be lots of spontaneous adventures and challenges thrown in along the way.

Third, while playing to an orange aura’s adventurous side is necessary, it is also important for their partner to chime in as the voice of reason. This helps to remind their orange aura partner of what really matters to them. However, this needs to be done in a way that does not come across as an attempt to “limit” their orange aura partner’s good time. It must be expressed in a way that is loving and attentive.

In short, having a relationship with an orange aura person is a bit of a balancing act. However, if the perfect medium is found, a relationship that is full of life, love, laughter, passion, and adventure will follow. In order to help strike this balance, it can also be a good idea to consider seeing both a relationship psychic. A relationship counselor could be helpful as well. This is a simple preventative measure to ensure healthy communication tactics are implemented from the start. Then they can be carried out through the course of the relationship.

Note also, orange auras tend to work particularly well with other orange aura people and green aura people.

An Orange Aura and Purpose

Finding one’s purpose in life can be difficult. However, as with all aura types, the key is to start by taking a look inside yourself (metaphorically) to discover what it is you are good at. To discover what you enjoy. With that, comes a few things most orange aura people seem to just be innately good at. These can also help them decide what their purpose and ideal career paths might be.

Orange aura people are very productive, enjoy, and usually succeed in rising to an occasion. Especially if this occasion involves a challenge to them. They are also hyper-creative and passionate about the projects that interest them. Additionally, orange aura people thrive when specific goals with measurable results are set. They respond well to rewards but are pretty unconcerned about criticism. It is important orange aura people find a career path that is reward-based.

It would be ideal for an orange aura person to find a position that entails excitement and movement throughout the day. They need a place to channel their powerful energy. A career dedicated to helping others in stressful situations: Cops, firefighters, field military, Coast Guard, search and rescue might be the ticket.

Self-Care for an Orange Aura

Just as relationships with others are a balancing act with orange aura people, so too is the relationship they have with themselves. It is necessary for those with orange auras to take time to check-in with themselves. They should make sure their actions are actually aligning them with what they want. Bringing joy to a single moment without thinking of the future can lead them away from where their soul is calling them.

Having the amount of energy they do, those with orange auras have the power to do amazing, beautiful, and big things. Things that can totally reshape the world. But, only if they learn how to direct this energy into the things they care most about. It might be easy for an orange aura person to get caught up in activities that may be harmful to them. But through a few simple practices staying on track to their big and beautiful future is more than possible.

Healthy physical activity is vital. Yoga and tai chi, in particular, are enormously beneficial for an orange aura person’s mental wellbeing. Additionally, practicing daily meditation (learning to listen to yourself while also just being), would be a huge help in finding their inner balance. If they really want to go all out they can also consider seeing a personal counselor (in addition to a relationship counselor) on a regular “check-in” type basis. This would help to keep them on track with their goals.

Finally, those with orange auras might want to consider using both Orange Calcite as well as Amethyst in their meditation and yoga practices. It would also help to use these throughout their daily lives as well. Wear them as jewelry, display them around the house and office, or even just keep a piece of each in a purse or pocket as you run around town.

Why? Orange Calcite helps enhance natural gifts. It also cleansing negative energy in and around. It will help orange aura people come to terms more easily with change—specifically change that involves slowing down. It can help them discover their deeper meaning in life.

Amethyst, on the other hand, will help to keep them calm. It decreases feelings of impatience with situations that aren’t changing fast enough and brings out reasoning and logic. It promotes good judgment as a whole, helps with impulse control, and allows decisions to be made with the head instead of emotions. This is an important skill for an orange aura person to master as they are so often driven by what feels good instead of logic.

Orange Aura Analysis

Passionate go-getters who live life to the fullest, embrace every moment and don’t let any day pass by without experiencing something new. Orange aura people are truly one of a kind. They are the life of the party. They are full of light, joy, and laughter. And if they learn to be in balance with themselves and others, are often the forces that get big movements happening in the world.