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November Self-Care Guide: It's All About Connection

self-care guide

The holidays are quickly approaching, leaves are falling, fresh spices are wafting sweetly through the air, and we’re looking forward to catching up with our loved ones. Autumn is here, winter is coming, and I am ready for some meaningful moments in between the seasons. During this time of year, many naturally yearn for love, for contact, and for kinship. In that spirit, this month’s theme is focusing on “connection.”

Hopefully, during last month’s emphasis on gratitude, you’ve taken a moment to appreciate how far you’ve already come this year. Now it’s time to celebrate your wins, share your failures, and connect deeply with those that bring your life joy.

In this series, you’ll find practices, products, and inspiration that will guide you through the month and help you unearth your full potential. Be kind to yourself and don’t feel pressured to try everything. Instead, feel free to pick and choose what speaks to you from the guide below, and remember that there is no wrong way to engage in self-care.

For Your Mind

Listen To This Meditation:

Not only does meditation help you connect to your higher self, but it can help you connect to others as well. This meditation is right around 10 minutes and is perfect to try before work, before a date, or before a family dinner. It’s also recommended you try this particular one with headphones. Think of it this way: by clearing your head, you’re leaving more room for meaningful memories with others. Bonus points for making your meditation space extra zen.

Claim This Affirmation:

I am excited to open my ears and my heart.

I’ve found that sometimes I tend to narrate my experiences versus truly living them or that I react against preconceived expectations. The key to this affirmation is welcoming a multitude of opinions, differences in discourse, and the ability to be present in a conversation. Something that really spoke to me recently was hearing, “love it before it becomes a memory.” Just let that thought sink in. Now, are you ready to open up and be? I sure am.

Read This Book:

If you haven’t read this book yet, it’s an absolute must not only for business but also for your personal life. This book has sold over 15 million copies, and the lessons within it have changed millions of lives (just check out the comments). The book takes you through the psychology of forming connections that ultimately could lead you to success. Plus, it’s a great read to get you in the mood to write your upcoming resolutions.

For Your Body

Try an Acro Yoga Class:

Usually each month I pick a particular pose, but for this month I’m suggesting you try poses you specifically need other people for! The first time I attended an acro yoga class, I was honestly pretty intimidated by the start but then having a complete blast by the end. This yoga practice helps you learn how to trust people (even complete strangers) and visually see how coming together can create something truly beautiful. Don’t know where to find acro yoga? Check out local listings on MeetUp or Eventbrite if you don’t have a yoga studio in mind.

Call Your Loved Ones & Make Plans.

The best way to connect? Going out into the world to do. The holidays come with so many fun activities to get outside, get active, get creative, and get connected. Check out the local events happening in your area. Are your friends busy? Find activities to attend alone and make new connections! It might be getting colder, but it’s not snuggling season just yet. Use this time to hone in on old and new relationships through experiences.

Smell This Aroma:

Cardamom oil


I mentioned spices were in the air right? That includes this woody, rich and sweet essential oil. Cardamom benefits range everywhere from being an antiseptic to an aphrodisiac. The scent is warming as well as uplifting while taking away your anxious nerves. Admittedly, sometimes connecting with people can be hard or stressful, so keep this oil nearby to take a few deep breaths if you feel overwhelmed and you’ll recenter yourself right away.


Read Your November Astrology Report

“Your November Astrology Report Is Here & It's All About Money Honey”

In the theme of connection, read your horoscope with the appetite to make meaningful memories month. Think about what can do you and who can you do it with. How are the planets aligning for you in November that you can leverage to form deeper relationships personally and professionally? Want to go even further into your horoscope? Draft your birth chart prior!

Leverage this crystal:



This crystal is a fiery red-orange which perfectly matches the color of falling leaves this month. The vibration of this crystal awakens sexual energy and inspires bold action. Carnelian has been known to reignite romance and passion, but can also be used as protection against envy, jealousy, and negative emotions that can come up when trying to form connections. The energy in this stone can also help increase vitality and healing. Sounds powerful? That’s because it is - in all the best ways.

Get A Spiritual Reading

I recently touched on metaphysical practices that can help strengthen your spirit and one of those items was spiritual readings. Of the many, I included tarot, aura readings, astrology, and palm readings. Curious? Make it fun and take a friend with you! Don’t get too caught up in the result but focus more the pleasure of facing a new spiritual experience with someone close to you.

Remember This Self-Care Quote:

When people go within and connect with themselves, they realize they are connected to the universe and they are connected to all living things.
— Armand DiMele

The more you practice self-care, the more attuned you become with yourself. By getting connected inwardly, you’re better equipped to connect outwardly. Once you engage more with your higher self, you’ll realize the vast (or limitless) connections that the universe has to offer. It’s beautiful once you start to think about all the ways the world sews webs, creates bridges, and forms intertwined lines of fate. The more you embrace connection, the fuller your life will become.

As always, may this upcoming month open your mind, heal your body, and strengthen your spirit. What do you want to see more of in December?