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Nail Stickers Are the Hottest Trend Taking Over These Celeb's Instas

Daiga Ellaby/Unsplash

Daiga Ellaby/Unsplash

There are so many different ways to express yourself through your nails. From paint to gel to acrylics andpress-on nails, there is much to choose from. Recently, nail stickers were brought back to my attention.

Looking back, I remember when Sally Hansen released their first nail wraps. I had one set of them in green and black zebra stripes and another in bright pink cheetah spots — how trendy I was in 2009.

Celebrity Nail Sticker Inspo

While nail stickers come in a multitude of styles, it can be helpful to see designs that match your style. Celebrities like J Lo. and Cardi B. are well-known for theirpopping nail art, so why not recreate these looks for yourself?

Kylie Jenner has some of the best nail designs around, and we want to see you with them too. Some of her most recent manicures include these unique french-tips by celebrity manicurist, Chaun P. You can get the design yourself with nail stickers.Flame decalsfrom Amazon are an excellent option for achieving a look similar to Kylie's nails yourself.

Jenner has also been seen with these sweet butterflies on her nails that look straight from the '90s. The design by manicurist Chaun P. sets our hearts aflutter.Butterfly nail stickersare a sweet option that you can get on Amazon as well.

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to perfect nails, thanks to nail artist Tom Bachik. Tom's designs are favored by many celebrities because he is just that good. To get nails as perfect as J Lo's, get nail stickers in your favorite designs, apply them, and show them off. Thesegolden trianglesfrom Amazon are an easy way to get a style similar to JLo.'s nail look without paying an arm and a leg.

Lopez's manicures are often accented with tiny gems. Tom Bachik painted her nails black and bedazzled them with a gemstone cross. The look is fierce, and we'd love to wear it too.

To get nails like J Lo., nail stickers like these clear gems fromAmazonwork wonders. With included tweezers and a wax pen, these gems allow for precise application, and you can't go wrong.

Tom Bachik is also a favorite nail artist of singer Selena Gomez. Selena's simple, nude manicure is accented with black stars that we are starry-eyed over.Black star nail decalsfrom Amazon make this manicure the perfect at-home project.

Halsey's marble/tortoise shell nails are some of our favorites in recent months. The length of her nails pairs perfectly with the tortoise shell tips. With nail stickers, you can get the design yourself. Appliques inmarble designsare available on Amazon.

For our minimalist ladies, fun tips are the perfect way to add more oomph to your manicure. Hailey Bieber's nails pair perfectly with herhand tattoos, and let's be honest, she loves to show off the teeny-tiny designs. Copy Hailey Bieber's neon french tips in a traditional white with thesefrench-tip nail stickers.

Halle Berry knows that self-love is essential and shows it with this #selfcaresunday manicure. Want the same nail look for yourself? Use these easy-to-apply,letter nail decals, available on Amazon.

Be like Cardi Bthis winter, and decorate your nails with these hot lettersand gemstones. On Cardi's nails, the letters spell out her daughter's name.On yours, you can spell out anything you desire with thesenail decals. Addgemsfor an extra bit of sparkle.

Dots are a sweet and simple way to improve your manicure game. Even actress Vanessa Hudgens loves the details of dotted nails. To add dots to your nails at home, you can use a toothpick and nail polish or these goldendot nail stickers.

Cheetah print has made a comeback in recent months, and the trend is nowhitting the nail art scene. Karrueche Tran is a fan of the cheetah-print nails, and the design can be done in several different colors. Original black-and-brown cheetah print is our go-to, so get the look with these hotcheetah-print decalsfrom Amazon.

"Black-ish" star Marsai Martin knows how to work her manicures in the best way. Her star-decorated nails are a '90s throwback that we know and love. Star nail stickers will add the perfect amount of flavor to your next mani. Getting a starry manicure at home is easy, just use thesestar nail stickers.

Queen Bey is known worldwide for her incredible voice and iconic style, so you know she is on trend with her golden nails. Her gold chrome, by manicurist Miho Okawara, is fit for the queen that Beyoncé is. You can get this manicure design at home with only gold nail foil, available atUlta Beauty.

Lizzo has become an icon and inspirational artist in the last year, and we could not be prouder of her. She inspires people across the globe to be 100 percent themselves. With that being said, she is obviously one to watch for her hot style, such as these shiny gold nails. Done by nail artist Eri Ishizu, the golden design makes us excited to replicate the style. Get the design with golden nail foils if you want to do-it-yourself. Gold nail foils are available at, andAmazonand are totally worth the price.

Lady Gaga is well-known for her singing and acting talents, but her nail game is up to snuff too. These sexy nude nails that celebrity manicurist Miho Okawara did for her photoshoot with Allure Magazine are perfect. The only accent is a tiny pearl on the tip of each nail. To get Lady Gaga's pearl-tipped nails, get these tiny-halved pearls fromAmazon.

Rapper Saweetie is known for her banging nail game, and it isn't hard to get her look. She favors large gems, which are eye-catching, so get ready for some major attention. Large gem nail stickers can be found onAmazon.

Saweetie's nail game doesn't stop there. Sometimes her nail artist mixes up the large gems and adds smaller ones as well. The up-and-coming rapper keeps her nails fresh, and you can too. Get Saweetie's nails with a nail-gem kit filled with varied sizes, available onAmazon.

Geometric nail art has been gaining popularity in recent months. Celebrities like Kerry Washington are all for the trend, as we see with her hot orange and blue nails. The lines and shapes make these nail designs mesmerizing. Getgeometric nail wrapsin easy-to-apply geometric designs from Amazon.

Abstract nail art is trendy rightnow as we see with this sexy manicure worn bymodel Ashley Graham to the Met Gala 2019. Her hands were bedazzled all over with the word "dapper." The nude-colored base of her nail was a polish from her Gel Envy Lingerie collection with Revlon. The nails each had a thin, dark stripe down the middle, calling attention to the perfect shape.

While this abstract nail design may look complicated, don't worry. Nail stickers can get you there in a snap. Achieve the look with nail wraps in geometric designs, or create your own abstract art with nail tape in bright colors.Ulta Beautyhas a ton of different color optionsfor nail tape.

Gigi Hadid's Met Gala nails by Mei Kawajiri were the perfect accessory to compliment her wild outfit. While Hadid is well-known for modeling clothing, her hand modeling is amazing as well. The red-green-and-gold manicure is abstract and dazzling. To achieve Hadid's nail style, try usingtiny gemsandnail tapefrom Amazon to line the designs.

We love nail stickers because they are sexy and major time-savers for our manicures. Not only that but between us, they'll save you some major money. Nail stickers may last up to two or three weeks if correctly applied and are much easier to use than fresh paint for today's trending nail art designs. You don't have to be an artist to have the trendiest looks in nail art anymore. Nail decals and wraps look just as beautiful as hand-painted designs and are much more cost-effective. We hope nail stickers stick around.