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5 Scary Netflix Documentaries About Food

netflix documentaries about food

I watched these Netflix documentaries about food and became properly freaked out...

It all started one evening as we struggled to decide on a movie to watch. We browsed through various documentaries and one Kat Williams documentary that was laughably horrible until I came across one titled "Pet Fooled." I have a history in the pet food industry and through reading the movie's synopsis I realized much of the content in the documentary took place while I was still working at a major pet food manufacturer. I remembered many of the scandals from the perspective of a corporate drone where I'd been spoon fed talking points by our marketing and legal departments so I was curious to hear the other perspective. In short, I was horrified. I felt guilty about feeding Teddy and Tobias foods that were completely unregulated, were making them sick, and at worst potentially life threatening.

I watched more documentaries along the same vein of food and nutrition but this time focusing on humans. The documentaries were all eye-opening and reaffirming in their own way and they made me reassess some of my beliefs and practices regarding food. Here's a quick synopsis of each movie. Be forewarned, these get a bit heavy.

NO. 1 BITE SIZE (2014)

This documentary tackles America's child obesity problem with jarring statistics and charts. It follows four young Americans as they attempt to change their lifestyles and adopt healthier eating habits. While it's well known that American struggles with higher than average obesity rates it was very unsettling seeing the statistics of its effects on children. Equally as uncomfortable was watching the emotional toll on the kids through bullying and well-meaning but unhealthy interventions of adults.


I wrote a post called "A Friendly Reminder That Fitness Is A Privilege" before ever seeing this documentary and I feel more firm in my assertion after watching it. This documentary dives into the socioeconomic issues that cause barriers between Americans and healthy food options. In the land of the free, lean meats and organic foods come at a premium while our government laments that our obesity rates can be simply addressed through knowledge. It is nearly impossible if you are poor in America to prioritize a healthy diet and this documentary eloquently illustrates the issue. This documentary is more heartbreaking than scary, yet it still makes the list. If you're ever in need of some hard truths and motivation, watch this movie and realize that you have many options to assist you in your weight loss endeavors that others don't. Therefore, the access to a fit lifestyle is something to appreciate.


Hungry for Change shares many reminders about diets and weight loss. It also covers food industry tactics designed to stimulate food and sugar addiction. Nutritionists, doctors, and journalists discuss these topics while focusing on organic food options, food safety, and raw foods.

NO.4 FED UP (2014)

Katie Couric narrates this emotional and intimate view on America's obesity epidemic. The documentary rightfully goes after our food industry and points to added sugars as America's gateway drug into obesity. The film makes a stark contrast between what we've been told by society in that weight management is simply a question of willpower. Rather, it's a question of ethics of our food regulation and government. Instead of taking the food industry to task, we're scolded for not avoiding billion dollar food manufacturers and their deep marketing budgets.

NO. 5 PET FOOLED (2016)

This is an excellent documentary for the involved pet parent. If you're invested in what your fur babies eat, then this film may be heartbreaking for you. While humans in America have the minimal benefit of FDA regulations, the pet food industry is wide open and completely unregulated by the government. What the lack of oversight amounts to are pet foods that are often contaminated with fatal substances or that cause your pets long-term illnesses at best.