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10 Non Food Rewards for Weight Loss

non food rewards for weight loss

Looking for ways to celebrate your weight loss other than eating? Look no further.

On this blog we spend a lot of time discussing how to get you to your goal, but what about when you actually achieve it? What say you then? I say it's time for you to celebrate all your hard work and sacrifice. Still, you may not want to celebrate by chowing down on a cheat meal or binge eating fruit snacks. Instead, let's look at some other ways you can celebrate a job well done that doesn't involve food.

1. Get A Massage

Not only is this a relaxing reward, it can be incredibly beneficial to your muscles due to the blood flow circulation. A massage can help reduce inflammation, and boost muscle repair. In fact, a study published in the Science Transnational Medicine found that a massage can have the same benefits as popping an aspirin, without the long term negative effects of relying on pain medicine. So grab a massage deal from Groupon and get a much needed relaxing rub down.

2. Get a Manicure or a Pedicure

Getting a manicure or pedicure is a tried and true treat. Let's face it, whether it's running or strength training that you enjoy, your feet or hands are going to take a beating. When you hit your weight loss goal let a professional slough and massage your feet and hands back to their original glory.

3. Go to the Movies

Has there been a movie you've been dying to see? Go see it. This is a very cost efficient way to do something for yourself and celebrate your effort.

4. Take A Vacation Day

If you can, take a vacation day from work and just do things you enjoy. Be selfish, and enjoy every minute of it. You spend so much time considering other people, have a "you" day full of patting yourself on the back.

5. Get Your Hair Done

Have you been wanting to get a new haircut or color? DO it. You've already transformed your body, shake things up with your hairdo too. Sometimes getting a new style is the most refreshing feeling ever, and an instant boost of confidence.

6. Buy New Workout Gear

This reward may be borderline a necessity depending on your transformation. If you were like me, by the end of your transformation you couldn't even keep your pants up. When I look good, I feel good. If you feel the same, get some much needed new workout gear that flatters your new body.

7. Grab A New Book

Update your kindle collection with some new bestsellers and zone out. Binge read until your eyeballs fall out.

8. Decorate Your Place

Have you been needing to finish that one room? Well, do it. Decorating is one of the best ways to express yourself, and updating your home can instantly boost your mood. Decorating can get expensive, though, so plan ahead for it and make it a gift to yourself for achieving your fitness goal.

9. Take A Trip

Plan a trip to visit friends or anywhere just for fun. Pick a tropical location, flaunt your new body, and relax.

10. Get Professional Photos Taken

This one was how I personally rewarded myself and speaking from experience I never felt prettier than on the set of my very own photo shoot. It was the culmination of my 16-week cut and it was one of the best days of my life. If you're feeling up to it, I highly suggest getting a photographer, getting glammed up and getting professional photos taken. Not only will you feel like a million bucks, but you will have professional quality photo evidence of your hard work. Those photos will serve as a constant source of motivation forever.